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  1. The top ten jewelry brands in China are: Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sangsheng, Love Jewelry, Lao Fengxiang, Chow Tai Sheng, Liu Dafu Jewelery, Xie Ruilin, Saifel, Chaohongji, and Kimbeli.
    1, Zhou Dafu
    Zhou Dafu Jewelry Group Co., Ltd., founded in Hong Kong in 1929, is a well -known jewelry brand in China. The Chow Tai Fook brand is mainly produced by gold jewelry, which involves the production of diamonds, pearls, colorful treasures, silver jewelry and watch products. Zhou Dafu's research on gold jewelry has greatly recognized Zhou Dafu Gold in China.
    2, Zhou Shengsheng
    The founders of Zhou Shengsheng set up the first Zhou Shengsheng Jinxing in 1934, and then settled in Hong Kong. Since then, the new journey of Zhou Shengsheng brand has been opened. Zhou Shengsheng's brand products involve gold, diamonds, pearls, colorful treasures, etc. The products focus on innovation. The contemporary young groups are the main consumers, and they have the fashionable charm of modern jewelry.

    3, love jewelry
    Sichuan Love Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a new brand in China. It has been established for more than ten years since its establishment in 2007. Many jewelry brands. In recent years, it has cooperated with the IIDGR owned by the global diamond authority Dobels to create international high -end jewelry products.
    4, Shanghai Lao Fengxiang
    Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd., who has started a business in 1848, has a history of more than 100 years. From Lao Fengxiang Yinlou, Lao Fengxiang is divided into: Lao Fengxiang Yinlou Co., Ltd. Company, Lao Fengxiang Jewelry Co., Ltd. and other more than 20 subsidiaries.
    5, Liufu Jewelry
    Liufu Jewelry was established in 1991. It is mainly engaged in the procurement, retail and wholesale business of various gold jewelry, gold ornaments, stones, gems and other accessories in Hong Kong. Liufu Jewelery has continued to innovate, and strives to meet the needs of customers of different tastes, different types, and different ages. Its golden decorations and stone inlaid jewelry are welcomed by customers.

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