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  1. After many years of catering, various types of catering projects have also been managed. The threshold for snacks is very low, but not everyone has made it, you have to understand some methods.

    , like ordinary catering, a detailed investigation must be conducted before starting. Regarding the inspection of consumer groups, I will do a few things at the selected place:

    1. Testing people.

    I I would buy a counter on working day holidays for one day, and record the flow of people per hour. This is the figure below:

    M: I can master the law of flow, such as 18 points is the peak of the flow of people, and I am ready at 17:30. The flow of 21 has been significantly reduced. At 20:30, I reduced production, avoiding waste or selling new things the next day affects reputation. Instead of doing it, you can understand it.

    knows the number of people. Before the opening, I can calculate how much business every day, combined with my cost and rent, I can better know whether my own capital guarantee point can be achieved, and I know my snack bar. How big is the potential. Re -evaluate whether this snack bar will be opened before opening.

    2, collect information and expand connections.

    I will have some money in my pocket, and the newspaper stalls, small sales, cleaners, security guards, etc. in the newspaper stalls near my store are approaching. A sip of an uncle, aunt, big brother, take care of their business, and ask them to drink water to smoke. These people have been mixed for a long time than I am in this place. They know the surrounding situations most. If you want to know how many people live, how many stations, and how many shopping mall schools nearby, they can tell me, of course, including the personnel composition.

    . Another advantage of familiar with them is to borrow a tool in the future to inquire about the news. Even if there is more garbage at the door, it can be easily handled, and the business will be easier. Occasionally they come to take care of my business.

    3, understand the environment, visit the peer

    . Finally, I will open the mobile phone to see the map, take a few nearby streets, and count how many of them are traveling with me. Essence At this time, the boss did not know what I was doing. I would like to boast a few words to buy something. It should not be difficult to understand the business status and customer preferences. By the way, I also observe their taste, cleanliness, price, and business status. Maybe among them It is worth learning from me to learn from and attract.

    If the boss gets along well, I try to try to be friends with them, so that there are less people who are targeting me in the future.

    Make the above three points. I should have a general understanding of the consumer group of my snack bar. At the same time, I have done other preparations. The business should have a good start.

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