1 thought on “What are the occupational hazards of working in glass factories?”

  1. The glass deep processing industry is a high -risk industry. As far as the production of mezzanine and tempered glass is concerned, environmental factors and sources of danger are from these aspects.
    (1) During the transportation process, the original glass film must strictly abide by the operating procedures to prevent people from being disabled or even death. The qualifications of fork and driving operators must be confirmed.
    (2) During the tempered process of glass, due to the impact of the noise of the steel furnace, the hearing of the main tense main operator decreases. As a corporate manager, we should adopt corresponding preventive measures, such as protective earbuds.
    (3) Because the glass is a fragile product, the tempered glass also easily causes self -explosion. All operators in the factory should wear protective glasses and protective shoes.
    (4) The high -pressure kettle is in front of the kettle, and no one in the kettle should be ensured.
    (5) After the glass grinding process, clean water contains a large amount of glass debris, and the wastewater should be processed accordingly before leaving the factory.
    (6) The production area in the workshop shall be identified or colorful according to the production process. For example, the visiting road adopts yellow and the production area is yellow to avoid visitors to enter the operating area and cause personal injury.

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