Where do custom -made diamond rings usually go?

I recently visited some diamond ring shops, and I didn’t see any special meaning. Thinking about the custom diamonds, do you have any friends who have customized diamond ring? Where is it better?

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  1. 1. Selection of custom diamonds
    Compared with the purchase of finished diamond rings, the diamond ring customization is relatively troublesome. Each step and link requires consumers to do their own own. Before customizing diamond ring, you must first choose the right diamond. After all, diamonds are the soul of the entire diamond ring. The price of diamonds is high or low, mainly depending on the different 4C standards of diamonds. For consumers, when choosing a diamond, you must follow your own economic strength and preferences. Do not follow the trend blindly. Generally, diamonds of about medium size can be.
    2, choice of diamond ring style
    Wedding ring is of great significance for everyone, so it is not possible to replace it from time to time. When customized diamond ring Different. Although the style of the diamond ring can be integrated into the elements that consumers like, it is not recommended that you choose too exaggerated and complicated styles, because this style is easy to be outdated, and the manufacturing process is more complicated, the price will be higher, and the appearance will only need to be in appearance. There is one or two highlights.
    3. Master the custom time
    Although the diamond ring customization has a lot of advantages, it also has its own shortcomings. It cannot pay it directly like buying a finished diamond ring. When consumers choose diamonds and ring styles, they need to wait for a period of time to complete. Therefore, before customized diamond ring, you must calculate the time. Generally, the custom diamond ring requires 7-15 working days. In order not to affect the date of use, it is better to customize in advance.

  2. The purchase of custom rings is no different from the finished diamond ring. We can buy custom rings on the official website of the diamond ring brand or offline physical experience store. It is just that the custom rings generally add some exclusive design elements. Therefore, if you need more complicated customized needs, the designer may produce a design drawing in advance to confirm the customer. In the end The figure is exactly the same.

  3. Generally speaking, most well -known diamond ring brands provide custom diamond ring services, which can be customized through physical stores or online.
    This diamond ring before customization:
    1. Determine the budget, because different budgets are different from the range of selection, such as the budget of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. But if the budget exceeds 50,000 yuan, then custom 1 carat is also possible. Of course, the price of diamond rings also has a range, because different levels are different. For example, 1 carat diamond ring can also reach more than 100,000.
    2, determine the brand. According to your own budget scope, you can probably know which brands are suitable for you. General brands have added value, and well -known brands are often expensive. Therefore Yes, you can choose a brand with a lower price. Pay attention to choose regular brands, and don’t be greedy and cheap to avoid being deceived.
    Diamond ring customization step: Choose naked diamonds. This is the most important step, because the price of diamond ring is mainly concentrated on this diamond, and the price of diamond depends on the diamond 4C, which is the four aspects of the color, clarity, cutting, and weight of the diamond. , And it is necessary to comprehensively determine the price, which is indispensable.
    The diamond color level from high to low is roughly 5 levels of D -Z. Among them, D, E and F represent colorless, D is completely colorless, and is the highest level in the color. Subsequently, G, H, I, J belonged to the colorless, and then K -Z belonged to the color level. Generally, it is not recommended to buy it.
    The weight of the diamond is the size of the diamond, with carats as a unit, 1 carat = 0.2 grams, 1 carat = 100 points. In the same aspects of the color, transparency, and cutting of the diamond, the larger the diamond, the more expensive the price.
    The diamond clarity distinguishes the level according to impurities, quantity, and size, divided into about 5 levels of F -I, of which F and IF is nearly transparent, VVS1, VVS2 is the secondary, and then Si1 is SI1. , SI2, then i1, i2, i3.
    Diamond cutting is a man -made level. It is divided into Excellent, Very Good, Good, Medium, FAIR, Poor.
    Diamond ring customization Step 2: Trust choice. Choosing the precepts mainly depends on the materials and styles. The materials are mainly divided into platinum and 18K gold. If you like pure white, simple style, and pay attention to quality, you can choose platinum. You can choose 18K gold.
    Diamond ring customization Step 3: Measurement. You can measure it yourself, or you can go to the jewelry shop for professional measurement. You can first prepare the fine rope (no elasticity), pen, and ruler. Two laps around the maximum joint of the rope around the fingers, the tightness should be comfortable, make a mark on the rope coincide, and then remove the rope. Just measure the distance of two points. This method is prone to errors. After a few times, the result can be taken.
    Diamond ring customization Step 4: Start customization. Choose naked diamonds, determine the styles, obeys, engraving, etc., you can customize a diamond ring. Generally, the time to customize the diamond ring takes about ten days or a month. opportunity.

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