Why are more and more people choosing solar street lights?

You may have noticed that when you park in a residential area, in a work park, on your way to work, or at the curb of a supermarket, more and more street lights carry a solar panel -- solar street lights are slowly becoming more and more popular.

What are the advantages of installing street lamps with solar panels? It's pretty obvious, so let's list them all.

1. Solar public lighting is more cost effective than grid-connected lighting.​

There is no doubt that the need for better and more extensive public lighting in our lives is something we all aspire to. However, simply using traditional street lights to improve the living standards and safety of users comes at a cost, which is a huge cost to both local government and private enterprises.

2. Street lights with solar panels can be installed quickly.​

If you use traditional street lamps, you have to bury electric wires and iec 62930 solar cable in the ground, which has certain safety risks. Solar-powered street lights are ideal for remote, hard-to-reach and flood-prone areas, enabling people to travel and work safely. At the same time, if solar street lamps are selected in outdoor public lighting areas, they can generate electricity independently through the solar panels above, without the need to connect to the grid.

ff4d66507bae94b7f4ebe9b2039b70a13. Reduce carbon footprint, green environmental protection

Using street lamps with solar panels to generate electricity reduces environmental pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Solar street lamps convert solar energy into electricity by generating electricity from solar panels.

4. Light up 365 nights a year

You know what? One of the reasons for choosing our solar lighting is its timeless reliability. With its smart energy management system and built-in outage protection, it provides year-round lighting performance without the risk of power outages. It is optimally designed to capture and store the sun's energy during the day and then provide lighting when needed after the sun has set. This ensures that there is always enough energy to power the lighting fixtures.

5. Long service life

The surface material of the solar panel on the general solar street lamp is mostly glass, and the service life is about 20-25 years.

For street lamps with solar panels have more advantages than traditional street lamps. Maybe the only drawback, easily affected by the weather, but there is a solution, wet weather. If your area is more, you can choose to power the larger solar panels, with a built-in battery that can be full of, stay for a few days working conditions.

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