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  1. You can make a beautiful birthday handmade card, the method is as follows:
    Is prepare materials: card paper, glue, flower rope, scissors
    . First prepare a card paper to fold it; Draw your favorite graphics above;
    . Then use scissors to cut off the excess;
    . Cut a caring pattern from the middle of one side;
    . on the bottom page Stick your favorite pictures;
    6. Turn a flower rope on it, and then write the quotes you want to write.

  2. Tools / raw materials
    paper, pens
    1, prepare a few pieces of colored cardboard, and stick the cardboard with solid glue.
    2, cut two knives on the upper end with scissors, bend down to form the shape of the tie, and decorate the painting.
    3, take another cardboard, fold into the shape of the tie, and draw the pattern.
    4. Use solid glue for adhesion, just write some blessings.

  3. Gifts are more new to add some of their own elements. Share a tutorial of a hand -painted ceramic cup, which is easy to complete.
    Prepare a white ceramic cup. First, put the thumb dipped in red ceramic coatings, print it onto the cup, and change a small point of fingers, dip the blue paint, and stack the red finger into a heart shape. Finally, use black ceramic coatings to write text such as daddy.
    The leather business card box is a great gift on Father’s Day.
    The preparation material tools, tanning, snail sealing.
    In the drawing drawings on the hard paper and cut it. Put the drawing template on the leather and cut according to the pattern. Polish the edge of the leather, and then punch the part of the site to install, and install the left and right and the bottom with the copper thread buckle, make the bag effect, and the business card box is completed. The best gift for the older father is to be able to use it. Such a gift is the best. There are many choices for the gifts for the elderly. Choose according to your own economic conditions and actual conditions:
    1. Choose gifts according to your father’s usual hobbies, and give them what you like.
    2. The first choice of sending his father is to send a massage. The old man is not as good as before, and there will always be a lot of pain. Send him a massage to reduce the torture caused by the pain.
    3, the blood pressure of the father will gradually increase, it is also good to send a blood pressure meter to him, master his health at any time
    4, if the weather is cold, you can send the father’s warm items, like silk quilts, Yunjin Jinjin Really silk scarves, blankets, etc., I hope she can spend the comfort in winter.
    Is generally like to drink tea. You can send the favorite Yunjin tea jar that love tea. If it is autumn and winter, you can consider some warm equipment, wool hat gloves, scarves, etc. are very good stuff! It is also very good to send the parents with a very great commemorative Yigongfang Yunjin ornament or a blessing character in the living room! Gifts with auspicious meaning of blessings are very popular with the elderly. Anyway There are too many east, and I also like to buy some gifts for older relatives. Oh, they are very happy when they receive it

  4. 1️⃣ It is the so -called picture to use it to hate less. The most important thing in the entire production is the right picture. Babies can interact with stickers, so they must take more photos.

    2️⃣Addles to do it step by step. If you want to do it refined, you need to be careful in the beautiful pitch in Meitu Xiuxiu.

    3️⃣ I sent it to my husband on the morning of my birthday, he moved to cry! A careful gift is really moving and more memory. Coupled with some words to say to him, this birthday gift can’t be better ~

    according to the tutorial, do it. Create a happy home and constantly enhance the emotions between husband and wife, which require these small surprises. A birthday sticker given to Dad is definitely a good choice.

    If you have any questions, you can also ask me at any time and help everyone to answer it in time ~
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