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  1. First of all, a total of five sets of RMB have been issued from the founding to now. Even the latest issuance of 19 years is actually a version of the fifth set of RMB. Because the layout has not changed, it cannot be called the sixth set. Therefore Five sets of RMB.

    The expansion information

    The currency issuance should follow this calculation formula:
    m: the amount of currency (currency volume) required in circulation
    p: Commodity of goods Average price
    q: Number of goods
    v: Monetary circulation speed (calculated at the number of currency turnover)
    According to the usual monetism explanation, when the actual currency volume is greater than the required amount of currency, it will be As a result, the currency depreciates and inflation is formed. Conversely, it will lead to deflation.
    usually only uses the only currency in each country and is issued and controlled by the central bank. However, there are exceptions, that is, multiple countries can use the same currency. For example, the euro universal in EU countries, the francs in West Africa's economic community, and the Latin currency alliance in the 19th century. Equal money. A country can choose the currency of other countries as the legal circulation currency, for example, Panama chose US dollars as a legal currency. Currency in different countries may also use the same names, such as before using the euro in France and Belgium, they and Switzerland's currencies are called Fran.
    The currencies in some countries have no auxiliary currency, or although there are auxiliary currencies, but because the currency value is too small, it is only theoretical converter unit without issuing actual currencies, such as yen and won.
    The currency classification standards
    Methods 1
    This is classified by issuers, which can be divided into public money (legal currency), private currency and regional currency (community currency). Public money is generally issued by the government. When it exists, it is generally dominant. Private money and regional currency are issued by non -governmental agencies.
    classified by material capital. In different historical periods, people use different items as currencies. It can be divided into shells, beads, sticks, metal currencies (see commercial currencies), banknotes and digital currencies. In terms of nature, it can be divided into real currency and virtual currency.
    Methods 2
    The object of objects
    definition: itself is valuable (currency value ≠ commodity value); use time: ancient times; disadvantages: time -consuming process, not easy to reach transactions, no guarantee, not easy to carry, not easy to carry Essence
    Chat currency
    definition: itself has value (currency value = commodity value); disadvantages: heavy, fragile, no guarantee, and difficult to carry.
    The legal currency (mandatory currency)
    definition: compulsory regulations (no one must refuse) its value (currency value> commodity value).
    Plastic currency
    definition: It does not belong to any currency, only as a tool for delayed payment.

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