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  1. Handmade gifts that make girls move instantly
    The gifts that are moved by girls instantly, giving girls gifts, hand -made it by themselves, simply moved her. The gift of heart is the most heart -making, and hand -made gifts are more intentional. So, the following sharing gifts that make girls move instantly
    Gifts that make girls move instantly. The existence of the top three, as long as a photo of the girl is provided, can make this lifelike lived baby. The wonderful expression, the cute body of the cartoon, definitely surprised girls.

    O.2 Creative grid photo puzzle
    This is not a simple puzzle, but a large picture composed of many small photos. There are pictures in the picture, and there are photos in the photo, and there are surprises in the creativity. If you want to use this gift to move girls, then don’t be troublesome, work hard to spell it slowly.

    o.3 Handmade fruit sugar gift box
    is very delicate and delicious handmade fruit candy. Each has its unique pattern and enjoy it. Gently bite, the sweetness of the fruit will slowly penetrate into every taste bud in the tongue, which is endless.

    O.3 Provence Handmade Cottage
    The handmade hut is a villa gift that is designed in advance. Mini version of small villa. The bedroom living room furniture is readily available, and the lights at night are warm and beautiful. Girls like these tones the most.

    o.4 Live color leading portrait
    is also a good gift to paint a girl, keeping her beautiful face for her life. As long as the photos of girls are provided, it can be made by hand -drawn. It is hand -drawn, and gifts are more intentional.

    o.5 Handmade word of chocolate
    Chocolate is the favorite snack gift for girls, the sweet and happy representative of each box of chocolate. This pure hand -made pig head chocolate is fun and funny. It tastes a lot of creative handmade gifts.

    o.6 Wooden handmade album
    The album is a gift of memories, which can retain the beauty of the years and preserve the beautiful moments of life. Putting some photos of the beautiful life in life is also a happy enjoyment when it is free.

    o.7 Creative Photo Painting
    Tipper painting, this is a special gift, because this painting is not drawn or printed. It is like the cross -stitch. The portrait that will be displayed in a nail that will be displayed. As long as the photos of the girls are provided, it can be customized. Although the workload is a bit large, it is still very good after making it, and it can be moved. people.

    o.8 Twelve constellation handmade chocolate
    is a handmade gift or a constellation gift, or a box of creative chocolate, pure handmade, choose a constellation that conforms to girls, send it to give it Her exclusive constellation blessing.

    o.9 Romantic photo love tree ornaments
    When you see a photo hanging on the “tree”, do you feel very interesting and creative. That’s right, this is the romantic photo love tree, free photos, the base can also be engraved, such a personalized photo tree girl will not like it.

    o.10 Surprise Box Box
    This is a very popular online celebrity handmade gift. Dozens of photos are required to customize gift boxes, inner collection agencies and photos Open layer by layer, each layer has different surprises. As long as you can find so many photos, you can also create a big surprise for girls, especially suitable for birthdays and festivals.

    Gifts that make girls move instantly. Handmade gifts to surprise girls
    Swarovski pendant
    what girls like, because these glittering things can attract others attention. And girls need these things that can attract others’ attention. Swarovski is a world -renowned crystal product brand. From jewelry accessories to home appliances ~ The most famous one is probably a crystal pendant designed by LOGO as a prototype!
    LBR lipstick
    Lipstick is the life of girls! Even girls who do not like makeup will have one or two lipsticks. For those girls who love beauty, lipstick is countless. They will always lack the most suitable lipstick on their dresses. LBR lipstick is very popular recently, benefiting the unique and fashion pioneer of this brand. Since you want to choose a unique lipstick as a gift, LBR lipstick is definitely the best choice this year.

    Plima perfume
    Daliang of the independent perfume! What Dior, CHANEL or something is the vulgar? If you send everything from everyone, there is nothing new. And sending ancestral Mauron perfume can also highlight your taste, and let your image in the minds of girls immediately become tall ~ From a person with a large -scale large -name person to a god with an independent aesthetic and niche taste.
    LED table lamp makeup mirror handmade gifts to give girls to do it by themselves.
    Give your wife a gift, make it by herself, and make her move …
    This gift is really super practical. For girls who love makeup, this gift is also very intimate. So that she thinks of you every time she makeup, even if she is not together, she will watch the mirror think of you (unless she smashes the mirror). There are a lot of various table lamps on the market, and there are many rooms to choose. Try to buy those exquisite and multifunctional. After all, it is not very expensive.
    SK-II Fairy Water Girls’ favorite origami gift.
    It you can not send fairy water now, but you must know that there is such a product in the world. Because you will get it sooner or later! No girl will say no to the fairy water! Even if her skin is not suitable, she will like this gift. Because she can give her mother! Boys’ admiration for girls first reflects the appearance, and sending Shenxianshui is the manifestation of your appearance! Girls can remember a lifetime gift.
    Gifts that make girls move instantly 3 1. Rose
    Roses have become a symbol of love, and roses of different colors will win the love of different girls. You can choose the color of the rose according to the usual girl’s love. If you have time to reflect your own intentions, you can also origami roses, cartoon bouquets, etc.

    2. Chocolate
    Chocolate is the favorite of many girls. If you can send a distinctive chocolate on Valentine’s Day, you can also get the heart, especially at present many current The merchant has launched DIY chocolate. You can make it according to your own creativity. When making, you can add cartoon animals such as the cartoon image such as Snoopi, Little Huangren and other girls. This is both intentional and intentional, and she will move a lot.

    3. Discounted cup
    Customized a color change cup, printing herself and her picture, or printing her favorite photos on it. If it is poured into hot water or cold water It can be displayed, so that the picture can reflect your daily concern to her. She will be very touched by your consideration. Remember that many girls like to be considerate.
    4. Couple costumes or rings
    If you have established a relationship, it is necessary to further develop at this time. To pull the distance between two people, some uniform accessories are good catalysts and embellishments. So find a couple ring or clothes you like. It attracted a lot of people to wear this way, and at the same time pulled the distance between the two.

    5. Memory Record Book
    Theat on Valentine’s Day can try gifts other than roses, such as growth albums, printed out your usual little records, put them on her nominal records, put them on her nominated records, put them on her nominal records, put them on her bitter records, put them on her bitter records, and put them on her bitter records. Give her in a picture album, she will be very grateful for your carefulness.

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