PE pipeline hot melt docking technology and matters needing attention

PE pipe is polyethylene plastic pipe. As a PE pipe manufacturer, Tengyuan understands PE pipe connection there are two kinds: one is electric fusion connection, including electric fusion socket connection, electric fusion saddle connection; ​the other is a hot melt connection, including a hot melt socket connection, a hot melt saddle connection, and a hot melt butt connection.

China HDPE parts factory explains PE hot melt docking
PE hot melt butt is normally used for connecting PE pipes with outer diameter dn>63mm. It is a method to connect the ends of PE pipes after heating and melting with heating plates, then butt and fuse each other, and then connect them together after cooling and fixing.

Steps for PE interconnection:
Preparation: Place the pipe or fitting in a flat position on the docking machine, leaving a full cutting allowance of 10-20mm.

Clamping: according to the welded pipe, pipe fittings to select the appropriate clamp, clamp the pipe, ready for cutting.

Cutting: cutting the welded pipe segment, pipe fittings end face impurities and oxide layer, to ensure that the end face of the two butts smooth, pure, no impurities.

Decontamination: Dip cotton yarn in alcohol, wash and wipe the pipe head, remove dust and mud and additional objects.

Alignment: The end faces of the two welded pipe segments should be perfectly aligned. The smaller the wrong edge, the better. The wrong edge should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness. Otherwise, the docking quality will be affected.

Heating: The butt temperature is typically between 200-230℃ is appropriate, the heating time of the heating plate is different in winter and summer, and the melting length of the two ends is 1-2mm.

Switch: Remove the heating plate and quickly make the two hot melt end faces stick and pressurize. In order to ensure the quality of melting butt, the shorter the switching cycle, the better.

Fusion docking: is the key to welding. The docking process should always be under the melting pressure. roll width of 2-4mm is appropriate; ​the pressure should be appropriate, too great pressure will lead to all the molten material being squeezed away, but the connection is not strong.

Cooling: Keep the butt pressure unchanged and let the interface cool slowly. The length of cooling time shall be subject to the stiff edge and no heat sensation.

Completion of docking: Release the slip after cooling, remove the docking machine, and prepare the next interface connection again.

PE connection precautions
1. Check pipes, fittings and ancillary equipment, valves and instruments according to the design requirements before pipe connection, and carry out appearance inspection on the construction site to meet the requirements and release them for use.
2. Pipes and fittings of the same manufacturer and brand should be used in connection. If pipes and fittings of different manufacturers (brands) seriously need to be connected, they can only be used after proving their reliability through tests.
3. After each connection is completed, the appearance quality inspection shall be carried out, and those that do not meet the requirements must be reworked.
4, construction personnel should carry out on-the-job training.

5. After each construction, the pipe mouth should be temporarily blocked.
6, in cold climate (below -5℃) and strong wind environment connection operation, should take protective measures or adjust the construction process parameters.

Notes for construction:
1. First of all, the appearance and material of the connecting pipes and fittings should be checked, and inferior or damaged pipes should not be used;

2. ​according to the interface form of the pipe, the corresponding special heating tools shall be used, and the open flame shall not be used to heat the pipe fittings;

3. ​when hot melt connection is used, pipe fittings of the same material are recommended for connection to ensure connection quality;

4. ​before connection, wash the connection parts of pipes and fittings to prevent the unstable connection of pipes caused by doping foreign matter;

5, the pipe is heated, so that the two ends of the connection temperature reaches the same, can be connected;

6, in cold climate or strong wind weather, should take protective measures or adjust the connection process; ​after pipe connection, first cooling, and then check the appearance, unqualified should immediately rework.

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