The most detailed and authoritative explanation of fragrance marketing, aroma marketing, and olfactory marketing

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  1. The most detailed and authoritative commentary on fragrance marketing, aroma marketing, and smell marketing

    In recent years, guests who stayed in the international chain brand hotel have begun to have a fresh feeling, that is, the lobby comes from the lobby In fact, attentive people will find that each international hotel brand has quietly set a unique taste. It is very interesting that it was said: "This hotel is very delicious!" Instead, it has really become the customer's current sensory experience. This new measure and movement is defined as a hotel fragrance marketing, which is a trend after the continuous improvement of the air -aroma diffusion system in the store. Now after collecting relevant information widely, make a simple introduction:

    . Fragrance marketing definition:

    A marketing method of consumption is the stimulus of consumer taste and smell, which is different from traditional visual stimuli. The sense of smell in all human senses is the most sensitive, and it is also the closer sense of memory and emotional connection. Scientifically proves that everyone's nose can remember 10,000 flavors, and the accuracy of olfactory memory is doubled than visual. Every day, we all live in the taste and experience the significant impact of taste on emotion, memory, emotions, and behavior. People will associate the smell with specific experience or items, and the fragrance marketing FM (Fragrance Marketing) will be launched and is widely used by merchants. The smell, the faint fragrance is like a label, making consumers think of a specific brand as soon as it smells.

    This marketing is the upgrade of traditional brand sensory experience. People originally built the perception of the world from the five consciousness, auditory, tactile, taste and smell. A large relying on vision and hearing, in fact, this is because we mostly shape the brand through media transmission of advertising, and media restrictions are mainly visual and auditory. Now we use the sense of taste and smell to distinguish the identification of companies and products, causing customers to buy motivation and increase the added value of the product. In the process of product marketing, other people's other sensory components are combined to trigger customers' beauty or excitement. Smelling marketing is an innovative marketing method, a marketing differentiated parade.

    The fragrance marketing began to start in developed countries in Europe and the United States at the end of the last century. It entered a high -speed development period around 2005. It is now relatively mature, and it has been widely accepted as visual and auditory marketing. Famous foreign fragrance transmission companies such as American SCENTAIR also entered China.

    . Classification of fragrance marketing:

    The fragrance marketing is divided into items fragrance marketing and environmental fragrance marketing. Items fragrance marketing is more common in the marketing method of adding products to attract customers with graphics, while environmental fragrance marketing is added to the air in the space environment, so that people in it can feel happy. This Special marketing methods are more common in entertainment and leisure service places, such as hotels, clubs, high -end restaurants, bank lobents, high -end shopping malls, airport waiting rooms, etc. Of course, many high -end office buildings and houses are also used. The fragrance marketing commonly refers to the latter, because the latter can improve the hardware and software facilities of the service provider to achieve the grade of the brand and attract customers and the cost is low, and the workload is small. The former is only to improve the attractiveness of the product, and the workload of fragrance is large, and the cost is greater than the latter, and the influence is not great.

    . The application of fragrance marketing in modern commerce:

    The airline industry has entered a new era of sensory brand marketing. They come from the flavor of the perfume, the smell on the hot towel on the hot towel, and the entire corner of the entire cabin ... This special fragrance named "Waters" has become the patented fragrance of Singapore Airline "The smell of perfume on the hot towel" has become the patented fragrance of Xinhang, smelling fragrance. Stefan Floridian Waters may think that it is the name of the family. In fact, it is part of the image of Singapore Airlines and a specially designed fragrance. It has been registered as the unique trademark of Singapore Airlines.

    It's first class of British Airlines and the first -class waiting room at the New York Kennedy Airport or London Heathlo Airport, the first thing that attracts your attention is a unique smell. This is a kind of MEADOW Grass's aromatherapy. Airlines spray this aromatherapy in the air to the air to strengthen the company's brand image in its most valuable customer group. This new experience that is different from visual and experience is unique, novel, and good marketing.

    The popcorn stalls of Disneyland will open the "artificial popcorn fragrance" when the business is light, and the customers will automatically smell the incense soon; there are some retail reasons to release various fragrances in order in order , "Decoration" the environment in the store, so customers with fatigue fatigue will also notice these different odors.

    The mobile phone big guy Sony Ericsson has launched a new mobile phone that will make people smell calm when it is used. Then scatter the sweet honeydew melon in the store ... This is the brand view of the new century. This method of good use of the senses of taste and the sense of sensory perception is called taste marketing, which is different from traditional marketing The innovation of marketing methods is the new method of marketing places and the upgrade of marketing in the visual and auditory era.

    Starbucks coffee shop is the first brand in the world to convey culture with coffee. The flavor of coffee is left to us permanent memory, smelling fragrant products; The integration of publicity of the male fragrance has become a model for the perfect integration of audiovisual brands and smell brands. The Jiahua movie in Singapore is equipped with an electronic device that emits fragrance. When the film "Charlie and Chocolate Factory" is screened, the screening hall is filled with a strong chocolate aroma. As a result, the audience is very happy.

    . The latest application cases of fragrance marketing in China:

    four models tailored for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo met with Shanghai citizens and tourists from all over the world. The design of Shiseido's special perfume bottles for the World Expo is inspired by the elegant white petals of the white magnolia in Shanghai, and the two perfumes brought by France best reflect the characteristics of Shanghai. Essence

    The perfumes from the Japanese makeup giant Shiseido were named "Shanghai Huayi". , Symbolize old Shanghai.

    The two perfumes made in France were directly named "French Pavilion" because of its image endorsement. There are two men and women in perfume. You can see the unique mesh structure of the French Pavilion on the outer packaging.

    The survey found that as long as a brand can attract consumers as long as they can attract consumers, the stronger the brand experience of consumers will be. As far as the Shanghai World Expo is concerned, the use of olfactory brands in the exhibition hall can enable visitors to remember the experience of visiting during a long time. Therefore, the shape of the smell brand can even allow a country to establish a good national image in the minds of the visitors.

    . The application of fragrance marketing in the hotel industry:

    I international brand hotels are exuding fragrance, Lijia, Oriental, Shangri -La, Marriott. It is necessary to impress the guests, comfortable lobby, luxurious decoration and high -level services, but now in those more subtle factors, the aroma can attract more attention.

    For example: Starwa Group is now creating a special "aroma business card" for guests, so that every guest is unforgettable to the hotel they have stayed. Since October 2005, the Starwood Group has begun to promote the aroma strategy. They scattered a unique fragrance in the lobby of their hotels, thereby deepening the guests' impression of the hotel and attracting them to visit again. The aroma of Sheraton Hotel Hall is mixed with figs, mint, jasmine, and Xiao Cang Lan incense, making people feel that guests are home.

    Thevatin's smell on the financial street is the same aroma as what he feels in Westin, New York Plaza. Combined with fragrance is the global unified light and background music, which makes merchants who move quickly in the world work in any of Westin in their familiar space and atmosphere. The Hustin Hotel Hall exudes an elegant white tea fragrance, mixed with the flavor of geranium and Xiao Canglan, making people calm and relaxed.

    The aroma of extraction from Apple and Gui Pippi is used. When it smells it, it will remind people of the simple style of Apple and hotels. It was fragrant, and it would not be strong enough to make people feel pungent.

    In it is understood that the Hangzhou Binjiang Dragon Dragon Jubilee Xilai Laijin Hotel has recently replaced the new fragrance system. As soon as guests entered the hotel, they smelled the taste of an apple school, but now just need to just need If you step into the hotel, you will smell a more distinctive taste. Fresh and natural, a bit like the fresh grass flavor emitted on the grass after a heavy rain in the summer afternoon.

    This is the fragrance marketing of the hotel. Nowadays, many merchants have stumbled to consumers with aroma, making them willing to pay for their wallets. The hotel that changes the taste is not only one of the Dragon Jubilee Fupeng, but also a total of 142 Ferpen Xilang brand hotels in Sheraton Hotel Group. These hotels are distributed in 24 countries around the world. There are so many Fupeng Xilai Hotel in this new smell in the same time. Fapeng Xilai Hotel tailor -made fragrance. This fragrance that Fupeng Laini has a very nice name, "Pinwheels in the Breeze", Chinese translates into "windmill flavor", "That feeling is fresh and refreshing in the spring day Outdoor atmosphere. "" Windmill flavor "is the unique smell of Fupeng's Shelai ascending hotel. There are many brands such as Ruji, luxury selection, W Hotel, Westin, Emmy International, Sheraton, Fupeng Xilang, etc. custom made.

    It today's aroma industry only involves only public areas, airports, banks, shopping malls, hotels and other places. Future fragrance will enter the guest room. There is only one lobby, and there will be many rooms in the guest room. After you stay, you can choose a style room according to your favorite, and choose a fragrance. As long as you open the door, your room will emit your favorite taste: fresh citrus citrus: fresh citrus citrus , Clove Flower or the elegant aroma of trees in winter.

    The fragrance service penetrates consumer places such as hotels, clubs, advanced residential centers, retail industries, etc., becoming high -end consumption after the quality of life is improved. The requirements of health are still the premise of health. Some inferior fragrances that may cause headaches and other conditions will not have a market. Therefore, when choosing fragrance products, the brand is very important, and the health of customers is very important.

    The unique fragrance becomes a new logo in the hotel. The "aroma" of restaurants is also a product. The Chinese diet has always studied "color and fragrance", allowing the fragrance of the dishes to diffuse and carry out "aroma marketing", which has also become an important means for many restaurants.

    . The implementation of the implementation of fragrance marketing

    The internationally renowned internationally renowned fragrance consulting company can design or develop the personality of the customer's brand according to the customer's brand image. Unique fragrance.

    In fact, determining that a olfactory brand is a systematic and professional project. After selecting fragrance, introduction, dissemination, evaluation, and revising a series of procedures. The system is organically integrated, and the positioning characteristics and smell of the customer's core customer base must be accurately grasped, and the impression can be impressed; the fragrance first ensures that people do not cause allergic reactions, and try to avoid those who are sensitive to fragrance. At the same time Cooperate with professional market communication suggestions and market data collection and analysis. The introduction and construction of the smell brand is an important channel for the effective dissemination of the brand, and it is also the general trend of brand communication. A successful design of a successful olfactory label is better than 10 million media investment costs. —— Create a brand experience extending the traditional visual and auditory model, put customers in an environment that can attract multiple officials, and change them from physiological, psychology and spiritual levels. This is a real sensory experience and a very effective brand marketing method.

    The automatic fragrance system is currently more commonly used in hotels. For fully automatic control, according to the environment, the length, concentration, and frequency of the incense time can be set. Repeat atomization in the section to achieve cyclical intelligent settings. The main control device and atomizer are generally installed in the computer room, and then connect the natural plant essential oils to the central air -conditioning system through a dedicated extension equipment. After the essential oil is atomized into a negative ion fragrance, the airflow of the air tube spreads to the area covered by the air conditioner. So as to create the fragrance atmosphere of the space and improve the quality of the space. The intelligent program control system is easy to use. According to the environment, the length of the incense time and the needs of concentration, repeat the atomization within the set period to achieve cyclical intelligent operation without manpower viewing, no special maintenance, and professional personnel to check on a regular basis. The use of essential oils is about 500 hours/bottle -850 hours/bottle (500ml). It is recommended to run from 7 am to 11 pm, and run 16 hours a day. The daily consumption is related to the following factors: the parameters of the central air -conditioning; the range of central air -conditioning (cubic meters); the airflow of the spatial space; the requirements for the concentration of the space; the requirements for the fragrance operation time; choose.

    The hotel can also design different types of fragrance according to different themes and festivals to cooperate with the overall business promotion activities, so that guests can get a more unique consumer experience. For example: The fragrance of the fragrant Christmas atmosphere with the fragrance of the lavender (lavender) eucalyptus with the lavender (lavender) is created by the romantic atmosphere of the romantic rose sea through the Charming Rose (rose) on Valentine's Day.

    The fragrance diffusion system must be able to meet the following requirements: to create different atmospheres according to the requirements; can effectively purify the air and eliminate odor; effectively inhibit the generation of bacteria and viruses in the air; release negative ions to effectively reduce the air in the air The content of bacteria, pollutants and toxins; create a healthy, pleasant and beneficial space.

    6. Partners available for perfume marketing

    1. Xianle SCENTAIR —— Global olfactory brand founder

    Xianleer (SCENTAIR) The aromatic transmission system was developed and produced by the global recognized leader of fragrance transmission solutions, Scentair, Inc. Fragrance, ranking first in the world.

    Scentair, Inc.'s patented fragrance transfer system was originally developed by Rockets scientists from the former Lockheed Martin. The scientist later became Disney's "imagination engineer". In 1994, incense -fuming technology was developed and developed in Windemir, Florida to design quality control aromatherapy systems for the automotive industry, simulation military company and theater. In 2000, the company's products focused on extending to the retail market and were successfully popularized and used. At the same time, SCENTAIR's name was also synonymous with "fragrance technology", so the fragrance marketing revolution began. Four years later, Connecticut's venture capital company -AlERION became partners of cooperation, and then the company moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.

    SCentair's distribution partners in the distribution partners in up to 25 countries. All distribution partners are authorized companies, which means the potential of the fragrance marketing industry and guarantee the best professional sales and after -sales service. The distribution partners have experience in the hotel industry and retail market sales, and have sufficient funds. They have a good foundation for sales, distribution and after -sales service. These factors make them successful in sales and supporting Scentair products.

    SCENTAIR Fairy El has installed more than tens of thousands of aromatic transmission system equipment in more than 50 countries around the world. Scentair is considered a leader who transmits high -quality, credible, safe and effective fragrance. SCENTAIR's products are in line with all international security certifications and are environmentally friendly production. In order to reduce the use of natural resources, SCENTAIR's products and equipment are manufactured by recycled ingredients. In addition, all the fragrance products of SCENTAIR meet the standards of the International Fast Management Association.

    SCENTAIR Xianle Headquarters was located in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2004. As a pioneer of global commercial fragrance transmission, its distribution network is all over the world. There are 21 offices and support customers in more than 50 countries. At present, the company has entered the Chinese market and opened a branch in Guangzhou.

    Xianle's cooperative hotel covers Starwood Group, Intercontinental Hotel, Shangri -La Group, and specially designed the corresponding signature perfume flavor for each independent brand, and has become the exclusive supplier of Westin SPA essential oil.

    2, French Aroma Loire -the leader of the expansion system

    ——The cold air -to -flavored spatial fragrance system has been widely used in various star hotels and other high -end places to improve the environment and create an atmosphere.

    AROMA LOIRE space fragrance -scent system can provide a variety of expansion equipment. In conjunction with the central air -conditioning system, it will bring you persistent, stable and uniform fragrance, so that your guests are in a fresh and fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh and fresh, fresh, fresh and fresh, fresh and fresh, fresh and fresh, fresh, fresh and uniform In a comfortable, soft, charming, healthy and beautiful space, thereby producing a sense of smell, implanting hotel brands into the lifestyle of guests, promoting the olfactory marketing of your company, and a better interpretation of the hotel's own brand.

    The unique research and development capabilities of plant essential oils ensure that Aroma Loire can meet the public's demand for aroma on the one hand, but also meet the special needs of different customers. Aroma Loire currently has branches or agents in 70 countries and regions around the world. Each essential oil is extracted from pure natural plants in the Lvar Valley. It adopts distillation, absorbing, soaking method, squeezing method, dissolving method, etc. Their respective characteristics and feelings.

    The high -quality equipment and essential oils have been recognized by the IFRA International Spice Fast Association and are widely used in hotels, shopping malls, fitness clubs, etc. Cold air -exposure technology is the only extension technology that can maintain the complete characteristics of essential oils. Ultra -particle fog -shaped molecules can be perfectly combined with the air, spreading faster in the air, and the maximum of maintaining the optimal natural quality of essential oils, and it is more economical and effective.

    3, D-NOAH Noah

    Founded in Shenzhen in 2008. Noah's expansion equipment is the earliest leading professional studio in China. There are more than a dozen types of equipment, 10 R

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