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  1. labor cost. Because the production risk coefficient of aluminum veneer materials is large, the environment is harsh, the labor intensity is large, and the working time is long, so the requirements for labor force are relatively high, so the production of aluminum veneer needs to pay a higher employment cost! R! R! nThe production volume of aluminum is very technical, machinery, equipment and network resources, and generally improved in general conditions. However, once technically improved or discovered new aluminum ore, the production volume will be greatly improved, and then the production volume will be greatly improved. Then Affect supply and demand.

    2. Supply is another key factor affecting aluminum prices. In a different market environment, the company will use different measures to increase or reduce inventory The funds can be repaid for funds: government departments will also use storage to control the aluminum sales market during the difference stage.

  2. What is the reason for the price of aluminum profiles? The main factors for the rise in aluminum profile prices are the following four reasons:

    The factors one is: an unprecedented currency loose environment promotes this round of aluminum prices;

    Factors II Yes: The "ceiling" of the electrolytic aluminum production capacity eliminates the concerns of excess supply;

    The "dual carbon" goals have strengthened the expected expected price, energy consumption dual control, regional power limit to some areas The impact of production has greatly promoted the rise in prices;

    The factors: The economic recovery of the economy after the epidemic was controlled, which enhanced market confidence. Especially in the process of rising in the past two months, the market affected by electrolytic aluminum production has become the biggest speculation factor supporting aluminum prices.

  3. We all know that the price of goods is generally affected by market supply and demand, and the price of industrial aluminum profiles is not outside. The price of aluminum materials is generally composed of "aluminum ingot price processing costs logistics costs". Some manufacturers even charge "packaging fees mold loss". Often different manufacturers have different offers. The reasons for different manufacturers' quotations. In general, the large cause of fluctuations in aluminum profiles is related to the rise and fall of aluminum ingot prices.
    The aluminum profile is an aluminum rod, and then the section alloy profiles with hot -melt squeezing. The price of aluminum ingots as raw materials directly affects the price of aluminum profiles. The price of aluminum ingots can be checked from the authoritative website in the industry. It is updated at 12 noon every day, which is a real -time price, which can be used as a basis for reference.
    Is when the processing costs and logistics costs are unchanged or changing small, if the manufacturer's quotation gives you a sudden increase in quotes, at this time, it is generally due to the rise in the price of aluminum ingot. At this time you can carefully ask the current price of aluminum ingot futures.

  4. The price of raw materials rises. In fact, it is not only aluminum. Almost all metal raw materials are rising. The main thing is that it is affected by an environmental protection and electricity limit. Because of environmental protection restrictions, the output is limited to importing and exporting power. And these factors are combined, the price of natural history has been rising.

  5. First, the price of raw material rises

    If: The demand for economic recovery at home and abroad is increased

    three is: the impact of power limit policies in some regions on production capacity

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