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  1. IC: Integrated circuit abbreviation, integrated circuit is a micro -electronic device or component. Adopt a certain process to interconnect the crystal tube, diode, resistance, capacitance, and induction of the required circuit, make it on a small or small semiconductor chip or medium substrate together, and then pack it on a pipe tube Inside the shell, it becomes a miniature structure with the need for the circuit function.
    . The main work content of IC personnel is as follows:
    1. Use automatic test probe platform and other equipment to complete the wafer test operation;
    . Operation automatic testing, automatic sorting equipment for finished products for finished products for finished products Test operations;
    3. Tests of reliability;
    4. Writing test reports, analyzing the test results;
    5. Technical communication with departments such as chip design, chip manufacturing, chip packaging and other departments.
    . The main conditions for IC personnel to be engaged in IC personnel:
    1. Understand commonly used integrated circuit test equipment, tools and materials;
    . Professional basic knowledge with integrated circuit testing;
    3. Can understand the simple local test subroutine;
    4. Test solutions that can interpret the medium -scale digital circuit and digital mold hybrid circuit; Maintenance diagnosis and ability.

  2. The full name of IC is an integrated circuit, including design chips, WAFER and packaging tests, depending on which industry you are. However, the integrated circuit is designed with the highest technical content. Essence Essence

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