western fashion jewelry wholesale How much does it cost to go to Shanghai Disney for a trip?

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  1. body jewelry wholesalers This depends on the fare of Shanghai Disney. Shanghai Disneyland provides usual votes and peak days. On weekdays, the price of tickets is RMB 370, and the ticket price of the peak day is RMB 499.

    The children, elderly and disabled tourists to buy tickets to enjoy a special discount of 75 %. Infants and young children can enter the park for tickets. Buying two -day coupon can enjoy a total price of 9.5 % off. Tickets for tourists with Shanghai Disneyland will be able to perform all the amusement projects and entertainment performances in the Park throughout the day.
    The first -time attractions, on -site entertainment performances, night light phantom shows, and intimate services for performers will provide tourists with rich and diverse happy experiences.
    , the Walter Disney Theater in Disney Town, a shopping dining and entertainment area outside the theme park, will staged the Broadway musical "Lion King". Watching this drama requires separate tickets.

    The conventional ticket price announced by Disney in Shanghai is 370 yuan, which is really very conscience. It is cheaper than other Disneyland, but it is still a lot than other amusement parks.
    It 2 adult tickets, 1 child (1 meter-1.4 meter) ticket, and the ticket costs 1020 yuan. The peak period (weekend, summer, holiday, opening period) 1373 yuan. Two -day coupon is 9.5 % off, and the non -peak period requires 1933 yuan, and the peak period is 2609 yuan.
    . According to data, the cost of Disney guest rooms in the world is basically the cheapest in the United States. At present, the latest US Disney room costs about $ 300 (assuming that only one room is opened). RMB 2000. The general economic hotels outside the park shall be at least 300 yuan/room/day in Shanghai standards.

    The out of the garden in other places needs to stay in Shanghai for another night, according to the location of the location of the location of 300-500 yuan (except for five-star suite). People from Shanghai can choose to go home.

    The three-day accommodation costs ranging from 1200-3200 yuan, at least 800 yuan in two days.
    Miqi good partners delicious market, Paparino ice cream, Star terrace restaurant, and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel have various foods waiting for you.

    In the preferential price announced by the official website of the Hong Kong Disney, without considering breakfast, the current lunch and dinner of the Disneyland Hotel in Hong Kong are 314 yuan. Children, at least 774 yuan a day, about 1500 yuan for two days. It is said that Hong Kong Disney is not allowed to take it in.
    In addition to various play projects and performances, the gate of Shanghai Disney and the American town street between Disney and the Sleeping Princess Castle spread all over a variety of gift shops! What's more important is that there is also a Disney flagship store in Shanghai, and there are no hundreds of things that can't be taken.

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