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  1. 01. Accounting

    The habit of developing accounting, using the accounting software to record your daily expenditure. At the end of the month, you can directly see the total consumption of this month, as well as detailed expenditures of each classification, such as catering expenditure, clothes and bag expenditure, traffic expenditure, and so on. You can also compare this month with the consumption of other months to know how the money is spent.

    Mo when you have a large amount of expenditure, you will unconsciously compare with other projects, and slowly have the consciousness of "controlling consumer desire".

    02. Buy the essence or not to buy more

    Whether it is clothes and bags, or daily life supplies, it is recommended to follow the principle of "buying essence and not buying more". Don't be greedy and cheap. Sometimes it really costs a price.

    For most things, instead of buying 10 pieces of cheap quality, it is better to buy one more expensive for a few years, and you will cherish it more. Family space.

    03. What you want to buy first put it in the shopping cart for a few days

    This is to reduce the number of impulses. If you do n’t have enough money to support it, you should be prioritized to buy things.

    The things that are not really used and very favorite are often used. When you are not able to buy it, don't buy it first.

    of course, if you have a piece of items that you have long, you still like it for a long time, then buy it!

  2. I. Customer bookkeeping, classification and summary
    The accounting should be understood. Take myself for example, about eating, the unified classification is catering. However, the small logo meal refers to the usual meal and ingredients that usually buy the ingredients for my own food. I shopping in addition to the two items of snack indexes includes online shopping. But if you buy small bread online as breakfast, you are counting meals instead of snacks. And I dinner with my friends and ordering afternoon tea with my colleagues, I am classified to socialize instead of eating.
    Cules of consumption habits that are not good at correcting and improving, and constantly opening source and throwing are the true purpose of bookkeeping.
    . Learn to wealth management
    Fund, simply understand that everyone collects money to give a person (fund manager). He helps everyone choose stock investment, and the income loss is spread. It can be said that as long as the state is developing, it will not fall to the blood, and if there are no major events, it will be quietly placed there.
    does not have much pursuit, do not ask for getting rich, just ask to win inflation, my money does not depreciate.
    . Develop a good habit of picking up the leak online
    Plip operation method: use the wool group as a message push window, and the leakage list does not need to be resale.
    I know that many people have questioned the rationality of wool, but to understand the truth, business is king

  3. Is there any practical and small habit of life and life, and there is a plan for life at the beginning of the month. Useful things, named Zhou Jian, can save money and save money

  4. Is there any practical habit of saving money? I will share with you a few small tricks in life.

    1. Try to cook as much as possible without ordering takeaway.
    In people who have cooking do n’t know that the same meal will be much cheaper than takeaway, and some can even save half of the price. And cooking by yourself, there are more possibilities in the choice of ingredients. And it will be healthier and more clean.

    If in the family life, if you have time, you are not limited to cooking yourself, you can also make cakes with your children, cook cakes and other leisure snacks. You can enjoy a pleasant parent -child time, but also save considerable snack expenses to achieve the purpose of saving money.

    2. Formulate the monthly family expenditure plan to share the family budget with the family
    Sometimes we always encounter such a situation in a family. Thinking about saving money to save money, but some people are wasteful and wasteful, spending money without restraint.

    So we need to formulate a monthly family expenditure plan together at the beginning of each month, and share the family budget.

    It, we must share and convey the purpose of saving money. For example, "If you saves this money, we can travel once" or "save this money to buy a new comfortable sofa, better computer" and other short -term goals, as well How much does it cost a month, we can save enough down payment for the house for three or five years. " With the goal, everyone can make it better to save money and save money and improve the quality of life.

    Is do not silently fight alone to save money alone. This will not only feel tired, but also the effect is often unsatisfactory.

    3. Reasonable use of credit cards, Huayan and other means of payment.
    Coltic young people because of the overdraft methods of credit cards, each monthly light. Don't say that you can save money, it is difficult to do even the balance of payments.

    So reasonable use of these early payment methods is a very important part of saving money and saving money. If possible, try to minimize the frequency and quota of the use of early payment methods.

    This is recommended to follow your own income and spending. Set your maximum number and maximum amount you can use every month. No longer use it!

    4. Write a summary book every year
    In addition to the monthly family revenue and expenditure plan and family budget, we also need a family cost to sum up the account book.

    The family account book allows all family members to understand where the money is spent. And according to the account book, you can summarize which are unnecessary spending and which can be used as a throwing part in the new year.

    This can also allow us to be more reasonable when making a new year's family expenditure budget.

  5. Diligence and frugality are not only a traditional virtue, but also a good habit of bringing themselves real benefits.
    If you can be frugal and save, you can save a lot of money. ... In this way, your economic situation will be greatly improved, and your life concept will be sublimated as a result, becoming more understanding and living.

    Is to practice the specific method of diligence and thrift, that is, the method that can save money very practically.
    In general, the method of practicing diligence and thrift is to adhere to the three principles:
    1, the money that should be spent, one penny must not be spent.
    2, you can spend no money, try not to spend.
    3, the money that should not be spent, and one penny can not be spent.
    Specifically, the practical saving habits in daily life have the following:
    1, register and account for your daily life consumption.
    The number of things in your heart is needed. The same is true for daily consumption.
    If you have countless daily consumption conditions, you cannot save money effectively.
    . When you develop the habit of registering the daily consumption status, you can know your consumption status. ... Holding these data, what money should be spent, what money should not be spent, you can be clear and clear
    2, pay attention to the end of the goods.
    The tail goods are the upcoming goods.
    The quality of such products itself is not a problem, but it sells low prices because of the inappropriate season, or not much inventory.
    It, if you buy it at this time, you can buy very good quality products with little money, so that you can save money.
    3, you can take a bus without a bus. If you can walk, don't take the bus.
    The pursuit of convenience and comfort is nothing wrong. ... but if you take a taxi when you go out, you will spend very high.
    In at this time, choose to take the bus. When the road is close, you can walk over. On the one hand, you can exercise your body and save money on the other hand.
    ma to this choice, you can save a lot of money yourself.

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