Composition 500 words

There is such a provision of a certain elementary school: Before the morning exercises, a student representative to the whole school. Essence Essence Touching story. Essence Essence Essence Essence What do you do. Essence Essence

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  1. The touching story of a lunch box- “You are here again!”
    At noon, I stood at the gate of the school as a traffic guidance to help the first -year children from school.
    The mother of Xinyong, stomping with a bento at the gate of the school. When I shouted, she showed an embarrassing expression.
    “Teacher! …”
    “Oh! Didn’t I tell you? The school does not like parents to send a bento for the child.
    It if every mother is like you, the school door Just crowded with people, so, how can we get out of school? “
    ” I know! “
    ” Hum! Know, it is aware of it. “
    Will he let him take a lunch by himself! “
    ” I know! I know! “
    This, I don’t know how many times. Every time at noon, parents who send libraries and first -year children who send libraries often collide together, causing considerable trouble.
    Xinyong is a taciturn, well -introverted child. Once in class, he was dozing off. I was surprised and called him up.
    “What’s wrong?”
    The face stood up without answering.
    The class the next day is the same. I can’t stand it. I call him fiercely.
    “What are you doing?” I was so angry that I couldn’t control my tone.
    Suddenly, he shed tears. I was shocked secretly.
    “Say! Why do you have to do your dozed in class?”
    “My mother is hospitalized! I have been with her in the hospital yesterday.”
    I was stunned when I heard it, suddenly, my heart was in my heart. The anger disappeared, and it was infinitely ashamed.
    “Why is she hospitalized?”
    “Is lung cancer!”
    . When I heard it, my heart was cold.
    The Xinyong of the body in my heart.
    If unfortunately, how would he continue to go back for a long time? Thinking of this, I can’t help but nose.
    During eating, my wife was feeding my son to eat. I couldn’t help thinking that the newly brave mother sneaked to send a bento for him.
    In the next day, I went to the hospital to visit his mother on a motorcycle.
    has not seen a few weeks. Xinyong’s mother is so thin that she is not adult, her pale face, and her bare head, I can’t believe it is her.
    She seeing me was surprised and tried to stand up, but when she cough, the whole person was crooked.
    “Don’t stand up! Don’t stand up!”
    “Teacher! Thank you … thank you!” She shouted hard, her eyes had tears.
    In the corridor of the hospital, Xinyong’s father said to me:
    “Only two months left! Woo! I really don’t know what to do?” He burst into tears.
    returned to the school to report the principal.
    “His father is already in his sixties, and now his mother will leave the world again. Was it that we can mobilize the whole school to raise funds. No matter how much, we can help him.” The principal agreed quickly.
    In a few days of fundraising activities, we finally raised 52,120 yuan.
    When the money was sent to the hospital, Xinyong’s mother had fallen into a coma.
    “We are going to send him home today!”
    The father of Xinyong was white. As soon as I heard it, my heart twitched for a while.
    “Teacher! Can you help me?”
    “Please say! I can do it, I must agree.”
    “He has been holding Xinyong’s hand a few days ago, always holding Xinyong’s hand , Shouting: Mom can’t send you a bento for you!
    I I think, ask the teacher to let him send the last bento again. Only when he was sent, he really felt the glory of a mother. “
    hearing this, I nodded in the place of intersection.
    At noon, an ambulance Hula opened to the school gate.
    Xinyong’s father and a medical staff pushed the stretcher.
    The tears in my eyes, standing beside me, accompanied by traffic guidance teachers.
    “Here! Here!”
    Xinyong’s father bought a bento, Xinyong mother lying on the stretcher, stretched out a thin and pale hand, held the bento, and pushed it next to the personnel. Slowly approach the iron gate at the gate. On the other side of the iron gate, Xinyong stretched out his right hand and took the mother’s bento.
    “Mom!” Xinyong cried.
    In at this time, I clearly saw her mother’s thin cheeks, twitched, as if she wanted to speak, but I couldn’t speak.
    “Mom! I don’t want it! I don’t want you to leave!” Xinyong screamed.
    This tears can no longer be controlled and fell. I hate myself secretly, how tolerant I used to be!
    The next day, Xinyong’s mother died.
    In Xinyong’s mother, one day after the death, Xinyong’s father came to my office and handed me a bag of cowhide paper.
    “Teacher! This is the money you and the students helped me. I think there are more students who need this money, so give it to you. Thank you for your enthusiasm.”
    As soon as the money was put, he turned around and left. The money seemed to be hot, and it was hot.
    I find a new couple every day. I was afraid that he couldn’t stand the blow of his mother.
    “Teacher! Rest assured! I’m fine! Don’t worry about me!”
    Xinyong said to me, “I know very early, my mother is about to die, and I don’t want to hear it. You talk, ask your mother not to send a bento. Because in the day, only noon, I can eat the rice cooked by my mother. “
    The heart,” Why? “
    ” She is very weak. , Dad is cooking at home. Only at noon, dad is not there, can she secretly carrying her dad to cook. She insists on sending a bento. “After that, Xinyong shed tears

  2. A touching story
    The 3 (3) Ban Lu Jiayu
    noon, at noon, I lying on the bed listening to my mother tells the story. I chose a story, the name of the story, It’s called “Four Popularity”. Start telling the story. When my mother talked about it, I said half of it. I heard the following words: “You bought the gentleman who bought a box of matches from Sandi? The gentleman nodded. It was the remaining four pence. San Di couldn’t come. His legs were broken by a carriage. The doctor said he couldn’t live. Poisons lost. This is the change that can be found for you. “The little boy put the four plants on the table and cried sadly. The gentleman comforted the little boy, and then went to see Sadi with him. Two little guys live together with their dirty and alcoholic stepmother. Their own mother has died. Poor Sandy was lying on a pile of wood chips. As soon as the gentleman entered, he recognized the gentleman. He said, “I changed the change, and was about to come back. A horse knocked me down. My legs were broken. Lubi, Xiaoli! I definitely couldn’t live. Bi? What do you do, Lubi? “The gentleman grabbed the poor Syndic’s hand and told him:” I will always take care of Labi. “Sand Di knew what the gentleman said and looked at the gentleman hard, as if to show the gentleman, Thanks, and then, the gloriously disappeared from his blue eyes … After listening to this story, my tears couldn’t help rushing out of my eyes. In order to return the ancestors of the gentleman to buy the gentleman, the little boy was returned to the gentleman. He even lost his life. It can be seen how a honest child he is, really touching! In the future, I will also learn from Sandi to be a good child who talks about integrity.

  3. One day when the girl celebrated her birthday, the boy gave her a cute hair bear at her birthday party. In various birthday gifts, this was not a gift at all.

    It girls are a little angry, maybe more anger. I did not expect her boyfriend to be so stingy. Today is her birthday, and there are so many friends.

    In last year, the boy gave her a very precious Tibetan knife on her birthday. The boy vowed that if one day he betrayed the girl, the girl could cut his chest with a knife.

    This year, two people have been discussing the future of the two people. So many friends come to celebrate their birthday for girls. It is the boy who said that he will give the girl a unforgettable gift on the day of his birthday. As a result, everything is beyond everyone, of course, mainly girls!

    Faced with the girl’s angry eyes, the boy just smiled badly. This gift really made the girl unforgettable.

    This girls drank a lot of wine at the party, and the boy just drank cola quietly next to him

    In the third ring, girls have been angry and complained that there are many precious gifts in the back seats of the car, and of course there are that hair bears. Girls began to complain that the boy did not love her and did not cherish their love. The boy just drove the car quietly and said nothing. Occasionally, there would be a smile on his face.

    The alcohol is driven by impulse. The girl vomited, the boy stopped the car, and the girl lost her temper, accusing the boy of giving her such an unpleasant birthday. He said something very sad. The boy had been speechless, just holding a paper towel, one hand, one Holding mineral water. The girl suddenly ran to the main road of the Third Ring Road. The boy didn’t hold her. The two were pulling on the road like this. Suddenly, a flying express traveled straight straight to the two people. thing. Pushing the girl, the girl’s head fell to the ground heavy. When she woke up, she was already lying in the hospital with a bandage on her head

    Drunted after drinking

    The boy was hit 15 meters. When 120 arrived, he kept blood in his mouth and kept talking about me. What about my girlfriend?

    At the hospital, the boy had gone to another world. His last words were Maomao Bear. At his request, he was brought to an ambulance by the medical staff. He was in this world. The last section of the road is that this bear has been with him.

    The news that the girl learned that the boy left, and kept crying, crying several times.

    The intentional nurse sent the bear to her pillow

    The girl woke up from the fainting again, looking at the bear, there was a boy from the upper, it seemed that there was a boy Her body temperature, she held it tightly in front of her chest, stroked it gently, and suddenly touched a very hard thing. The girl found a thing from the bear’s pocket. The beautiful diamond ring, the girl saw all this, she completely collapsed, she cried desperately, tearing her hair and bandages on her head, but everything seemed to be meaningless.

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