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  1. Hello, the agricultural drone is quite widely received. It is a drone aircraft used for the protection of agricultural and forestry and plant. , Through ground remote control or GPS flight control to achieve spraying agents, seeds, powder, etc. The rural areas mainly use the manual carrying sprayer to undertake the task of preventing diseases and insect pests. On average, one person can only spray 15 acres to 20 acres a day. If the plant protection drone is used, the spray efficiency can be significantly improved. Depending on the model of drones, tens of acres to hundreds of acres can be sprayed per hour, far exceeding the efficiency. Compared with artificial spraying, the plant protection drone is sprayed evenly, and almost every crop can be sprayed into the potion. The downward air flow generated by the rotor helps increase the penetration of the fog flow to the crops and the prevention and treatment effect is better. At the same time, the plant protection drone adopts a long -distance remote control operation. Spraying operators can avoid direct contact with pesticides, which is conducive to enhancing the safety of spraying operations. Every year, accidents caused by improper spraying pesticides, and the use of plant protection drones can effectively avoid such conditions. In addition, the plant protection drone adopts spray spraying method, which can save at least 50%of pesticide use and 90%of the water consumption, which greatly reduces the cost of resource. The many advantages of plant protection drones have allowed it to have a broad market prospect and great development potential. The power source of the plant protection drone is divided into electric power and oil power: the electric power relies on lithium batteries, with insufficient stability, lack of convenience and practicality; Due to the unfamiliar technology, the drone was out of control and falling during the demonstration process. Most electric power unmanned plant protection machines actually have less than 10 kg of drugs, and each time cannot be sprayed 20 acres. As far as the current situation, it is difficult to increase the weight of the electric power unmanned plant protection machine; Increased load capacity is relatively simple, but to ensure a higher level of control, you can ensure that 30 to 50 acres are sprayed in each time. The price of domestic plant protection drones is generally between 200 and 300,000 yuan. Even if three people are needed to operate, the actual control area of ​​the day is about 200 acres. It can bring a number of benefits such as cheap, efficient, and safety to farmers. Obviously, the drone spraying pesticides has three other ways that cannot compare the price advantage. Although the spraying efficiency cannot be compared with someone helicopter, the plant protection drone does not require airports or take -off and landing points. It requires low requirements for operating weather and has stronger flexibility and greater operating window than someone helicopters. Jinying 1000 eight -axis aerospace test drone, Jinying 1600 large load rotor flight platform for drone helicopters for agricultural and forestry and plant protection operations, contain a full set of fuselage and free training, the price is about 190,000 to 38 to 38 About 10,000, the modified aircraft has three parts: a flight platform (fixed wing, monocular rotor, multi -rotor), GPS flight control, and spraying mechanism. Through ground remote control or GPS flight control, spraying operations can be sprayed. Wait. Satisfied.

  2. Henan Xiangyun Plant Protection Co., Ltd., a remote control multi -rotor plant protection machine, enjoyed the central funds in Henan Province and the provincial supplementary funds.
    free training for purchase.
    The lithium battery driver, different from general oil engine power, easy to maintain replacement, normal operations recover costs for one year.

  3. Most of the agricultural drone audiences are agricultural -related people. A machine is suitable for a large number of farmland farmland for tens of acres to thousands of acres.

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