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  1. The communication of home and school has always been the top priority in education. Common home -school communication methods include opening parent meetings, telephone home visits and WeChat or QQ groups. Through these home -school communication methods, teachers and parents can communicate with each other. , Master the child's situation. In recent years, the communication methods of the parent group's home and school are very popular. So how do teachers introduce new parent groups? Here I have collected the self -introduction model of some teachers' new parent groups. You can refer to it.

    1. Ask parents: Parents, hello! I am the teacher of XXX class;
    2. Brief introduction to myself: This semester I will be responsible for the teaching work of our class XX department. I have been working in the teacher's work.
    3. Telling the willingness of teaching: For the children's learning and healthy growth, I hope to actively communicate with parents, and I hope that parents can understand and support our class work; For more love and responsibility, give full play to my professional level to teach the students in our class.
    Template two
    1. Geldling first: Hello everyone! I am the XXX class (XX department) teacher, xxx;
    2. Explanation of teaching will: hope to actively communicate with parents in the next day to help our class students grow, and also hope that parents also hope that parents We understand and cooperate with my work.
    3. Remind parents: If parents encounter the teaching problems of the XX family, you can contact me to communicate, thank you! Essence
    Template three
    1. Simply greeting: Hello parents! I am the new teacher of XX Class, XXX;
    2. Introduction to teaching work: This semester I mainly serve as the teacher of our class XX department. I will accompany the children with the children's healthy learning and growth with Teacher XX!
    3. Telling the willingness of teaching: This semester I will do my best to give my children the right guidance. At the same time, I also hope that everyone will actively give me opinions. I have confidence in working together and growing together.

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