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  1. Generally speaking, it is generally divided into the copywriting company's copywriting and corporate planning department or marketing department's copywriting
    If advertising companies generally write graphic advertising copywriting, television, radio copywriting, etc.
    The marketing department's planning department is also very similar. It is generally responsible for writing product packaging, promotional materials (promotional albums, publicity singles pages, etc.) ...
    It if you want to apply Work content.

    What is the copywriting?
    The classmate A (bank staff): write some words to deceive consumers!
    Mudge B (Civil Service): Do you often think of some infected texts and sentences?
    The designer: The copywriting is my partner, he is responsible for providing the text for me.
    The company marketing manager: Copywriting is responsible for managing documents and writing the posts I needed.
    The creative director of advertising company: copywriting is Copy Writer. Any excellent copy of the copywriting starts from copying, following the text works of others, and then innovation!
    It if you ask me: I will tell you the simplest understanding -copywriting is a profession in writing.
    The text such as promotional video script, advertising, product manual, poster and other texts are all called copywriting works.
    So someone asks: "What is an excellent copywriting work?" The evaluation of different angles is also different.
    The angle of literature says: point directly to human nature, warm the heart!
    The angle of market learning: sales!
    The angle of advertising: Creative reflection of infinite charm!
    The angle of psychology: You can dominate and guide consumers' determination to buy!

  2. The work of administrative personnel to do:
    1. Receiving work;
    2, archives work, including: receiving, registration, visa, clearing, finishing, archiving, confidentiality of various documents;
    3, the preparations of the conference, including: the work notification of the meeting, the work of the meeting, is responsible for the conference records and the finishing of text materials.
    4, the office supplies are purchased and distributed;
    5, the office equipment is purchased and maintained;
    6, the office life consumables are purchased and distributed, such as: tea, coffee, paper towels, etc. (Some companies are made by the commissioner of human resources, and some companies are made by administrative clerks.)
    8, the handling, preservation, borrowing management and other work of the licenses
    It is not a "administrative commissioner". Maybe the requirements of this administrative post will be more written in writing, such as the notice of the meeting, the minutes of the meeting, and the administrative management system.
    This copywriting is generally a person who writes advertising copywriting in advertising companies. It requires a strong written language expression ability and text creativity. The main work is to write planning cases and publicity manuscripts.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe work content of the answer to the copy is: 1. Dragons, work reports, summary, meeting minutes and resolution documents of the company; 2. Responsible for publicity and promotion of copywriting and publicity materials and company's foreign media and advertising. Product information mining points, conduct text content planning and compilation; 4. Regularly update industry information, write industry promotion; 5. Responsible for the collection and finishing of media soft texts and advertising materials. The recruitment requirements of copywriting work are: 1. College degree or above, journalism, communication, Chinese, and economic management related majors; 2. Familiar with professional creative methods, agile thinking, strong insights, solid writing skills, strong language expression ability, strong language expression ability ability ; 3. Have a high sense of responsibility, strong execution and solid writing skills; 4. With strong communication skills, organizational coordination, and negotiation ability.nThe copywriting is to promote commodities, enterprises, claims, or ideas, and in the manuscripts of image advertising, TV advertisements, web banners such as newspapers such as newspapers and magazines, posters, posters such as newspapers, magazines, posters, and electronic media. Copresses mostly exist in advertising companies, corporate propaganda and news planning work.nhope it helps you! Dear!n1 morenBleak

  4. Copywriters should understand not only pure literature, but also the consumer psychological characteristics. Copywriting can be said to be the eyes of advertising. Copywriting is the banner that guides consumers to pay attention to advertising. The copy is what you want to tell consumers what you want to tell consumers It is expressed in sentences with infectious and appeal. His structure is not fixed, but there are several necessary aspects, such as: what is the product, what benefits you can bring to you, etc. I think the most important thing is the product. A culture that should be represented to make others clear!
    MAC, such as: business plan, contract, agreement, etc., what else?

    Callial advertising script \ Planning Books \ soft text \ Graphic advertising copy. .. .. ..

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