1 thought on “When will Jianwang three pinch face half prices come out?”

  1. Jianwang three squeeze faces half price on January 1st, or double twelve will have activities. On January 1st, only 50 % off, three times points and 10 % off hairstyle will be reopened on January 1st. A series of rare fireworks Limited to the shelves for a limited time, you can't miss it by passing by.
    In at the same time, in order to facilitate the warriors to prepare for New Year's Day, I especially recommend a beautiful face collection of loving players, Mith, who is trapped in black -handed hell. The address of the network disk is as follows.
    Sword net three -pinnic face system gameplay
    Jianwang 3 is a game that can be pinched freely, and the face freedom is higher. The current version of the choice of face pinch items include eye, nose, lips, cheeks and other parts, and each part has several specific angles and numerical choices.
    In addition to the face shape, Jianwang 3 also provides hundreds of skin quality, makeup, and flower decoration for different knights.
    During the double twelve activities, the mall pinch the face half price. Don't miss it.

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