18K diamond ring

Just buy a ring AU750 diamond ring D0.073ct 2.07G 1398 Buy a loss?
It is either a brand or the 3.5 % off at a discount in the mall. The original price of 3980 I feel deceived? This ring is not worth 3980

4 thoughts on “18K diamond ring”

  1. Under 20 points are broken diamonds, they are all purchased in batches. Money is an optimistic estimate. Because it is a broken diamond, there is no GIA certificate, and there is no waist number. When you buy it, you start losing money, but you have already bought it. Just wear it. Do n’t turn it.

    The quotation of the Golden Queen Diamond Center is: 20 points G color 1300 yuan, with GIA certificates and waist numbers, always preserved, and there are waist numbers for vouchers. n Golden Queen Diamond Center

  2. It also depends on the level of diamonds.

    1398 is okay, but the price of 3980 should be a bit high.

    Of course, it also depends on the brand. Some brands can buy thousands of pieces of silver, but some people want 🙂

  3. With less than 10 points, 7.3 points, it is a broken drill. It is calculated to 300 capsules. The AU750 is 18K gold. Today, the price of Beijing is 188 yuan per gram.

    It 750 yuan, this is the price you can DIY. The price of the finished product of the mall is about 1.5-3.5. If you count it like this, you are not buying a loss. Sell ​​in the mall, the counter rent is paid, the salary of the salesperson is paid, and there is a sales commission, and then you have to leave some profits for the boss, almost so much. 3980 is unreliable

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