3 thoughts on “Sixford jewelry diamond ring is good or Zhou Shengsheng is good”

  1. About Liufu Jewelry Diamonds and Chow Shengsheng Diamonds here briefly introduce you:
    Liufu Jewelry is one of the four famous brands in Hong Kong, one of the four famous brands in Hong Kong. It is also a well -known brand internationally. The style of the diamond ring of Liufu Jewelery is still pretty good. The quality of diamonds is also very good, and the waiter will not change the diamond. Liufu has laser codes on the waist of diamonds. This is not done by other brands, and the cutting of Liufu is also very good. 80 percent can reach eight hearts and eight arrows.

    Zhou Shengsheng is the leader of gold jewelry. At the beginning of the start of Jewelry, Zhou Shengsheng only made gold jewelry. As people's aesthetics became higher, Zhou Shengsheng could not start to get involved in the field of diamonds. However, Zhou Shengsheng is still good, but the quality and style are good, but the price is more expensive.

  2. The best domestic jewelry brand is Zhou Dafu, followed by Zhou Shengsheng, and Liufu is later. However, diamond ring is not just looking at the brand, it mainly depends on the clarity, color, size, shape, cutting of the diamond itself. Generally, Zhou Shengsheng and Liufu also have GIA certificates. Pay attention to the certificate and personal preference. Personal quality and price personally recommend buying Zhou Shengsheng.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Ten Golden Jewelry Brand Ranking 1. Zhou Dafu 2. Lao Fengxiang 3, Chow Shengsheng 4, Liufu Jewelry 5, Old Temple Gold 6, Chow Tai Sheng 7, Mingpai Jewelry 8, China Gold 9, Cuihua Gold Store 10, Tide Macroscopic FoundationnI hope my answer can help you, I wish you happy

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