1 thought on “The company's annual meeting requires a small gift to make a game,”

  1. First of all, I do n’t understand whether this self -provided little gift is brought by the employees or the game activity.
    It you need to determine how many rounds of games in your company, how to distribute gifts (people winning each round of games have gifts?), is there a small reward for rewards for gifts and how much budget.
    is best to wait for you to describe it clearly before you give your opinion, otherwise there is no pertinence.

    The annual meeting held by more than 20 people in our company. The event planning document is being uploaded, and you can search for "2016 Villa Boiling Event Planning". Hope to help you.
    The activity effect can be added to the WeChat public account "Oupinhui Life". In the "Menu" 2016 meeting "in the" Menu ".

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