Is it easy for couples to wear small broken drills?

Now the couple's ring craftsmanship is very fine, all inlaid with a row of small broken diamonds. If I worry about it for a long time, will those drills be easy to fall? Isn't it not good to look good?

6 thoughts on “Is it easy for couples to wear small broken drills?”

  1. Normally wear it.
    Igly, you are recommended to buy 18K gold inlaid. In terms of technology, 18K is the most firm inlaid.
    make not to buy the stone inlaid too much, it will leave the fingers on both sides.
    It hope to help you.
    jewelry girl.

  2. It won't be dropped, so it is easy to fall, if you see it loose, take it back, and tell them that they are responsible for helping inlaid more. If you have a firm inlaid ~ brand company, it is generally possible ~!

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