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    This use of stainless steel capillary: automated instrument signal tube, automated instrument wire protection tube; precision optical ruler line, industrial sensor, electronic equipment line protection tube; The safety protection of the electrical line, the protection of the capacity of the heat instrument and the internal support of the air core high -voltage cable.
    This -stainless steel capacity: It has good softness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance, waterproofing, and provides excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. The stainless steel hose can be bent freely into various angles and curvature radius, and the same softness and durability in all directions; the stainless steel hose is flexible, with good retractability, no obstruction and stiff phenomenon ; The stainless steel tube hose is buckled between each section
    has a certain anti -tensile resistance to prevent the destruction of the soft pipe from exposing the lines laid inside the hose, and the axial tension can withstand more than 6 times that of the nominal inner diameter.
    Specifications: 2-∮8 Wall thickness: 0.1-2.0mm
    Material: SUS316L, 316, 321, 310, 310s, 304,304L, 302,301,202,201, etc. The nickel steel species of the festival, replacing the number of 1CR17NI7, is magnetic after cold processing. Railway vehicles.
    2 nickel steel species, replacing the number of 1cr18ni9
    3 1CR17NI7 has a high strength. Railway vehicles, conveyor belts, bolt nuts
    4 1CR18NI9 have high strength, but the elongation rate is slightly worse than 1CR17NI7. Building decorative parts.
    5 Y1CR18NI9 improves cutting and resistance. The most suitable for automatic lathes. The bolt nut
    6 improves cutting and resistance. The most suitable for automatic lathes. Rivet, screw
    7 0CR19NI9 is ​​the most widely used as stainless thermal steel, food equipment, general chemical equipment, atomic energy industrial
    8 ratio of steel with lower carbon content, superior corrosive corrosion, is to resist, for the corrosion resistance, is for the corrosion resistance. After welding, the thermal treatment component class
    9 0CR19NI9N adds N to the brand number 0CR19NI9. The intensity is increased and the plasticity is not decreased. Reduce the thickness of the material. As a structural strength component
    10, add N and NB to the brand number 0CR19NI9, and has the same features and uses as 0CR19NI9N
    11 to add N on the brand. It has the same characteristics of the above cards. Better corrosive
    12 1CR18NI12 Compared with 0CR19NI9, processing is sclerosis. Pressive processing, special pull -up, cold
    13 0CR23NI13, corrosion resistance, heat resistance is better than 0CR19NI9
    14 0CR25NI20 is more oxidized than 0CR23NI13. In fact, it is mostly used as armal steel to resist
    15 In seawater and other media, corrosion resistance is better than 0CR19NI9. It is mainly used for etching materials
    16 for equipment that is used for anti -sulfuric acid, phosphate, ant acid, and acetic acid. R n18 adds N to the brand number to improve the intensity, does not reduce the plasticity, and reduce the thickness of the material. Components with high strong corrosion resistance
    19 add n to the brand number, have the same characteristics of the above cards, the use is the same, but the corrosion resistance is better Higher ratio. Ultra -low -carbon steels used for sulfuric acid materials
    21 are better than the corrosiveness of the crystal tolerance
    22 The point of corrosion resistance is better. Ultra -low -carbon steels that are dyed equipment materials such as
    23 are better than the corrosiveness of the crystal tolerance
    24 to absorb thermal exchanger, acetic acid equipment, phosphate equipment, bleaching device, etc., and cannot be in harmony. Use
    25 in the applicable environment for welding stagnation. Anti -magnetic instrument, medical equipment, acid -resistant container and equipment lining pipelines and parts and parts
    26 add Ti to improve the corrosion resistance of crystal resistance. R n27 contains NB to improve the corrosion of the crystal tolerance
    28 Austenite Stainless Steel 0CR18NI9
    The stainless steel at the austenitic tissue at room temperature. When the steel contains about 18%, Ni 8%~ 10%, and CR about 0.1%, it has a stable Austeen tissue. The A medium chromium nickel stainless steel includes the famous CR-Ni series steel that develops CR, NI, and adding MO, CU, SI, NB, TI and other elements based on this. The austenitic stainless steel is magnetic and has high toughness and plasticity, but the strength is low. It is impossible to strengthen it by phase change. It can only be strengthened by cold processing. If you add S, CA, SE, TE and other elements, it has good easy cutability. In addition to this type of steel -resistant acid -resistant acid corrosion, if it contains elements such as MO and CU, it can also resist sulfuric acid, phosphate, and methalotic acid, acetic acid, urea, etc. If the amount of carbon content in such steel is less than 0.03%or Ti and Ni, it can significantly improve its corrosion resistance. High silicon Austenitic stainless steel concentrated nitric acid is willing to have good corrosion resistance. Because the Alex Stainless Steel has a comprehensive and good comprehensive performance, it has been widely used in all walks of life.
    added Ni to the brand number 0CRL 9NI9 and add Si to improve the resistance of resistance corrosion. The chlorine ion environment is used
    30 Austenite-ingotin dual-phase stainless steel
    is about half of the stainless steel of the austenite and ferrite tissue. In the case of lower C, the CR content is 18%to 28%, and the Ni content is 3%to 10%. Some steel also contain alloy elements such as MO, CU, SI, NB, Ti, N, etc. This type of steel has the characteristics of Austenite and ferrite stainless steel. Compared with ferrite, the plasticity and toughness are higher, the no room temperature is crispy, and the corrosion resistance and welding performance of the crystal resistance are significantly improved. The 475 ℃ brittleness of the stainless steel and the high thermal conductivity, which has the characteristics of ultra -plasticity. Compared with the austenitic stainless steel, high strength and crystal corrosion and chloride stress corrosion have significantly improved. Two -phase stainless steel has excellent pore resistance and is also a kind of nickel -saving stainless steel. rn31 rn制作抗高温浓硝酸介质的零件和设备rn32 rn具有铁素体一鼻氏体形双相组织,耐应力腐蚀破裂性能好,耐点蚀性能与For comparable, it has a high intensity suitable for chlorine -containing ions, for refining, fertilizer, paper, petroleum, chemical industry and other industrial heat exchangers and condenser
    Cooling from high temperature does not produce significant hardening, steam turbine materials, quenching components, composite steel
    34 00Cr12
    is lower than 0CRL3, and the bending performance of the welding site, processing performance, and high temperature resistance. For automotive exhaust treatment device, boiler burning room, spraying
    35 ferrite stainless steel 1CR17
    The chromium content is 11%to 30%, and it has a body -hearted cubic crystal structure. This type of steel generally does not contain nickel, and sometimes contains a small amount of MO, Ti, NB, etc. to elements. This type of steel has large thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficients, good antioxidant, excellent antiplication and other characteristics. , Water vapor, water and oxidized acid corrosion parts. This type of steel has disadvantages such as poor plasticity, post -welding plasticity and erosion resistance, which limits its application. The application of exterior refining technology (AOD or VOD) can greatly reduce carbon and nitrogen gap elements, so it is widely used in such steel. Mostly used for interior decoration, heavy oil burning parts, home appliances, household appliances!
    36 Y1CR17
    It improves cutting performance than LCRL7. For automatic car lathes, bolts, nuts, etc.
    37 1CR17MO
    are improved steel types of 1CRL7, which is stronger than LCRL7 anti -salt solution. The system, C and N dropped to extremely low. Extract resistance is very good. Make equipment related to organic acids such as ethosic acid and lactic acid to create harsh alkali equipment. The stress corrosion of the halogen resistance, the point of corrosion resistance
    39 00CR27MO2
    required performance, use, corrosion resistance, and soft magneticity are similar to 00CR30M02
    40 Mary 1CR12 n as the blade of the turbine and high The good stainless heat -resistant steel
    41 martarite stainless steel 1CR13
    The stainless steel can be adjusted through thermal treatment. In layman's terms, it is a type of hardening stainless steel. The typical brand number is 1CR13, such as 2CR13, 3CR13, 4CR13, etc. After the fire, the hardness is high, and the different ignition temperature has a different combination of strong toughness. It is mainly used for steam turbine blades, tableware, and surgery equipment. According to the differences in chemical ingredients, martensite stainless steel can be divided into two types of mateurin chromium steel and mate -generated chromium nickel steel. Depending on the different mechanisms of tissue and reinforcement, it can also be divided into matewars stainless steel, martensite, and semi -athlete (or semi -matonoscience) precipitated hardening stainless steel and martial arts timeliness stainless steel.
    42 1Cr13MO
    is a high -strength steel steel species with high corrosion resistance than 1CRL3. The turbine blades, high -temperature components
    43 Y1CR13
    The best steel species in stainless steel.
    44 2CR13
    er quenching state is high. Good corrosion resistance. The blade of the turbine
    45 3CR13
    is higher than the hardness after quenching of 2CR13, as a blade tool and a nozzle. Valve seats, valves, etc.
    46 3CR13MO
    as a thermal oil pump axis, valve sheet, valve bearings, medical device pile springs such as higher hardness and abrasion resistance
    47 y3CR13
    improvement improvement 3Crl's steel -cutting performance
    48 1CR17NI12
    has high -intensity parts with higher intensity nitric acid and organic acid corrosion. The cellar and equipment
    49 7CR17
    The parts with high strength and organic acid corrosion. The cellar and device
    50 8Cr17
    In hardening state, it is harder than 7Crl7, and higher than 11Crl7 toughness. As a tool, the valve
    51 11cr7
    The high hardness among all stainless steel and heat -resistant steel. For spraying, bearings
    52 y11cr17
    In 11crl7 to increase 7 cutting steel species.
    53 of the automatic car lathes precipitate hard
    Thecolic hardcover steel species with copper. Axis, steam turbine components

    mir air conditioning
    The capillary mesh and human capillaries, from the outer diameter of 3.5-5.0mm (wall thickness of about 0.9mm), 20mm (Wall thickness 2mm or 2.3mm) for the backwater main pipe to form a pipe network. The combination of thermal insulation layer, heat dissipation layer, and capillary mesh, compounded into a capillary mesh heat transfer device, greatly improved the use of the cooling capacity of the capacity of the capillary network single, protecting the capillary wall of the capacity of the capillary. The capillary mesh plane radiation air conditioning system is generally used in small circulation and large systems, and a special solution is used as a medium to avoid system obstruction and convenient control. In order to meet higher comfort requirements and avoid exposure, the room should also be equipped with humidity control and fresh air system. The production and application technology of capacity network has been highly monopolized by German companies. Beijing Pufufu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has broken the monopoly of foreign companies, developed and produced domestic capacity network heat exchangers, and applied for a number of invention patents and practical new patents. And has entered a batch production stage. In May 2007, the product was inspected at the Air conditioning institute of the China Institute of Architecture (National Air Conditioning Equipment for Grain Settlement and Inspection). Take the test of a node as an example. The results are as follows: 1. In the case of the experimental pressure of 1.5MPa, there is no leakage; 2. At the water supply temperature 45 ° C, the temperature of the water back at 40 ° C, the benchmark temperature 20 ° C, △ T = 22.5 ℃ , Equivalent to the area of ​​the sample unit area of ​​the heat qdr = 240.88W/m2; 3. At the water supply temperature of 15 ° C, the temperature of the water back at 20 ° C, the benchmark temperature of 26 ° C, △ T8.5 ° C, the refrigeration volume of the sample unit area QDL = 122.84w// m2. rnrn用途rn毛细管作为一种原材料被广泛应用于化工、石油、电子、饰品、医疗、航天、空调、医疗设备、厨房用具、制药、供水设备、食品机械、 Power generation, boilers and other fields. The specific examples are as follows: 1): The medical device industry, injection of needle pipes, puncture needle pipes, medical industrial pipes. 2): Industrial electric heating pipe, industrial oil pipe 3): temperature sensor temperature pipe, sensor tube, barbecue rubbing pipe, thermometer, thermometer meter Tube, temperature controller tube, instrument and instrument tube, thermometer stainless steel pipe. 4): Pen making pipe tube, core protection tube, pen tube. 5): Various electronic miniature tubes, fiber accessories, optical mixers, small diameter stainless steel capillary 6): Watch industry, mother -in -law, raw ear rod, watch belt accessories, jewelry punching needle 7): Various antenna pipes , Use the car antenna tube, the tile antenna tube, stretch the whip, the mobile phone stretch the antenna tube, the micro antenna tube, the computer antenna, the stainless steel antenna. 8): Stainless steel pipes of laser carving equipment. 9): Fish gear pipes, falling fish rod pipe 10): Various diet industrial pipes, transmission pipes.

  2. Stainless steel capillary is widely used as a raw material for medical, petroleum, aerospace, medical equipment, air conditioning, chemical, electronics, accessories, kitchen utensils, food machinery, power generation, pharmaceutical, water supply equipment, boiler and other fields.
    304 stainless steel capillary can be used as:
    (1) The medical device industry, injection needle tube, puncture needle tube, medical industrial tube.
    (2) Industrial electric heating pipe, industrial oil pipe.
    (3) Thermometer tube, temperature sensor temperature pipe, barbecue rubbing pipe, thermometer stainless steel pipe, thermostat tube, sensor tube, instrument and instrument tube.
    (4) Pen making pen canal, core protection tube, pen tube.
    201 stainless steel capillary: various electronic miniature tubes, optical fiber accessories, optical mixtors, small diameter stainless steel capillary
    (1) watch industry, mother -through, raw ear rod, watch belt accessories, jewelry perforation Needle
    (2) Car tail antenna tube, various antenna tubes, stretching whip, micro antenna tube, laptop antenna, tie rod antenna tube, mobile phone stretching antenna tube, stainless steel antenna.
    (3) Stainless steel pipes for laser carving equipment.
    (4) Fish tube for fish tools, drop the fish pole tube.
    (5) Various dietary industrial pipes and input tube.

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