5 thoughts on “What is the real economy? What are the main industries?”

  1. The real economy is an economic structure of excessive dependence on offline drainage and pioneering marketing. It mainly includes the service industry, medical industry, and manufacturing. The author believes that the inherent characteristics of these industries can be analyzed mainly from the following three aspects.
    . The service industry
    For the service industry, more often is an industry economic structure with service nature. In the field of catering, personal physiotherapy maintenance, etc., one of these industries has a common service to provide consumers with specific services, and then use its own service level to win the recognition of customers, and gradually form word of mouth, and then form a one online to form a one online. Stable economic drainage channels are a typical economic category in the real economy.
    . The medical industry
    For the composition of the real economy, there is also a relatively special real economic system, that is, the medical service industry. These medical services industries mainly use the online expansion channels. And online drainage channels to accurately drain and expand customers for their own medical institutions, and offline medical stores perform specific diagnosis and treatment of patients, and then provide reasonable charges during treatment. At a level of technology, the level of technical level is the key to their long -term survival, and at the same time, it is also the source of the reputation.
    . Manufacturing
    For the manufacturing industry, in many cases, it involves the lifeblood of the national economy. The manufacturing industry depends more on offline manufacturing and production. Although the design can be returned to the Internet on the Internet, many partners cooperate, but the manufactured goods mainly rely on the offline economic and industrial structure. Such economic systems often need many. Partners come to support each other because many links are completed in collaboration.
    If attention: For the real economy, there is an inner value in many times, and it cannot be completely replaced by the online economy. It is a complementary relationship between each other. The real economy can support online online After all, the economic development must be based on the real economy.

  2. Mainly selling things to sell things, trading some things face to face in life. Including the clothing industry, the catering industry, the jewelry industry, the food industry, the beauty and beauty industry, etc., there are many industries.

  3. The real economy is also a real commodity or service industry. The real economy industry includes retail, department stores, real estate, finance, manufacturing, industry, warehousing, etc.

  4. The real economy is omnipresent. It refers to the use of state -owned large and medium -sized enterprises to adjust the enterprise non -main assets, reorganized restructuring, and the main separation of enterprises, idle assets and policies to close the valid assets of bankruptcy enterprises, independent accounting of property rights, clarify property rights clarifying property rights The main body is diversified, diverting resettlement enterprises, and enterprises that close the employees of bankruptcy enterprises. It mainly includes mechanical manufacturing, textile processing, construction installation, petrochemical smelting, breeding and excavation, transportation, etc.

  5. It refers to the economic system created by people through ideas, including many economic activities. The package mainly includes the education industry, the catering industry, the entertainment industry, the medical industry, the physiotherapy industry, the chemistry industry, the aviation industry, and so on.

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