5 thoughts on “The transformer tester or the inspector's good salary and future.”

  1. Good experiment! Tests include high -content work such as debugging and testing. There are many experiences to learn. The inspector is only usually conducting inspection and maintenance of the running transformer or factory inspection of the transformer. In contrast, the former has a lot of future learning! Our company has a debug team for experiments!

  2. The inspectors are inspected and manufactured process inspection, the tester's oil split test and transformer performance test;
    The manufacturing process inspectors are generally a master with many years of work experience to serve, and the responsibility is relatively large.
    The test staff is not a complete technical personnel. At first, they generally follow the work of the master to work. According to the test scheme wiring, pressurizing, counting; for a long time, they can be exposed to the production of the test solution.
    Swars and futures are generally better than testing, but the inspection school pair is relatively leisurely (but not guaranteed). It is not as tired as a trial person, but the experimental you have experienced. When making a test plan, you can make another high.

  3. At present, the domestic transformer industry is off -season and your work limitations are still relatively large after you do transformer testers. If you want to switch career, you can choose a transformer tester who has been doing for 5 years.

  4. They are almost the same, depending on their professionalism and level. The technical level will be linked to wages. Let's understand first, then talk about salary.

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