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    The most evil programs in China are definitely "You Are You".
    , as a job search program, "You Are You" did not explode because of the job seekers, but was well known because of the poor ending of the bosses.
    Chen Hao, the former programmer of the program and the founder of the victory education, has now become the target of debt collection on the entire network.
    Yin Feng, CEO of the coffee wings, exited the New Third Board and was listed as a dishonest executor.
    Today, Shen Dongjun, the founder of jewelry giant Lai Shen, was swept out.
    First divorced his wife, and was divided into nearly 400 million yuan.
    The overbearing president and Jewelry industry Jobs was "kicked" out of his own company, which is the worst boss.
    On January 10, in the decision of the board of directors of the psychic jewelry, Shen Dongjun submitted a written resignation report and personally sent the big sister -in -law to the throne of the chairman.
    The reports that during the meeting, Shen Dongjun wanted to speak and was interrupted by the new chairman.
    It should know that Lai Shen's spirituality of the Shen Dong army is a child who has done his best for more than 20 years. Now he can only make people.
    The people said that when Shen Dongjun was a poor boy, when he married the golden king of Emerald, the ending was already doomed.
    but Shen Dongjun's entrepreneurial experience is far from the words "beyond".
    The poor boy married the rich and became the strongest "beyond"
    The people may not know the Shen Dong army of Lai Shen's spirit, but they must know the overbearing president Shen Dongjun.
    It in the idol drama "Clarks", the overbearing president of the tree Dili Reba was called Shen Dongjun.
    In the on -the -work reality show "You You Are You", Shen Dongjun is one of the most active bosses in the BOSS regiment. He bids the local tyrants, the boss, and the host.
    Overbearing president and handsomeness are the image of Shen Dongjun's hard work on the screen.
    But 25 years ago, the label posted on Shen Dongjun was: "eating soft rice" and "beyond".
    1969 Shen Dongjun was originally the most ordinary worker.
    It graduated from middle school and worked hard in the society, and is responsible for ticketing at a travel agency under Nanjing Airlines.
    Until he was 27 years old, with his handsome appearance, he captured the "Emerald King".
    The love story of poor kids and Fu Qianjin allowed Shen Dongjun to realize the class leapfrogging and relying on the face value.
    At the time of getting married, Shen Dongjun also had some bones on his body. In order to avoid having to eat soft rice, he resigned and opened a Kodak Express Shop.
    The reality quickly gave him a slap. His express printing shop did not make money. He was discouraged that he broke the can and broke the can.
    many years later he recalled this experience on the TV screen and said: "That's the hardest time in life.
    but Shen Dongjun is a natural ambitionist. After his wife Ma Qiao, he got the big sister -in -law Ma Jun and persuaded him to start a business with himself.
    The Shen Dong army changed his life for the second time, making himself "the strongest". In the 22 -square -meter office building on the Jewelry Street, two counters were rented and starting to sell emeralds.
    The Shendong Army rode a motorcycle every day to send leaflets in the bowling alley, jewelry shop, and large shopping mall. After the effect was not good, he used three moves and successfully counterattacked. Even if these three moves are now nuclear weapons.
    First, create his own core competitiveness.
    Video Ma Chongren is a well -known jewelry and jade expert in the industry. It is called "Emerald King". He has the most powerful endorsement of the emerald shop. Promoting his fame and more effort.
    Secondly, aiming at the "lowest price" and vigorously marketing.
    Shen Dongjun has seen the huge profits of the jade industry. On the other hand, the psychic jewelry must "reduce the price to the end", on the other hand, it promises to return the goods for ten and seven days.
    relying on these two points, Shen Dongjun caused a large earthquake on the jewelry street. Relying on the god -level public relations, on the peak.
    because of grabbing someone else's rice bowl, Shen Dongjun's counter was not only posted with a note: "Roll out the jewelry street", there are various threats.
    horses Jun wanted to call the police, but Shen Dongjun stopped it. He not only did not call the police, but also found the media to spread. At all, the shop's reputation rose and turned danger. In order to avoid revenge, they decisively switched. In 1999, Shen Dongjun and Ma Jun established Jiangsu Tongling Jewelry Co., Ltd. in the form of 50%of the shares, which mainly engaged in diamonds.
    The year of opening, people scrambled to line up to buy diamonds. Come to Nanjing to scan the goods in cash, and the drawers are full of cash when the checkout.
    Jobs in the jewelry industry, the favorite and the people to dry
    So happy.
    It at the time of the equity distribution at that time, although the Ma family supported Shen Dongjun's entrepreneurial, the real purpose was to help the eldest son Ma Jun, the company was more like the family business of the Ma family.
    So so so For a long time, Shen Dongjun has been trying to tear off the label of the deeds.
    How can I tear off the label of the deeds?
    The method of Shen Dongjun is to keep a new label to himself.
    1. Change the explosive master of the jewelry industry
    The phrase "Diamond is long and long, a forever spread" has made women all over the world crazy. It was Dobels as a "godfather", and made three explosive products by creating the concept and changed the jewelry industry.
    2001, Shen Dongjun mentioned The concept of "psychic jewelry -Belgian high -quality cutting diamonds" is bundled with psychic jewelry with Belgium, adding a BUFF with "cutting good = quality" to the diamond.
    The Belgium -cutting of Ling Jewelry, transforming 57 traditional diamond surfaces into 87 cutting surfaces, and defining diamond fire.
    I even the "diamond fire color" is still a hard condition for girls to choose diamonds.
    An tasted the sweetness, Shen Dongjun began to open crazy in marketing, and the explosive products were frequent.
    In order to make the psychic more expensive, Shen Dongjun found Digma, the director of marketing arts in the Berlin Film Festival, and smashed the heavy money to become the official partner of the Berlin Film Festival, creating a "blue flame" series for red carpet stars.
    The "blue flame" quickly became a explosion. International superstars such as Uma Suman, Andy McDower, Zhang Ziyi, etc. were loyal users, and sales increased directly by 30%.
    In 2013, Shen Dongjun aimed at the "royal family", using the concept of "royal family cherishes, for the next generation of treasures", telling the love story of Queen Matteld, Belgium.
    The tears touched by the little girl, the psychic jewelry launched the two series of products of the "Royal Museum" and "Queen", which hollowed out the men's wallet.
    In 2015, the Belgian royal family awarded Shen Dongjun the "Leo Pood Officer -level King's Medal", so that the psychic jewelry and royal nobles were completely tied to death.
    In these three explosive diamonds, the Shen Dong army became "Jobs in the jewelry industry".
    2. The overbearing president of the Dream Performing Arts Circle
    is different from the domineering president of the Huang Jiaozhu.
    The handsome and golden Shen Dongjun, aimed at the entertainment industry, went to battle in person, while doing brand propaganda for the company, while dreaming of the performing arts circle.
    In 2013, Shen Dongjun participated in the workplace reality show "You You Are You". As one of the most active bosses in the BOSS group, Shen Dongjun with a sharp speech and the pricing of a local tyrant with an annual salary of 300,000 colleges became at that time. One of the popular topics.
    In "You You", Shen Dongjun and the bosses grabbed talents at a high salary, and donated 140,000 to the villagers to build a breeding wild boar base in "The Boss Transformation".
    During the two years, Shen Dongjun participated in seven variety shows, along the way along the Battlefield, and fighting on the front line of brand propaganda and current affairs comments.
    In 2015, Pingling Jewelry spent 5.66 million yuan in "Clarks Lovers", only for the name of the jewelry company and shooting venue in the play. After
    , Shen Dongjun established the diamond film industry and invested tens of millions of filming of "Emerald Lovers", "August Weiyang" and "Return to the World" and other film and television dramas. Shen Dongjun also guest appearances.
    It with the ability of the banknote, Shen Dongjun became the idol boss on the screen.
    but Shen Dongjun completely teared off the label of the "Resessive", or after divorcing his wife.
    The successful ambitionist, the failed entrepreneur
    CEO marketing is a double -edged sword. After shaping the perfection, it is more likely to be dragged into the quagmire.
    In on the stage of "You You Are You", because of the love story of the player, Shen Dongjun once burst into tears, and the person of his wife's president was also deeply rooted in people's hearts.
    But with the removal of the horse in 2019, it also broke the news that there were many lace news in Shen Dongjun. In addition, the internal fighting that followed made Shen Dongjun completely become a lone wolf in the mall.
    It Shen Dongjun's dilemma today is because of being a deed?
    Obviously not. After getting rid of the label of "Resessing", Shen Dongjun began to go downhill.
    The big reason behind Shen Dongjun's defeat today is that he is too narcissistic.
    In "You You", when Shen Dongjun appeared as a business idol, the host introduced him: he likes to be chant, likes to be praised.
    This words, showing that Shen Dongjun has always been a narcissistic person.
    It in Zhihu, some employees spit out. Shen Dongjun launched the Shendong Army Six questions. The employees spent 40% of the time in this corporate culture. They memorized their feelings every day, and they had to take the exam. The employees were miserable.
    The Shen Dongjun was still in his own home and opened a school like an ancient private school- "Dongshitang".
    "Dongcangtang" selects 20 students in each period, last class every two months, two days, two days, from Newton to Darwin, and then to Yin and Yang.
    The netizens vomited, he positioned himself not the boss, but the existence of God.
    The narcissism of Shen Dongjun is also manifested in his absolute right to speak in the company.
    "Return to the World for You" by Shen Dong's body and chief producer, producer, and actor, was talked about "this is a urban drama where dog blood and showing wealth are flying together." The Douban score is only 3.5 points. Essence
    Faced with criticism, Shen Dongjun said: This is the image that deliberately shaped.
    In 2017, Shen Dongjun was determined to acquire the Belgian century -old jewelry brand Leysen for the "noble blood", and gave up the original brand name and renamed Lai Shen Ping Ling.
    It at that time, the Ma family and the executive team unanimously opposed it. Shen Dongjun argued that the biggest flaw of the psychic jewelry was the "bloodline" incorrect. The "noble blood" of Leysen was grafted, and the short board was added.
    In this blood theory, what is the theory of blood?
    Inside, the company's vice president, chairman of the board of supervisors, CFO and other executives resigned one after another.
    In abroad, in the first half of 2019, Lai Shen Tongling closed a total of 100 stores in the country, evaporating more than 7 billion yuan a year.
    The executives of Ling Ling have complained, "What do you do, you can't meet his requirements."
    The Shen Dongjun is narcissistic to the extreme, but he can't hold sand in his eyes.
    The ex -wife Shen Dongjun once said that he had a heavy retaliation and many veterans who left the company, and he cleared all of them.
    When their husband and wife tear and fight each other, they directly brought the big sister -in -law to the court;
    Shen Dongjun sent more than ten Weibo in a row to report the real name of the Ma Jun and his wife to occupy the company's property; After the court's decision to divorce, the Nanjing Court also publicized.
    Under his narcissistic management, since 2017, Lai Shen's performance has gradually declined. After the internal fighting in 2018, he fell to the bottom.
    The Shen Dongjun is a successful ambitionist and a successful entrepreneur. However, as a manager, when you are narcissistic to let employees sang themselves, the ending is destined when the opponent cannot be allowed.
    In the "V whus" program, Shen Dongjun said: If you want to change his life with the eldest company, he must change his life. Lai Shen Tongling is a life for Shen Dongjun.
    The Shen Dongjun, who lost half of his life, wanted to come back to Dongshan, and the sword brother said:
    The employees can worship the boss, the boss can be narcissistic, but the mall only believes in strength.
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