sophia costume jewelry wholesale Which friend can register a free App Store account. Many thanks! Intersection Intersection Please send it to [email protected]. Many thanks! Intersection Intersection

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  1. wholesale gold plated jewelry vendors 不用信用卡注册iTunes Store (AppStore)帐户的方法【转QQIPhone吧】 rn无聊从QQiPhone吧转载个贴qbar.qq/iphoneqq rn-------------- ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
    The people are because there are no iTunes (APP Store) account, and the results cannot be downloaded as QQ. In fact, the method of applying for an account is very simple, and there is no need to use a credit card. To transfer a method of application, you can try it.

    Pre -preparation:
    itunes Store according to the country and region, the App Store can buy programs differently. For example, there are no two wonderful games in the App Store in many countries, TAP TAP Revenge (free) and Super Monkey Ball ($ 9.99). We mainly teach you how to register and purchase on the American and Chinese version. Below we mainly explain the American version of the page:
    1, first, click the iTunes Store option button on the left side of the iTunes software. [First of all, you need to have iTunes on your own machine. If not, download and install it at/iTunes/Download/Here]

    The click the iTunes Store option button on the left 2. In the iTunes Store page), select United States at the bottom.

    In the bottom of the page to select United States3. If the normal registration method is used, we need to fill in the credit card or PayPal account that pays. At the current stage, we do not recommend domestic netizens to pay for these applications. After all, this later investment is still very large. Therefore, we provide a registration method that can register differently in the form of payment.
    This has mentioned that we have entered the American version of the iTunes Store page. Below we start the specific registration process:
    1. First of all, after entering iTunes Store, click the apps small button above the page to enter the App Store.

    This on the apps2 above the page. After entering, just find a free APP software and click the “get app” button. I will introduce Facebook as an example here.

    The click the “get app” button 3. At this time, itunes will prompt us to log in or register. Continue to select the “Create a New Account” button.

    In the “Creating a New Account” button 4. Continue to click Continue when the Welcom welcome interface appears, hook it in the pop -up window option, and continue the Continue.

    This CONTINUE button
    Checking, click the Continue button 5. Fill in the e-mail account, password, security prompts, answers, choose birthday, choose birthday in the pop-up window. Select Continue (need to fill in the real email address).

    It needs to fill in the real email address 6. Select the credit card option in the next window will have an additional None option, which is the purpose of a series of steps.

    C selection of the None option 7. After selecting None, the relevant information that continues to fill in. The name and address can be filled in English information at will. When you need to select your state name and city, and ZIP Code (postcode) must be completely complete Matching. Here we provide some cities and postcodes in some common state names, please choose by yourself. Fill in any three digits in the first box of Phone, fill in any seven digits, and then click Continue. rn rn填写相关个人信息8、这时iTunes会提示激活邮件已发送到所注册邮箱,大家最后所需要的就是到所注册的邮箱收信,然后点击邮件中的链接,到You can activate your account on iTunes.

    In the activation mail has been sent to the designated mailbox

    The activated mail you received, click the link below to complete the registration ————————————————————— ——————————
    m code cities (city)
    (ga) n (md)
    (oh) n (oh)
    ( AR)
    (mo )
    90001LOS (CA)
    89101LAS (nv)
    10001New (ny)
    70112new (la) n (ne) n (AZ)
    84101salt lake cityutah (ut)
    92101san (CA)
    94101san (CA) n95101san (CA) n (mn )

    I tried, yes, you can try it

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