1 thought on “How to join the nearby WeChat group to join the nearby WeChat group and how to join”

  1. 1. Tools/ingredients: mobile phones, WeChat, field.

    2. You can join the WeChat group to a nearby mall or nearby merchants.

    3. You can search for [nearby group query small assistant] to find the QR code of WeChat group near you.

    4. Add the nearby QQ group, and then let the owner pull you into the WeChat group.

    5. Other methods

    (1) Find the initiator of the establishment of WeChat group and let him pull you into the group (if you know anyone in the group Yes)

    (2) You can also build a WeChat group by yourself, click the button in the upper right corner of WeChat, select to launch a chat in the drop -down list, and then check the friends who need to join the group, click on, click on You can build a group. (If you need to add a friend, you can get the QR code of the WeChat group, QQ, Weibo, friends circle, Douban, post bar, WeChat group sharing and other websites, which can be)

    (3) Through scanning The WeChat group issued by others to join the WeChat group, which requires some places to show WeChat groups, such as WeChat group sharing.

    (4) If you have joined a WeChat group, then you can let the members of the WeChat group pull you one. Of course, if you have two groups, you can shout in the group to change to change in the group. Group, let others pull you into the group, you can also pull others into the group.

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