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  1. Before I set off, I never thought that this Malaysian tourism was a scam.

    The shop was just rectifying at that time. It needs some new ideas, and it is also good to go out to walk. So friends said whether to go to Malaysia for a few days. By the way, I can learn what the investment items can be learned. I promised if I didn't think about it. Every time I go out to travel, my friends or family wants to go, and I will go by the way. I really don't like planning the route to check strategy.

    It added a group before going to, called "Malaysian Study Group". I still feel a little inexplicable, but I am not familiar with others, so I didn't ask anything. And this time, my friend's sister told him to learn, and he would never pit him!

    I web boarding at Hong Kong Airport in China, waiting for more than 20 people, it feels normal, and it feels like the tourism group tourism. It's just that they are older, and there are all industries. The company's boss, company executives, small business owners, retirees, and housewives, but they seem to know them. Hearing them said that there were other groups who rushed to Malaysia. At 8 o'clock in the morning.

    Stiply at 1 noon at the hotel. Everyone takes care of us and is very easy -going. Later, I learned that the two of these 20 people were newcomers, and others were already pitted in China. They wanted to develop us into offline.

    The everyone goes out after lunch, and everyone goes to eat together at night. It is estimated that there are hundreds of people. Sit down and talk about how much I have made, and someone came to the stage to give a lecture during the period, and asked the singer to sing. And his father in his mouth was also present, and he was more popular than big -name stars, and he respectfully took pictures together and respect him. But this day's meal did not say too much investment and financial management in the speech. And these people who came together were also good, and I didn't think about bad aspects.

    In back to the hotel, I asked my friends how they knew everything, and said that they only knew what they were investing in the blockchain, and I didn't understand what was doing. The second time I came here to help his sister see how.

    The a day after the next day, I took a speedboat to play on a beach in the morning. The monkeys were all on it. I really don't know what is the island. The positioning of the circle of friends at the time was Seberange Prai Utara · Titi Mukim. Go to a shopping mall in the afternoon, but this mall is not an ordinary shopping mall, and the building is written with MBI. There was also the so -called "Zhang Dad" on the propaganda wall on the first night. The famous third -generation Chinese, the cousin is the Father of Malaysia. It is very detailed. The industry spreads throughout Malaysia, and the background is very powerful. I wanted to shop, but I couldn't start. I also bought some snacks at the time, and I didn't buy skin care products. These we usually buy abroad, even if there are, it is not cheap. Their purpose is not to buy you, but to make you feel that you have picked up the big cheap. You can use Walkjin and durian BI in the app you invest in the app to buy or deduct. Calculating it directly, it is almost the same as the white delivery, but basically I buy some food. The snacks we buy do not need money, but they take the initiative to use their Walckin to deduct, saying that let us feel these benefits.

    The on the terrace meal at night, the top floor! Of course they said that this is their industry. After dinner, everyone drank and dancing together on the terrace. Different team bosses took the lead. To be honest, I was really happy at the time. In the past two days, they did not take the initiative to talk to us about investing, but intentionally or unintentionally revealed how much they made. Their team is very powerful.

    We only go to one place on the third day, to see the durian mountains they invested in their own eyes (how much money to buy a durian tree. Return, and the durian coins can also be bought in their mall), and a large mountain also has a bunch of artificially planted trees. Departing at 8:30 in the morning. From departure to destination, a person like a tour guide in the car explained how huge the industry they invested and showed their strength. I am the kind of person who sleeps on the car, and I don't hear much. Ignore the factors of painting big cakes. It's pretty good to take pictures here. Then go back to the hotel and arrange yourself at other times. There was no place to visit nearby, and finally went to the local supermarket to go around.

    The vaguely feels that they are MLM, but they are not sure. Which criminal gang will put his photos at the gate of the mall so openly. And the company has everything. What he let you see is an industrial empire, not a small company. But he still sent his name to my domestic sister, and asked her to check her friends in Malaysia. There is no need to check it. His friend said that this person is a liar, and local news is available. How did that scammer crime in this country? And so many people participate. My friend and I said silently. Send a positioning to your family. Picture at ease.

    The fourth day is the focus. They said that there were more than 2,000 people in this time, all of us from our domestic people. Some were flickered, and some were investing in their heads and helping people. And the cost of air tickets comes at your own expense.

    The people who eat together a whole building are "learning" together. Five lakes and four seas, among which many of them have earned (large investment and many people), naturally they have become legendary figures. Many people have heard the photos before, and I met today for the first time today. Worship each other and kiss the family.

    In after dinner, everyone goes to the venue. All the people who enter cannot bring their mobile phones. No electronic products can be taken in. More than 2000 "family members" moved together towards the goal of making money. At this time, I was already scolding, and I didn't want to go in. Nor can it be manifested. A bunch of security is maintaining order.

    "Thank you President Zhang, it was the opportunity he gave me over. After entering this line, I only need to buy and sell the Walker Gold BI to have money every day. Originally, I was just a wage earner, but I asked me After 40,000 yuan, there are now more than 300,000. If you have the same money as you, I must all vote in. "Share like this. After each one, there will be applause from the audience, and the eyes are shining. The more you vote, the greater the return. One of them has invested more than 10 million, and now it has changed more than 10 million, and there is no risk. Isn't the previous Bit Bi not accepted by everyone? You see which one I bought before now I haven't made money now? There is no risk to come again. Let them invest by drawing big cakes. You can make money by pulling the head without buying. The best way is to pull some people with more economic strength to spread downward. Often the most successful people are these people who have economic strength. Their wealth is the best business card for cheating.

    . The whole sharing meeting for more than 4 hours, the most ridiculous one is to help Zhang Yufa wash his feet. Pay him as a biological father. Is this not MLM? My thoughts only wanted to return to China safely.

    This to visit the Malaysian headquarters by organizing buyers is the most important step of fraud. This can enhance their confidence. Especially after watching the durian mountain, they must not miss the durian BI.

    In after leaving this sharing meeting, there is still a small sharing meeting waiting for us to return to the hotel. Some senior investors gathered with newcomers, with about 10 rooms in a room. Everyone shares how much money they make, career or even deposit, and how much they are preparing to invest. You can't help but go.

    In the next day, take you to play for a day, and then have another sharing session at night. Anyway, I can leave tomorrow, and I don't care so much, I can only tell them that we also want to buy it, who we have introduced it through. Then I didn't say anything. It felt like to give me a rural countryside? It's completely different from what I imagined, so at least let me go to the duty -free shop to buy it! In the end, I thought too much. There is nothing to break. Look at this airport, if you don't check anything, you will definitely believe that they are the huge business empire.

    The most difficult to understand this is the heart. Even my little white can see that this is a scam. Can those people who have good economic strength and long -term shopping malls can't see it? They know, and they know that more people can make more people, and often the victims are their loved ones and the best friends. Only in this way can we develop more offline. What is more sad is that most small individual business and commerce The household is still dreaming of making a fortune with the big brother.

    In after returning, I realized that my friend's sister also voted for more than 100,000. Asked her, "Do you not know that this is a scam?"

    I we went in October 2018, Watching the news is the scam in 2019. Now he has come again.

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