Do sex dolls work?

Now in this society, whether a product is good or not is a problem that every consumer is very concerned about, especially the inflatable doll. Consumers are embarrassed to consult people around them because of their faces. I will help you answer some small questions: Is the inflatable doll good to use? What's the effect?

Blow-up doll, a kind of artificial adult sex product. Made according to the 1:1 ratio of girls, such as full size sex doll, instead of real people to meet the orgasm.

The inflatable doll is soft and elastic, with skin similar to that of a real girl.

Sex dolls are easy to carry and clean and can be used repeatedly. It can be at your mercy, you can treat her as your own lover, she also has the same characteristics as a lover, sexy, charming, beautiful or the human body posts you.

​Here I also recommend a skinny love doll, using virtual skin silicone material, soft and high elasticity, very good skin feeling, the whole body bone structure production, can be bent and stretched, to a large extent restore the human structure, realistic touch, elastic, clear texture, internal simulation design, give you a real person sex feeling.

Put "safety first" in everything you do

Many people ask: Do you want to wear a condom when you have sex with an inflatable doll? The answer is: yes.

Not to mention that wearing a condom can prevent the bodily fluids from "contaminating" the doll and causing inconvenience in cleaning. More importantly, the condom can protect our fragile and important yin jing and avoid injury due to excessive exertion. As you can imagine, we can get hurt having sex with a real person, let alone with a fake device?


Generally speaking, the lower body injury is not easy to detect, to really find, it is likely to have been infected, pain, and this disease is really ashamed to say, it is not worth the loss.

Therefore, whether it is with the real person or playing with the doll, wearing a set is the necessary safety common sense, do not because of a happy life and embrace a lifetime!

What should I pay attention to when using an inflatable artificial partner? Everything you need to know is right here.​

In addition, the use of special human lubricants is necessary. do not use their own body lotion, facial cleanser, shampoo, dishwashing liquid instead, there will be adverse consequences. There are two kinds of human lubricants on the market, one is oily, the other is water-based. The advantage of oil is not volatile dry, suitable for durable users, but cleaning is more troublesome; ​it is recommended that you use two long lubricants, very easy to use, and there is a genuine guarantee, the official product must be a boutique!

Last but not least: should we dress the blow-up doll? The answer is: yes.

Some people might think of this as "dropping your pants and fart," which is wrong. Never mind how much fun it is to dress and undress a doll; ​more importantly, wearing clothes can ensure that the inflatable doll is not easy to wear and tear, especially the toes, fingertips and other parts, often wear black after long-term use.

One suggestion is to cover the hands and feet of sex dolls with silk stockings, which are both fun and protective. Why not?

One might think, I'm just trying to save time by buying a doll instead of a real one, but it's infuriating that there are so many caveats. The idea is true.

Perhaps, human life is really a "circle". At first we really wanted to figure out a convenience, so we invented all sorts of sex toys, but later, these toys slowly sublimation became the "partner" in our life, and "take care" the partner. We are obliged to do mind and effort, we finally found slowly. This is the same as a real person in love!

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