How to get the customer information resources of the beauty salon and the daily chemical store

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  1. I. Background analysis: Every holiday is coming, beauty salons also ushered in the best time to promote. Each beauty salon will not lose a good sales opportunity. Each of the major beauty salons shows their ability and want to divide one piece of cake. However, today's beauty salon promotional methods are increasingly similar. How to do beauty salon activities? 2. Core theme of activity: Beauty is not born, beauty needs action; beauty is not empty words, beauty needs to be witnessed. Third, the purpose and significance: reshape the image of the beauty industry through promotional activities, expand the influence and reputation of merchants, and improve the external image of beauty salons. In the event, the merchants have made their products be publicized, the potential consumer groups are obtained, and their popularity is expanded. Participation and fun are unified to show a beautiful life. Learn beauty skills and common sense, and a clear understanding and understanding of the beauty you need. Let us have a higher level of understanding of beauty, and sublimate the beauty of emotion to a certain height rational beauty. Beauty is not limited to the beauty of the outside, but pays more attention to the beauty of the soul. Eliminate the beauty misunderstanding, and turn from people to people to treat themselves well. Advocating an elegant life makes Shang beauty salons a fashion and improve the taste of women's lives. Promote new service projects and increase sales. Fourth, activity time: Start planning a month in advance. Fifth, service scope: service objects are women over 16 years old. 6. The combination of advertising strategy brand construction and marketing is equal. Integrate various resources to form a force of integration. The brand building and the market want to echo, forming a powerful system project. We must put targeted advertisements to prevent scattered strength. The content of the advertisement should be "differentiated", that is, the beauty salon is professional in a certain field, and it must be separated from other beauty salons. Advertising style must be atmospheric without lack of romance, and it is shocking. Seven, media selection newspaper soft text, hard advertising and television promotional videos outdoor advertisements (including outdoor billboards, light boxes, temporary outdoor advertising) Beauty Salon Postering Community Promotion Network 8. Promotion Plan Brand Construction Newspaper Advertising Advertising signs, and bus stop advertisements. Outdoor advertising can quickly establish the brand image of beauty salons. Beauty salon post: A image poster advertisement in front of the beauty salon, such as arch bridges, flower columns. Elevator advertisement: The office workers in the office building of high -end business buildings generally belong to the middle and high -end income class. Elevator advertisements are made in the elevator of the building (strive to text simple, exquisite workmanship, and impact on the picture. , And can leave a deep impression for a long time) industry publication advertisements: such as beauty magazines. Using online promotion, websites, forums, emails .......... market promotion activities must be synchronized with brand image construction. The primary target group of marketing activities is the majority of women, who are over 16 years old, and can make all citizens in Shenyang know that they are cosmetic and go to Xueya. 9. In the formulation of the 11th activity plan of the activity method, discounts, discounts, special offers, gift promotions, membership promotion, free trial and other promotional methods have become increasingly popular. For the eleven promotion of beauty salons, it is essential to choose a promotion method that is suitable for your beauty salon. There are roughly three categories of beauty salons: one price discount and discount. This method is usually reflected in the member -based beauty salon. Many beauty salons implement the price discount through the integral system. The second is gifts and gifts. This kind of gift is often linked with holiday promotion. For example, during the 11th National Day, many beauty salons will give some small gifts. The third is the theme promotion. Some high -end beauty salons will hold some salons, and some beauty courses. This promotion is generally more suitable for a larger beauty salon. So how can beauty salons choose the promotion method? The following is a variety of promotional methods collected. Now the 11th Activities of Beauty Institute are for the operators for reference only: Beauty Salon Event: Consumption Points Gifts Promotion Consumer Points A way of beauty salon to give back to the old customers allows old customers to get some gifts presented by the beauty salon after consumption, to promote customers to continue consumption and bring customers a spiritual comfort. Application method: Beauty salons set a certain point first, and consumer customers who reach a certain amount to get a certain amount of points, you can get products, gifts, treatments, etc. presented by the beauty salon, and can also participate in other preferential activities. Special reminder: The amount is not necessarily too high, it can be used as a small return or a large return point. Turning on the occasion: All kinds of beauty salons are applicable. Eleven Activities of Beauty Salon: After a prize promotion, after the customer purchases a certain product or a certain price product, the beauty salon can use a promotional means to motivate customers to consume. Use method: Beauty salons can give some small gifts such as: eyebrow pencils, silk scarves, crafts, etc. for customers; you can also conduct prize promotions, such as setting a certain period of time in the store, guests each time after consumption The subsequent amount inspires consumption through the form of award. Special reminder: The difficulty of this promotion method is how to choose a prize with both attractive and cost -effective. Turning on the occasion: All kinds of beauty salons are applicable. Beauty Salon Eleven Activities: Member Promotion Member System Promotion is a consumer group that attracts and cultivate loyalty in the form of a club, and gradually establish a customer database, thereby bringing a long -term and stable marketing model to the beauty salon. How to use: There are two forms of membership system: one is a sales member card. After paying a number of membership fees for customers, they can become a long -term member of the beauty salon and fully enjoy various membership discounts and services; the other is to give membership cards, customers, customers After the consumption reaches a certain amount within a certain period, you can be given to the member card and obtain a member qualification. Scenes: Member cards are generally suitable for beauty salons with certain operating forces and scale. They are generally suitable for large and medium -sized brand chain franchise stores, beauty living halls, beauty concept stores or flagship stores. The 11th Activity of the Beauty Salon: "Mobile SMS" warm promotion "SMS" is now hot, from a kind of interpersonal communication tools to rapidly soaring to marketing. The characteristics of low cost and simple execution. In the current business activities, SMS is widely used in contact with customers, reservation, and sending promotion information. It is understood that people still recognize SMS promotion, especially when they see very formal texts that can bring themselves discounts, and have affinity about promotional activities, it feels natural. In addition, SMS promotions have few words and few merchants. The so -called "things are rare", so they have a deep memory of the content of promotional activities. Application method: The beauty salon itself wrote the promotion information into SMS content and sent it to the old customers through SMS. Of course, don't forget the blessings of the National Day Festival. Special reminder: The content of the SMS must be grasped, simple and clear, and the focus is on. Turning on the occasion: All kinds of beauty salons are applicable. Beauty Salon Eleven Activity: Curve Promotion "Promotion Set" promotion method is usually launched by chain beauty institutions. The main store first integrates the "promotion set", which usually includes the basic care necessary products such as cleansing milk, massage cream, mask, toner, and cream. The single product specifications are generally about 100 grams, and the whole price is relatively cheap. Then the main store sent a large number of marketers to other chain networks to publicize the potential customers who have not used the brand by contacting companies such as companies with more employees, including companies and brands, products and technical services, promoting the selling point, and selling points. Local franchise stores, etc. Because promotion kits are generally cheaper than daily chemical lines, and they can also enjoy professional beauty services. This is actually a curve promotion method. The ultimate goal is of course to achieve successful attracting customers to improve sales performance. How to use: During the Eleventh National Day, many enterprise units will issue employee benefits to achieve cooperation with these companies. Whether it is a product or a service ticket, people now pay more and more attention. This method will be more new and more fashionable than issuing some people's biological supplies. Special reminder: Before contact, it is best to understand the age structure and gender of the employee of the company, and then formulate promotional content according to the actual situation. Metrones of the occasion: Beauty salons with certain operating forces and scale are generally suitable for large and medium -sized brand chain franchise stores, beauty living halls, beauty concept stores or flagship stores. Beauty Salon Eleven Activities: "Tap and Paper Bags" Promotion Beauty Print brand information on napkins and paper bags. This method is generally adopted by many industries, especially catering industry, which is not fresh. However, if the promotional activities are printed above and replacing the traditional publicity cards often issued by beauty salons, this is very effective. Napkin and paper bags are simple, low in cost, and not as complicated as expected, even small and medium -sized beauty salons can operate. According to some beauty salons that have adopted this promotion method, the "napkin paper bag" publicity card return rate is very good. Use method: The main job is to contact the printing company's printing company. As for the printing content, you can formulate it according to the needs of your beauty salon. Special reminder: The choice of paper cannot be casual, which is in line with the positioning of its own beauty salon. Turning on the occasion: All kinds of beauty salons are applicable. The purpose of the beauty salon promotion is to increase the turnover. Therefore, for beauty salons, as long as it is a means to promote turnover, it is a good promotional method. Therefore, the promotion is not limited to a certain form, and beauty salons can also be carried out by a combination of promotion. For example, some beauty salons usually have gifts to give gifts while performing discounts, and they will hold related theme activities. As a good opportunity for the beauty salon promotion, the 11th National Day is a good opportunity for beauty salons. If you want to do a good job of promotions of the 11th event, beauty salons must determine the appropriate gift and service according to your actual situation. Consumers choose the beauty salon project is targeted, so the beauty projects given should also be targeted, otherwise, the promotion will lose meaning. X. Budget (slightly) 11. Precautions before the overall activity: 1. Inside the store: product display desk, small steam ball, promotion plan post, beauty card, hanging flag and customer file card. 2. Outside of the store (banner, big steam ball, exhibition sign, Yilabao) 3. Promotional plan, preferential policy 4. Product training: Leader responsible for training 5. Personal matching: arrange cashier, storage management, storage management Delivery 6. Invitation letter sending: number, fixed area, fixed person, quantitative (can be appropriately reward) 7. Mental adjustment: Beauty salon holds a pre -event meeting, requests, familiar with the entire meeting process 12. Attention in the overall activity, attention in the overall activities Matters: 1. How to arrange (division of labor of participants) 2. Beauty divisions (refer to the management regulations of beauty salons) 3. Requirements: do their duties, obey arrangements, responsibilities to people 4. Entering the state, cooperation of personnel thirteen, overall overall, overall, as a whole Precautions in the activity: Summarize the activities and praise advanced individuals. source:

  2. Five ways of obtaining cosmetic and daily chemical store customer information resources
    : Use industry data processing software
    1. Analysis of the industry you are engaged in, analysis of keywords in related industries

    2 . Analyze the customer's consumption behavior and customer needs,

    : You can find a foreign industry partner to buy

    1. The resources that are accepted are the non -intention swept by others

    2. However, there will be an excessive period. Perhaps there are resources to retain

    : Find this kind of channel information drainage personnel

    1. This kind of flow information, high investment, low return, not suitable for small companies startups

    : Find the

    1. There are many resource scammers, indeed true and false, you can find the right talent

  3. Beauty salons 1. Macochies above 100 square meters 2. Luxury decoration 3. It is particularly difficult to accept customers. 4. Continuous sales to make customers particularly dislike 5. No experienced investment losses reached 90 % or more 6. Publicity intensity Small is usually issued by the issuance leaflet.
    The daily chemical store 1. Low price, customer but heartlessness 2. If it is not well-known and daily sales, it is difficult to sell. The daily chemical profit space is particularly low.
    Mi Beauty Drifting Fashion Life Hall 1. A moderate area of ​​60-80 level 2. Product diversified theater experience and daily makeup and health series products. 3. Provide free services for members, such as coffee, Qingqing Maintenance is a good place for members and friends. 4. The publicity of the head office is largely promoted in major TVs and magazines (star effects)

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