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  1. If you want to know where the nearby car washing shops are nearby, you can search for car washing directly according to the search.
    The auto cleaning refers to the cleaning of the car's appearance. It is a problem that each owner or driver often face. In recent years, the car wash shop has gradually become investment hotspots in many large and medium -sized cities. The steps of car cleaning and the operation method are important precautions for car cleaning. Car cleaning and cleaning can have a good maintenance effect on the car.
    The know:

    The car cleaning is divided into two types: ordinary cleaning and refined washing. Ordinary car cleaning is a traditional car washing and tunnel car washing. Because of its low cost and simple operation, it is favored by many riders.
    . The other is car water washing technology, which is originally from Europe, so it is also known as "car European style washing". It was introduced to China at the end of 2010. Automobile refinement refers to the cleaning inside and outside the car, which is more detailed and clean than traditional car washing. Car washing is a problem that every car owner or driver often face, and car wash shops have gradually become investment hot spots in many large and medium -sized cities.
    The automotive refinement is high due to good service, many steps, complete equipment, and high costs, which leads to a slightly higher price. Therefore, the service object is positioned as one of the main technical projects of the car washing industry.

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