It's about to go to Hefei No. 1 Middle School. Who is a senior to give me a brief evaluation of the school life of the first middle school. It must be objective and comprehensive

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  1. [Military Training]
    Pevant after the entrance examination comes out, the first thing you came to unity should be military training. Military training is hard, but it is also interesting to pay attention to:
    1. Due to military training issued by military training, it was issued by military training. The clothes are worn every day. If you want to wash the sweaty clothes every day, you must wash it and dry it, otherwise you will wear wet clothes for military training the next day.
    2. Each team has several seniors or sisters. They are carefully selected by the school. Naturally, they are excellent, so I can learn a lot with them.
    3. For self -recruiting classmates, most of the friends who are in military training will not be divided into the same class after a company, so cherish the military training time with them in just one week. It's easy to see.
    1. Regarding the problem of bathing, first of all, the school's bathhouse is open every Tuesday (open every day during military training) but there will be some unpleasant places to wash in the bathhouse (such as people too much Dorian's shield is not enough, such as sweating after washing), so it can be washed in the bedroom, but Building 1234 has an independent bathroom, and Building 567 does not. Most of them live according to experience, so most of the boys can choose a balcony or floor toilet in the bedroom.
    2. Each bedroom has air conditioners, but it is not opened for a long time.
    3. There are many bedroom mosquitoes on low floors. In the summer, the mosquito net is needed.
    4. Pay attention to the transparent glass door of the balcony, and often people hit it.
    5. The drawer is easy to break. Be careful not to pretend to be too heavy.
    6. The emergency lights and mobile phones are hidden. The school will check it regularly. If you are confiscated, you can only get it back after graduation.
    1. In the class, we have 2 digital specialty classes in this session (should be the science experimental class you said, but we re -examine before the start of school, and you seem to take the results directly to take the results and take the results directly. ) Two China -Australia English classes (the following two sessions seem to be gone) 10 self -recruitment classes 26 Hefei classes (later merged 2)
    2. Start training people for competitions. Remember, entering the mathematical specialty class may not necessarily have to engage in the competition, and if you choose the competition, then you must carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your discipline, and focus on one to two subjects. Report several sciences) but other disciplines cannot be released. Finally, there is a bail student test (not only the subject of the competition), and our class has a national second. Selected.
    3. For students who determine the science and sciences, the high school does not have to spend too much time in political history and land (of course the background). As long as you listen carefully to the class, you can complete the basic homework. After all, it is easy to get A.
    1. Regarding the problem of the elevator, because I have lived on the first floor for three years, I did n’t speak, but the scene of waiting for the elevator every day was terrible. I suggest you climb the stairs more.
    2. Regarding the problem of school selection fees, our session is 3000 per semester, and the 20112 session should be gone due to cancellation of school selection.
    3. Regarding the information competition, there are indeed information competitions, but it seems that they have been learned from junior high school. I am afraid that there is no drama in high school.
    4. Regarding the community, there are many associations. You can choose what you like to participate. Of course, you can not only participate in one. For example, I participated in the Football Club and Astronomical Society.
    5. When we were in the second year of high school, there would be anime social society in the staircase classroom on weekends, but now it seems to be gone.
    6. In the cafeteria, I think it ’s not as delicious as the meals at home, but the 168 friends said that the food hall is delicious (compared to 168).
    7. Many of the basketball courts are very good, but there are many players, so it is difficult to grab the court.
    8. The one -piece football field is good, but unfortunately it is plastic instead of grass skin. After the ball is played, there are black plastic grains in the shoes.
    9. I used to go to the top of the experimental building to blow off the roof of the experimental building. Unfortunately, it is now sealed, but the top of the administrative building can still go up. We pay attention to their own safety.
    In fact, there are many bugs and many interesting things, so let's find it yourself.
    , but please don't forget what you come together!
    I I wish you all three years of unity life
    PS: This summer vacation is good to study, there are many things to wait for you in high school (this is my senior during military training three years ago I will tell you)
    ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------rn你问我金庆祝凭什么每次都考年级第一凭什么能北约He recruited why Guanghua fell 60 points in the country to admit him. I want to tell you that he is studying when he is in love when he is in love. He has always been the goal of Peking University. You said that youth should not be wasted in the book, but now that you are in the third year of high school, you are only 74 days before your first turning point. You are still endorsement in the class at six in the morning. You are not the second -generation rich and second -generation, you ca n’t even pass a book. Why do n’t you work hard? Why do you succeed and why do you say?
    did you say why Li Qifeng was admitted to China Media that was so difficult to test. I want to say that Li Qifeng really worked hard to learn for his photography dream. Why don't you work hard?
    Werum do you ask me why at the same table, I often have the top ten grades. I have tried the 10,000 Hong Kong University of Hong Kong in the country. The information is higher than me. I ask you why do you not work hard?
    Weride, you want to say that Bill Gates has dropped out of school, so it is useless in college. You say that his ability is greater than everything, and the nerd is SB. Haven't you thought that Bill dropped out of school from Harvard? If you go through Harvard and then go to study, you will be a mouth of myself. The key is that you do n’t face reality yourself, and you also have excuses. Are you really a person? Intersection People who are united never find problems on others. This is why the unity is so many gods. You are just cowardly and you are just afraid that you will not take good exams. You dare not even look down on others.
    It don't work hard, why do you think you are. Everyone boasts that you are smart, you can tell others happily, I am not a bad test, but I have n’t worked hard yet. So when do you plan to work hard? Senior fourth? Or do you make up for the spring breeze and wait for others to make up?
    It is a good opportunity to change yourself why not cherish. Even the party to go abroad is very hard to memorize words every day. There are more powerful people in any field than others. You are not qualified to look down on people who work hard for yourself, because you do n’t even have your own dreams, and you waste your youth every day.
    The cowardly people, buried their dreams in their hearts and unwilling to pay. Are you waiting for the pie in the sky?
    everyone goes different. When I choose the college entrance examination, I will try my best to do it, and no one has the right to look down on me. No matter what you choose, you should do it well. Some people obviously do not take good exams and do n’t do things well. They are very sad every day.
    I sometimes wondering what would happen if I did n’t return from Guangzhou. What would happen if I did n’t study at the fifty middle school and went to Feixi? It will definitely not be in one. If I didn't insist on shaking the number, what would I do if I went to 168 Hongzhi Class, would I be a person who could only study and only study? I insisted on gambling, so I came to a middle school. If Gao repeatedly decades, I can't get into this key class. Now it must be another situation. If I do n’t care about the football club, I will not know so many people to learn so many things. Life is a little bit of life to change your life trajectory.
    The everyone ran away after the college entrance examination. Can the people who go to Tsinghua be the same as those who go to Jianghuai College? I am not saying that JAC College cannot produce elites, but who is sure to be that elite? The environment is completely different, life is completely different, and people who come into contact are completely different. Many of my friends have a bad grade, but at least they can create the future for themselves, such as Li Qifeng, such as Ma Tianyi. The so -called life depends on who meets, I just think about this opportunity. I also told Li Gang that when I didn't want to drink with you in ten years, I heard that I regret not working hard?

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