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  1. The so -called international financial center, simply speaking, is the distribution center of international funds. Under the conditions of modern market economy, the foundation of international economic competition lies in the grasp of international financial dominance and the competition for global capital control and dominance. Having an international financial center has a vital role in the long -term development and financial security of a country. Because of this, many countries and regions in the world, including Asia, strive to cultivate a large city in the country and the region into regional or international financial centers without exception, so that it can promote the region or country Economic development and resource allocation play a greater role. This is a controversial issue in the international financial center of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Below, the author intends to talk about the personal opinion of this issue. (1) There are many people in China and a huge economy scale, which can fully accommodate two international financial centers. In a country, in the case of an international financial center, if you create an international financial center with the same function, it will inevitably cause unnecessary competition and waste of resources. Therefore, how to seek different points in terms of service functions, making Shanghai a international financial center with different characteristics compared to Hong Kong is a subject that must be carefully studied. There are two international financial centers in New York and Chicago. These two financial centers have different functions and service objects. Under the "one country, two systems", if Hong Kong and Shanghai and other Mainland financial centers, if they can also have good division of labor, they may promote the joint and stronger financial and stronger finance in complementation and coexistence and win -win. (2) To maintain and enhance Hong Kong's international financial center status. Hong Kong's financial industry has always played a unique and important role in the rapid development of the Mainland economy. After Hong Kong returns to the motherland, how to maintain and enhance the status of Hong Kong's international financial center is a question that must attach great importance to and take it seriously. In the process of reform and opening up, Hong Kong, as an important trade and financial center, provided strong support for the economic development of the Mainland. With the increasing economic scale of the Mainland, continuing to play the role of Hong Kong will help promote the common prosperity and development of the Mainland and Hong Kong. As far as Hong Kong is concerned, its positioning must be based on China and is China's international financial center. Positioning and role is very important. The future of Hong Kong is in China. The maintenance of Hong Kong's international financial center status is largely inseparable from the support of the Mainland, and it is inseparable from the accelerated integration of economic and trade and finance with the Mainland. The maintenance of the status of Hong Kong's international financial center depends on whether Hong Kong's financial supervision and management system can be continuously improved and improved. Only through strengthening its own financial deepening, promoting the innovation of financial products, and expanding the scope of radiation and service in the financial industry, can we maintain and continuously improve their position in the financial industry in the Asia -Pacific region. (3) Hong Kong's international financial center status is irreplaceable. Hong Kong is currently in an important development period. Hong Kong has a special location advantage in the face of the motherland and facing the world. Hong Kong's financial center status and the status of the shipping center and the status of the trading center are irreplaceable in other regions. Although the development potential contained in Shanghai is huge, it is not easy to catch up in Shanghai later, and it is not easy to catch up or surpass Hong Kong. Shanghai is still far from the International Financial Center. From the perspective of practical conditions, due to the constraints of many factors such as the environment of the capital market and the RMB have not yet achieved free exchange, it is difficult to dream about the international financial center in a short time. As long as the renminbi has not yet become a real hard currency, as long as China has not yet opened up capital circulation, as long as China's legal system and supervision system is not sound, Hong Kong will always be China's only international financial center. (The author is a professor at the School of Finance of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade)

  2. The reason for Hong Kong to become one of the Asian financial centers is very simple. Hong Kong's first bucket of gold comes from the British colonial Hong Kong to sell opium to the mainland during the British colonial Hong Kong. The ranks of world trade, coupled with the sanctions of China and other countries in Western camps, Hong Kong has become the only channel between Western countries and mainland China. For example, if a city has only one supermarket, all goods can only be available in a city, all goods can only be available for all goods. Selling through your home, can you make money if you lie down? Intersection Intersection Hong Kong is the supermarket. Essence
    It, in Taiwan, Singapore and other regions or countries, but the impact is not as big as Hong Kong, but one of the important reasons for their development is because of the decades of closed mainland.
    Because of this, the current problems are also obvious. The more open the mainland, the more weakened in regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Taiwan and other regions, until marginalization.

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