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  1. Whether you are self -study or training, finding a job mainly depends on technical ability, related work experience, comprehensive strength and communication skills. But for self -study partners, I do n’t know what technologies need for companies, and do n’t know what technical levels need to be achieved to employment? Therefore, I am confused during the learning process. I may not get the requirements after learning for a long time, so it is difficult to find a job. The Snail Academy has compiled a latest web front -end learning route based on industry changes and corporate needs here. It is the technology required by enterprise recruitment. I hope it will be helpful to self -study partners.
    The first stage: Professional core foundation
    stage target:
    1. Skilled HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, response book layout, mobile terminal development.
    2. Skilled use of HTML CSS features to complete the page layout.
    4. Skilled application of CSS3 technology, animation and elastic box model design.
    5. Skilled to complete the design of the mobile page.
    6. Skilled use of knowledge learned to imitate any web website.
    The knowledge points:
    1, web front -end development environment, HTML commonly used labels, table unit elements, table layout, CSS style table, DIV CSS layout. Proficient in using HTML and CSS style attributes to complete the layout and beautification of the page, which can imitate the front -end page of any website.
    2, CSS3 selector, pseudo, transition, transformation, animation, font icon, elastic box model, response layout, mobile terminal. Proficient in using CSS3 to develop web pages, develop mobile terminals, and organize web development skills.
    3, pre -compiled CSS technology: LeSS, SASS basic knowledge, as well as the use of plug -in, Bootstrap source code analysis. Can be proficient in using LESS and SASS to complete project development, and in -depth understanding of Bootstrap.
    4, use HTML, CSS, LeSS, SASS and other technologies to complete the actual web project. Master the content of the first stage of HTML and CSS through the project, complete the PC page design and mobile page design.
    The second stage: web background technology
    stage target:
    1. Understand the development history of development, master the node environment construction and NPM use.
    2. Proficient in basic data types and concepts of variables.
    3. Skilled operators in the master.
    4. In -depth understanding of structural sentences and cycle sentences.
    5. Skilled use of arrays to complete various exercises.
    6. Familiar with the grammar of ES6, proficient in object -oriented programming.
    7.DOM and BOM practical practice and the learning of new features and protocols.
    The knowledge points:
    1, software development process, algorithm, variables, data types, divided sentences, cycle sentences, array and functions. Familiar with knowledge complete various exercises.
    2, object -oriented foundation, abnormal processing mechanism, common object API, JS compatibility, ES6 new features. Proficient in object -oriented development and important content in ES6.
    3, BOM operation and DOM operation. Proficient in using BOM's various objects and skilled operations of DOM.
    4, H5 related API, Canvas, AJAX, data simulation, Touch event, MockJS. Familiar with the knowledge learned to complete the development of the website project.
    The third stage: database and framework actual combat
    stage target:
    1. Comprehensive use of Web front -end technology for page layout and beautification.
    2. Comprehensive use of the web front -end development framework for web system development.
    3. Skilled to master the posts of MySQL and MongoDB databases.
    4. Skilled at the front -end frame technology such as Vue.js, Webpack, Elementui.
    5. Proficient in using Node.js to develop background applications.
    6. There is a deep understanding of the development process for RESTFul, Ajax, JSON, and master the basic skills of git.
    The knowledge points:
    1, database knowledge, paradigm, MySQL configuration, command, building library and tables, data addition, deletion, and check, MongoDB database. In -depth understanding of the general knowledge of the database management system and the use and management of the MSQL database, laid a solid foundation for the development of the Node.js background.
    2, module system, function, routing, global object, file system, request processing, web module, Express framework, MySQL database processing, file upload, etc. Proficient in using the Node.js operating environment and background development framework to complete the background development of the web system.
    3, components, life cycles, routing, components, front -end engineering, Webpack, Elementui framework. The basic use of the Vue.js framework has a clear understanding. It can use vue.js to complete the basic front -end development and skilled the vue.js framework to complete the web front -end development and component development. It has a deep understanding of the MVVM model.
    4, demand analysis, database design, background development, use Vue, Node to complete PC and mobile terminal development. At Node.js Vue.js Webpack MySQL Mongodb Git to achieve the complete function of the entire station project and release it.
    The fourth stage: mobile and WeChat actual combat
    stage target:
    1. Skilled to master the react.js framework, and use React.js to complete the development.
    2. Master the mobile terminal development principle and understand native development and mixed development.
    3. Proficient in using React-Native and Flutter frameworks to complete mobile development.
    4. Master WeChat Mini Program and understand the development of Alipay applets.
    5. Complete the development of large e -commerce projects.
    The knowledge points:
    1, react -oriented component programming, form data, component communication, monitoring, declaration cycle, route, Rex basic concept. Practice the use of React to complete the project development and master the asynchronous solution SAGA in Rex.
    2, react-native, development tools, views and rendering, API operations, Flutter environment construction, routing, ListView components, network requests, packaging. Practice the React-Native and Flutter frameworks, and use React-Native and Flutter to develop mobile projects.
    3, the basic introduction, development tools, views and rendering, API operations, Alipay applets' entry and API learning. Master the development of WeChat Mini Program to understand the Alipay Mini Program.
    4, the actual combat of large shopping websites, the entire project is separated from the front and rear end of the project; the entire project is divided into four parts: PC -end web pages, mobile APPs, applet, background management. Team collaborate development and use GIT to control the version. Three.js can be expanded during the period.

  2. A few days ago, someone in the web front -end job search group sent a screenshot of recruitment:
    web front -end development has become one of the most competitive positions
    The WEB front -end boom has not declined, and there is still a tendency to grow.
    First of all, the front end of the web is to write code to achieve various functional needs. Developers need strong logical thinking. This requirement is not available for many people who want to learn. Different, there are great differences in the logic of thinking habits and thinking, so if you want to study yourself, you need to consider this first.
    No matter what new skills you learn, self -learning ability is an important factor in determining the effect of learning, not to mention the knowledge and skills of the IT industry have changed daily changes every day. People who have engaged in the development of the web front -end development are indispensable for self -learning ability. Only by continuously keeping the development of the industry and the needs of enterprises can we have stronger competitiveness in the workplace.
    WEB front -end post demand is large
    WEB front -end demand has not been saturated. Why is the competition still fierce? The reason is that the changes in the technical environment have led the enterprise to have higher requirements for the quality of the web front -end talent, so such a phenomenon may occur: 100 web front -end engineers are fighting for 10 positions, and 10 people in the enterprise are fancy. There are n offers.
    The phenomenon of "supporting death" in the market
    The high -quality Web front end will always be welcomed by the big company. Is there no job opportunity for front -end students with poor foundation? Let's follow Qianfeng Wuhan Web front -end training editor to see what kind of front -end engineer the company needs in 2018 with a fierce competition:
    The basic knowledge is solid, not just satisfied with the framework (depth and depth and and There must be a breadth)
    The engineering thinking with "solving problems", rather than mechanized stacking statements (engineer thinking is important)
    standardized code management habits, which can quickly integrate into the orderly team of large companies Collaboration (Cultivate good habits before entering the company)
    The in -depth understanding of the user experience and understanding the optimization of performance (the performance and performance must be good)
    The actual experience that keeps close to the times (instead of using it Over -out examples to beautify your resume) If you want to become an excellent web front -end engineer, it is very important to grow soil. Many people choose to learn themselves when entering the industry. The theoretical knowledge may be mastered, but there is no project experience. It is easy to get stuck in a problem during practice. In fact, if there is a great god with you, the problem will be easily solved.

  3. Is it easy to find a job before self -study?
    The front end of self -study, many people are not learning well, and they have not learned the stage of finding a job. Many students have given up during the learning stage. And we find a problem. Many students who have learned themselves, the level of development of the front end is very weak, the knowledge points are not solid, and they lack front -end thinking. There is no in -depth understanding and thinking about this aspect. There is a feeling of thinking. Even if self -study finds a job, because the level is not high, it is easy to cause the salary. There is a gap between the company and the professional in the company, and the promotion in the later period is not too easy.
    The six suggestions you must learn the front end.
    (1) Correct the foundation.
    It to become a front -end engineer with an annual salary of 30W, the foundation must be firmly grasped. Ask the basic knowledge, do n’t you know, would n’t be a joke. CSS, JS basic knowledge must be very skilled. Can you use CSS to achieve zebra stripe background and froster glass effect? Can the picture achieve the filter effect, can all the adaptive layout effect be achieved? Prototype, prototype chain, closure is a must -have knowledge for the design pattern. Do you really understand it? What is the reason for the closure causes the memory leak? Did you understand it? How many can you say about AJAX cross -domain solutions? Do you only tell me JSONP? Has the HTTP protocol have understood? How to achieve no static resources in the HTTP protocol?
    don't say that these problems are old. But what I want to tell you is that it is important to master the foundation of these old teeth. The upper -level technology can be changed quickly, the foundation changes very slowly.
    (2) The principle of deepening.
    angular, react, Vue framework and scaffolding, more and more front -end engineers float on the surface, and call the API of the framework to complete the task. To become an excellent front end, you must not be a simple "API call engineer", and you must master the principle knowledge behind the framework.
    Virtual Dom Diff algorithm, two -way binding principles, etc. behind the framework, etc., are worthy of our learning. The framework API can be updated quickly, and the principles behind them are similar. The principle of learning can allow us to understand more in the bottom of the framework, but also allow us to quickly grasp the constantly updated framework surface. Only the framework will never be the great god.
    (3) Focus on details.
    In at work, people who do things are often embarrassed. As front -end engineers, they are no exception. The understanding of "code can be used" is often a common problem for junior programmers. As an ideal engineer with ideal roads, we must strictly require their code and seek excellence.
    . For example, HTML must pay attention to semanticization to facilitate SEO optimization. It should be used u003Csection>, u003Chead>, u003Cfoot> With, the class name and attribute sorting are messy. It is recommended that you write a good code in accordance with the BEM specifications; the variables in JS are randomly naming are very common irregular behaviors. A non -intuitive variable name often makes colleagues look big.
    "The code is tens of millions of lines, and the first line of comments. The naming is irregular, and the colleagues tears." A popular poem, the blood and tears of how many programmers are full.
    (4) Ascend to the distance.
    has gone through the rapid development of the front end, which has already become a vast sea. If you study hard alone, it is undoubtedly very slow.
    If we go directly to study the great god, it will make us grow quickly. There are many excellent front -end projects on GitHub. Carefully read the code of these projects. In the Commit record, check the evolution of programming thoughts and logic. It is a face -to -face communication with the great god. It is a wonderful study journey.
    The online course is also very rich. There are many technical big cows' courses that let us vividly learn technology through video vividly. This is not a way to learn from great gods quickly.
    (5) Liangshu Yiyou.
    Although various documents and blog articles on the Internet are already rich, for students with lack of work experience and weak foundation, picking up books at will, it is also a good way to learn from time to time. Make up the foundation completely.
    (6) Follow the trend.
    The front -end technical system update is very fast. I want to try to try Vue as if it is still yesterday. I woke up today and saw You Yuxi announced that Vue3.0 was going to develop.
    This system in the front -end system is not new nouns, PWA, SSR, small programs are becoming more and more popular, and the trend of front -end microservices is also born. The more, the release of the ES10 standard has not been released for a few months. Therefore, the most important thing is to break through the current demand for positions, integrate all technologies, create new technical frameworks, do technology leaders, and adapt to the development of the times. The growth of the technical person can no longer be alone, learn to communicate with others, and learn to use the knowledge of others for themselves.
    PS: The front -end related video tutorial pokes here: web link
    If you can ask me at any time for those who do not understand the front end of the learning, I will provide you with a very good front -end communication. Fourth, the middle is 188, and the latter is 4931. If you have any questions, ask me, so that you can take a lot of detours and do it efficiently. Remember to communicate with experienced people, do not build cars behind closed doors.

  4. The threshold of the web front -end development is low and the prospects are good. Today, the front -end development of the web is the choice of many young people. After all, the rapid development of the Internet now has made this industry continue to be popular. This technology is developed, but there are not many talents in the current experience of wealth web front -end development engineers.
    The vacancy in related positions in the current web front-end and broad development prospects. The starting salary of the primary web front-end position is about 6K-10K. After technical growth and business proficiency, it can often reach 20K-30K. The salary of positions has risen. Especially in the north of the first -tier cities, the recruitment needs are special. Relatively speaking, it is easy to find a job. In general, first -tier cities need to be in urgent web front -end talents, and second -tier cities follow behind.
    Fhow is that there are many jobs in the Web front -end, there are many jobs, and there are many optional industries. The post can be selected as an app development engineer, a small game development engineer, a JS development engineer, full stack engineer, H5 development engineer, small program development development Engineers, web front -end engineers, web development engineers, etc., have basically been competent in the WEB front -end courses.

  5. The web front -end self -study is okay. Relative to the course of the course, the effect of curriculum learning is not so good, and it may take a long time. The web front -end has a good prospect now. If you can learn it, it is no problem to find a job.

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