3 thoughts on “AU750 Diamond Ring is worth it now”

  1. AU750 refers to the inlaid base material of the ring, that is, 75%of the gold content, which is 18K gold.
    The price of diamond ring, in addition to the price of inlaid materials, more needs to see the value of diamonds, and the value of diamonds requires the size, color level, clarity level, cutting and fluorescence of the diamond Green situation.
    If a 30-point diamond, G color, SI clarity, 3EX cut, no fluorescent milk coffee green, market retail price is about 5-7 thousand. The price of top brands will be much higher.

  2. Does the main stone of the diamond indicate?
    The main stone must be very small.
    AREAR is not counted. You can only calculate the money of gold. About 500 yuan.

  3. The value of diamond ring is mainly to look at the value of diamonds. Generally, the price of diamonds is the "4C" standard. For a finished diamond, 4C standards are used to classify internationally. 4C includes: cactage, clarity, color (color), and cut (cut). Each different standards have different hierarchical systems. The GIA hierarchical system was built in 1953 and is one of the earliest standards. At present, the better certification of diamonds is the GIA certificate. You can roughly calculate its current market value based on the diamond assessment level on the certificate purchased.

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