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  1. At the end of the bear market, the main performance of the market was that no one was involved in the market. After a long decline, most investors are completely desperate, and the bulls in the market have been completely annihilated. The index has reached a record low. When it is sold, it is the correct concept to deeply root the hearts and form consensus. The valid support in the market has been effectively penetrated, forming a bottomless state, and it cannot be found.

    The ordinary investors as individuals are manifested as a mental collapse, and the night cannot be stunned. Essence

    In in the past few historical bottoms, the financing function of the market is completely lost. Management no longer issue new shares. Even if it cannot be issued, the new shares will fall below the issue price. The team that subscribed for the new shares has shrunk, which means that it really moves the management of the management. The policy began to restore the care of the stock market, be careful about the introduction of new stock market policies, care for the stock market with caution, and no one dares to scratch the market casually.

    It from the market performance, land volume often appears first in land prices. Technically, the amount of land indicates that the releasing energy of the air is completed, but it is critical to have a new amount of land. At this time, only the last fall of the market, generating land prices. For individual stocks, stock prices should have a stock of less than 2 yuan, and a large number of stocks of 4-5 yuan will occur at the same time.

    The bear market is not at the bottom. Those who can successfully copy to the end and the full positions are equivalent to picking up a embroidered needle while Liu Xiang in the column.

    When the real bottom of the market appears, no one knows it is the bottom, and no one dares to believe that this is the bottom. Only after the market comes out of the bottom and is repeatedly confirmed can it be recognized as the bottom of the market afterwards. As for the recognized effective support in the market, such as 2245 points and 2000 points, it can only be determined by the market.

  2. In the stock market, we are accustomed to continuously rising stocks as bull markets, and the continuous decline of stocks is called bear market.
    If the market conditions can last for a long time, the bull market is also known as the bull market.
    The bear market usually refers to the market that is generally diluted and stumbled. It is also known as the short market.
    It the concept of the bulls and bears, many people will have problems. Is it a bear market or a bull market at this stage?
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    . How can we see the bear market or a bull market?
    It to determine whether it is now in a bear market or a bull market. You can analyze it from two angles, one is the fundamental aspect and the other is the technical side.
    First of all, we can understand the market according to the fundamental aspect. The fundamentals are based on two aspects: the operating situation of the macroeconomic and the operation of listed companies, usually the industry research report is enough: [ Stock Market Barometer] First -hand information reporting of the financial market
    Secondly, understand from the technical side, the volume and price relationship, volume ratio and comparison rate, and the combination of K -line can be used for our reference. A general judgment.
    For example, if it is currently a bull market, there are far more people who buy stocks than those who sell stocks, so the increase of the K -line chart of most stocks will be very conspicuous. On the other hand, if it is currently a bear market, the people who sell stocks are significantly higher than those who buy stocks, then the decline of the most of the K insurance map of most individual stocks will increase.

    . How to judge the turning point of the bulls and bears?
    If when we rush to enter the market at the end of the bull market, the stock is probably at a high probability, and it will be stuck when buying. When the bear market is about to end hard.
    Therefore, as long as we can grasp the turning point of the bear cattle, we can buy it at the low position and sell it at a high position. There are many ways to analyze the Bull Bear Turning Point. It is recommended to use the following turning point to capture artifacts, one-click to obtain the timing of sale: [AI auxiliary decision-making] Sales time to capture artifacts

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  3. Morning reminder:

    yesterday's stock index opened high and closed at 2090.77 points, an increase of 72.12 points, an amplitude of 3.57%. Solid stocks in the two cities have risen sharply, and the transaction volume has been significantly enlarged. Due to the pressure of the FC4 yellow line and the time -to -time MACD, the short -term stock index has strong adjustment requirements.

    Plip operation prompts:

    The short -term should be reduced at high!

  4. 1. The volume of transaction is shrinking, far less than the bull market. The market is very depressed, as if dying.
    2, rarely fell sharply and sharply, the decline is small, and the duration is long. Like the light rain in Jiangnan, it fell slowly and endlessly.
    3, a few stocks do not fall with the market. Starting the stocks of the sideways and even rising against the trend.
    4. Few people participating in hype, and even many shareholders do not remember their accounts. Since there is no funding to enter the market, the company has a little negative news, and the stock suddenly plummeted. There are even no negative news, just because a few people sell more stocks, the price can crash.
    5, incredible with low stock prices. Many high -quality companies' stocks are simply trash. So value investors often come in to pick up cheap goods at this time.
    6, almost all the news is pessimistic. Even the good news, for example, the emperor of the Jade Emperor came to buy stocks, the market is still understood as pessimistic news. For example, although the Emperor Jade Emperor bought stocks, the Emperor Jade Emperor was a big scammer and a bad species of the blood of investors, so the stock should continue to fall.
    In general, the end of the bear market is extremely depressed. And although it can be judged at the end of the bear market, it is difficult to bring profits even if it continues to be determined.
    Pet personal experience summary, for reference only!

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