5 thoughts on “Is there still a fun KTV in Shashi or Yuqiao in Jingzhou?”

  1. Yes, there is a rich nightlife in Yuqiao, Yuqiao Street
    It, Shashi, and green, some netizens call this here as Jingsha Little Hong Kong. Yuqiao also has the first complete playground in Jingzhou. You can sit on the top and watch the prosperity and impetuousness of the city.
    did not enter the venue ticket here, but according to the project charges, play the roller coaster with a few friends, challenging the hammer is the most fashionable thing many young people in Jingzhou. With the completion of Jingzhou Fangte, the playability and cost -effectiveness of the Jade Bridge Happy World are greatly reduced, but it is still a good place for surrounding residents to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

    The historical background of Yuqiao
    It is the Zhou Liang Yuqiao community where Yuqiao is located. The original site of Zhou Liangyuqiao was near Yuansha Financial Accounting School and Golden Lion Company. In the 1960s, with the stasis of the original river, the transformation of the Changsha Port and the excavation of the Hugu Qu, Zhou Liangyuqiao was demolished.

    In 1979, archaeologists found the cultural site near the Shang Dynasty near the original site of Zhou Liangyuqiao, and then was designated as a provincial key cultural relics protection unit, named Zhou Liangyuqiao's Shang Dynasty cultural site. From then on, Zhou Liangyuqiao's name was even more popular, far away from home and abroad.

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