wholesale gemini jewelry What is the emerald sprinkled with a flower skirt, the five phoenix hanging beads, the red golden Panpadi circle, etc. What is it?

wholesale gemini jewelry

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  1. wholesale vintage costume jewelry Emerald is a kind of green, sprinkled with flowers, that is, scattered flowers, with small florals as a unit pattern. It is almost this feeling:
    Western pupae, that is, lakes, pure raw silk, weaving into the machine, and then dyeing. It looks like Luo and sparse, like a yarn and dense. Because the latitude and weft wire twisted differently, natural wrinkles are produced. The reason why Yang Yan is called "Yang", Chen Zuolin's "Bing Cando Talk": During the Daoguang years, the great things of all things are called ocean. Chonglou is said to be a foreign tower, the color sedan is said to be a foreign sedan, the clothes have a foreign tadpole, the hat has a foreign barrel, the lamp is called a foreign lantern, the hot pot is named a foreign pot, and the best of the soy sauce is also known as the soy sauce. It is also called red and green. The north and south of the river, it is not the ocean. Attachment: The Qing Dynasty Sprinkling Woven Skirt
    It simply speaking, the emerald sprinkled flower ocean skirt is a green fold skirt with a green flower pattern.
    The five phoenix hanging beads in Chaoyang is a kind of hair accessory, five phoenixes, which are five phoenix; hanging beads are a chain hanging on the mouth of each phoenix; In the past, there was a word called Danfeng Chaoyang. In this hair accessory, it still highlights the shape of the phoenix. The real thing may be like this:
    , but the TV series is a bit simplified, it is pretty good
    The red gold in the Panji Circle refers to the meaning of pure gold, which means nearly 100%of the gold content.中 is a dragon without horns in ancient Chinese legends. Its shapes are often decorated with ancient buildings or utensils and crafts. It is a son of Long Jiuzi, so dangerous and brave. Panpan is a kind of ornament of two hornless tornado rolls. The upper part of the piano is usually a metal collar that hangs various jewelry and jade on the surroundings of the collar; sometimes there is a lock -like accessory on the positive chest near the human body.
    In general, Wang Xifeng's costume shows her wealthy identity. Zhang Yang's personality. Some people draw such a picture to make up their brains on their own.

  2. north carolina wholesale jewelry Phoenix, collar, jade pendant, narrow top jacket, coat, lower body skirt; still, can be ignored; five phoenixes are five phoenixes; hanging beads are a drape hanging on a chain of each phoenix; , Is the bun. Chi Jin is the top gold; the plate is a plate, and the cricket refers to the jade inlaid on it; the circle is the collar worn on the neck. Bean green refers to the color; the palace pole can be slightly, Pisces is more than two fish heads and tails, mostly round; rose pendant, rose jade jade. The golden line is printed with a narrow jacket with a big red bottom surface of butterflies and flowers. The colorful silver mouse skin made of colorful silk craftsmanship. Emerald green printed pleated skirt. All text has been literary modification and imagination to show Jiafu's wealth and luxury

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