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  1. Alexander
    is located in western Nile Delta. It is facing the Central China Sea with an area of ​​100 square kilometers and a population of 3.05 million. It is the second largest city in Egypt and Africa, and the largest port of Egypt and East Mediterranean. The city was built in 332 BC. It was named after the occupation of Egypt by King Alexander, Greece. It was a famous city of ancient and medieval. It was once the Mediterranean coastal politics, economy, culture and East and West Trade Center. There are many monuments. Alexander is beautiful and has a pleasant climate. It is the “Xiadu” and summer resort of Egypt. It is known as the “Mediterranean Bride”. One -third of the country in the country, such as cotton textiles, car repair, petroleum refinement, and shipbuilding, is the large market for the Egyptian cotton trading market. 80-90 % of import and export materials across the country are swollen through its Western Port. Its main attractions are:
    1. Summer Palace
    , that is, Monteza Palace, located in the east of the city, covers an area of ​​155.4 hectares, surrounded by dense forests, is a unique garden. Before 1952, it was the summer and summer place for the royal family. Now the seaside is open to tourists and fishermen. In the garden, there is the Palace of Faruk (now the Egyptian Hotel). The Turkish-Florence-style building built by Hediff Ajes II in the Century Stock Exchange is the royal family of summer. The palace is not open to the public. Looking at its appearance, you must pay attention to the theme letter F that appears frequently.
    I said that a reporter told King Faya that the letters F will bring good luck to his family. From then on, he and his son Farukn gave them Fem with F. In 1951, Faruk and Narruman got married, but did not change her name. In January 1952, their son was born. Six months later Faruk was abolished.
    2. Cartuba Castle
    Alexander lighthouse, which was formerly one of the seven miracles of the world. The lighthouse was built in 280 BC, and the tower was about 135 meters high. After several earthquakes, it was completely destroyed in 1435. In 1480, the castle was built in the original site in the original site, named after the name of the king Cartba. In 1966, it was changed to the Egyptian Museum, exhibiting models, murals, oil paintings, etc., introducing Egyptian shipbuilding and navigation history since 10,000 years ago. And Cairo Ancient Castle is also known as the two major medieval castles in Egypt.
    3. “Freedom” yacht
    is the oldest royal yacht that is still used in the world. It was built in 1865 British shipbuilding companies. Coal -fired steam engine is power, with a speed of 16 nautical miles. The boat was originally used by the Egyptian royal family. In 1868, he went to the European heads of state in Europe to attend the Suez Canal International Navigation Ceremony. It was the first ship to enter the Suez Canal from the north. In 1952, it was renamed the “Freedom” and is currently owned by the Egyptian Navy. The Egyptian Navy showed its ship maintenance level.
    4. The Treasure Museum
    was originally a Princess Fatmei residence in ancient times. In 1986, it was changed to the Mohammed Ali Dynasty Treasure Museum, exhibiting crown and jewelry.
    5. Conomca
    In the archeological site of the Alexander City Center, a Roman Opera House (theater for music performances) and a large 3 -century Roman bathroom were found. The streets and stores in the Ptolemy era gradually excavated and unearthed, and the stone pillars and arch exposed the ground. The site made people recognize the scope of ancient cities-if all excavations were excavated, modern cities had to be demolished.
    Added at the entrance to the south of the Grandhria Plaza, opposite the railway station, 1 km southeast of Sa Adzzetzerle Plaza

    Memphis n
    The southern end of the Egyptian Nile Delta, today’s village of Mittar Risinna, 23 kilometers southwest of Cairo. Since 3100 BC, it is the oldest capital of Egypt, and it is fixed for 800 years. It was rumored to be built by the Pharaoh Micana (Menis), named “White City” in the three thousand years, and later renamed Memphis. As the capital of the ancient kingdom (27th to the 22nd century BC). It was replaced by Dieis in the 192 -thousand AD, but it was still in Egyptian religion and cultural cities. The 7th century AD was destroyed. At that time, it was the most magnificent city in the world, and now only one mini museum and garden are left with broken stone carvings for people.

    The capital Cairo is located about 14 kilometers south of the Nile Delta. According to the administrative area, Cairo is also a province with an area of ​​3085 square kilometers, a population of 7.4 million people, and a population density of 2398 people/square kilometers (2002). The population density of the residential area is 38,250 people/square kilometers (2001). Cairo province, Gibsa and Gellerbi, belong to the Cairo district, and are called Dali Luo. Great Cairo has an area of ​​17,393 square kilometers and a population of 16.84 million (2002), accounting for 24.8 of the total population of Egypt. It is one of the largest cities in Africa and the world’s largest cities.

    Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world. In 3200 BC, the King of Egypt was unified up and down Egypt. The capital Memphis was established near the west bank and the top of the Delta. Many ancient Egyptian dynasties used this as their rule centers and built pyramids and a large number of tombs nearby. The city’s remnants are particularly stored, about 30 kilometers from the city of Cairo. In the 30th BC, the Roman Empire invaded Egypt and restored the expansion of Persian Greek ancient city of Babylon (now the old Cairo). In 641 AD, the Arabs began to invade Egypt and established the capital Fostert north of Babylon. After that, the towns such as Ascal and Carter were established nearby. By 969 AD, the Fatima dynasty finally conquered Egypt and built a capital in the north of the town of Fosteut, named Cairo, which means conqueror and the city of victory. During the Twelfth century Saladin’s rule, the above cities and towns were unified as Cairo City and developed it. However, due to the change of the Arabian dynasty, foreign invasion did not become Egyptian rulers until Muhammad Ali became the political center of Egypt.

    Cairo was once known as the “mother of the city” and is the place with the most historic sites in the world. There are ancient Egyptian pyramids, lions, and Christian and Islamic ancient churches, mosques, castles, etc., which are world -renowned tourist destinations. The Nile through the urban area, modern civilization coexists with ancient traditions: the west is mainly modern architecture, mostly built in the early 20th century, and has contemporary European and American architecture. The eastern part is mainly Arab architecture. More than 250 mosques are concentrated in concentration this. The towering spire of the mosque in the city can be seen everywhere, so Cairo is also known as the “City of Thousand Tower”.

    The Cairo is already a modern metropolis today. It developed into the current scale after the revolution in July 1952. Activity center. However, Cairo’s rapid development has also brought a series of serious problems: the population is dramatic, the density is too large; the urban infrastructure cannot keep up, and the urban hygiene conditions are poor; However, the actual capacity of the road is about 500,000); there are many dangerous houses, old houses, etc.

  2. “Memphis” is the most famous. About 3000 BC, the King of Egypt’s King Nalmo attacked the lower Egypt. After three days and three nights of fierce fighting, the entire Egyptian army was overwhelmed. Name Memphis means “White City”. Today’s name has evolved from this. Egyptian is HIKUPTAH, ancient Greek AIGYPTOS, the name of Egypt is from ancient Greek.

  3. Alexander, the city of Alexander, before Muslim civilization invaded Egypt, it has always been the political and economic center of Egypt. There is also the most famous Alexander Library, with a large number of classics. It is also an excellent port

  4. Alexander and Cairo are both famous. Cairo is the capital, and Erylishan University is the coastal city of Egypt, which is equivalent to Shenzhen’s status in our country.

  5. Alexander is big, this is the most prestigious city in history. However, now, Cairo’s economy may be better than her, because the capital of Egypt is Cairo.

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