When is the best time to have sex? What are some of the behaviors that motivate women's sexual desire?

Many couples prefer to have sex at night. In fact, night is not a great time to have sex. What is the best time of day? Let's go into the article's sexdollcenter content to learn.

Get Up in the Morning

This is the most popular time for boys to have sex because most men have a tough time waking up in the morning. But many women suggest exactly the opposite. Women are more focused on style and enjoyment during sex, so they can't stand kissing and whispering from zero distance. In addition, the morning hours tend to be more rushed, difficult to heat up gradually, normally quickly into character, the quick knife cuts through the chaos, there is no tender and private sex.

Cons: But there are a lot of cons to the rule of rejecting the already-lit boy: He'll be irritable and won't want breakfast; ​the impulse stayed in someone else's body, and he thought about it all day. If you're not a fan of morning sex, except on Sundays, he wakes up, showers, makes breakfast, puts on his clothes and sits at the dinner table making coffee. A cheerful day starts with morning sex and discount sex dolls.

In recent years, couples in numerous countries have simply begun to fall in love with a traditional holiday -- hugging Valentine's Day. December 14th, love everyone and show love.

Hugging stimulates the metabolism of pituitary growth hormone, which relieves stress, eases depression, makes women attractive, boys shine, and improves the frequency and quality of sex. In order to teach everyone how to turn on the other person according to the hug, the leading Dutch expert got his hands on the Lovers' Hug manual and taught everyone how to promote affection according to the hug.

Open the arms, the invitation to embrace

A study in California found that numerous couples hug fewer commonly after marriage, and the key reason is that when one partner wants to hug, the other doesn't answer. The manual emphasizes that extending your arms and saying hug to your lover is the best invitation to hug, and when you open your arms, it shows that you have her (or him) in your heart.

Hold your waist with one hand and massage your back with the other

The spine is a key location where nerves converge throughout the body. Therefore, when you hug a woman, you can wrap one hand around her waist and slowly walk your fingertips on her back with the other hand, which will make your lover tremble gently and can't help but hug you.

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