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  1. what is a jewelry and coin wholesaler It can be exchanged on the Pokcoin Exchange. Specific introduction:
    ① recharge virtual currency (PKC/BTC/LTC) to your POOKCHINA account

    ② Submit virtual currency (PKC/BTC/LTC) selling orders
    ③ system matching price, generating generate Transaction
    ④ RMB remit into your POOKCHINA exchange account
    ⑤ Extract RMB to your bank account

  2. miyuki jewelry wholesale Method/Step 1/10 Step by step reading the spring grafting of the persimmon tree should be exposed when the rootstock buds are sprouting, and the scion buds have not been sprouting or are about to sprout. The grafting surface of the persimmon tree at 15 ~ 30 ° C can produce more injured tissue, and the grafting at 20 ° C is the most suitable. 3/10 Summer buds should be carried out when the new shoot is close to the stop growing. 4/10 from late June to mid -July, the highest degree of grafting is the highest. New shoots that occur after late July will be easily frozen and cannot be safely overwinter. 5/10 block bud connection method: Cut a block -shaped buds with 1.8 ~ 2.5 cm long and 1 ~ 1.2 cm wide on the scion. 6/10 Cut the rootstock leather layer according to the bud length, cut the leather layer on the right side, remove the spikes and buds, so that the right incision is aligned with each other. 7/10 Cut the rootstock leather layer on the left side of the bud, wrap the bud and bind it with the left root cortex. 8/10 The leather branches are inserted: cut the rootstock about 10 cm from the ground, cut the cutter layer on one side of the section on one side. 9/10 The lower end of the scion with 2 ~ 3 buds with a scion with a length of about 2.5 to 3 cm is cut, and a short diagonal surface of about 0.6 cm in length is cut on the opposite side. 10/10 The long cutting of the scion is inserted into the rootstock's cortex facing the rootstock wood quality, and it can be tightly moisturized with plastic films.

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