5 thoughts on “What does it mean to have 14K gold necklace in South Korea?”

  1. 14K means that the gold content is 58.5%.
    k gold system is divided into 24 species, 24K gold is pure gold, and the theoretical value is 100%. Calculating the gold content calculation formula of 1k = 1/24, 14K gold is as follows: 14k = 100%/24** 14 = 58.333%(585 ‰). In order to facilitate the identification, the gold content of 14K gold is generally agreed to 58.5%.
    The color and hardness of K gold are correspondingly different with the proportion of mixed metals. K gold with high silver content is white, and white 14k gold also has 58.5%gold content.
    Pucting information:
    1. If you do not wear a K gold necklace, you must also place it well. It is recommended to place the K gold necklace in the jewelry box alone. No matter what material it is The jewelry is placed as much as possible. Mixed placement will damage the K gold necklace. After all, the nature of different precious metals is different, and the hardness is different. Mixed placement will produce collision scratches and so on.
    2, K gold necklace will be exposed to the human body's sweat, oil stains, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. during the long -term wear process, which will inevitably be affected. Jewelry shops to help maintain the K gold necklace.
    3. When buying K gold jewelry, pay more attention to the work and quality of K gold jewelry. For example, you can touch the welding of the jewelry with your hands, whether the corner is smooth and flat, and check whether the chain buckle should be checked whether the chain buckle should be checked. Wait firmly.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-14K gold

  2. The so -called (K) platinum in the market is actually a alloy, code -named WG (White Gold), which means white gold. Generally use abroad; WG585 (14K) -The gold content is about 58.5%, WG750 (18K) -The gold content is about 75%.
    The gold content of Platinum is not high, but it is more expensive than gold. It has good reflexity, it is not easy to lose luster, and the hardness is higher, so it can make more styles and more beautiful. More fashionable and exaggerated styles are more, and it can better set off the light of diamonds.

  3. The pure gold content of 14K is 58.5%, and the remaining 41.5%is made of alloy of other materials.
    18K's pure amount is 75%, and the remaining 25%is made of alloy of other materials.
    24K's pure exhaustion of 99.9%, non -alloy ingredients

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