What to do if the price and advantages of vacuum glass are introduced in vacuum glass leakage

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  1. There are many types of glass, and vacuum glass is the most common one. Vacuum glass mainly closed two tablets of tablet glass around and pumped the gap between vacuum and sealed the exhaust holes. Vacuum glass is not very familiar, and even some friends have never heard of vacuum glass. Then I will tell you about knowledge about vacuum glass. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    Vacuum glass price

    vacuum glass is to close the two tablets of tablet glass around, and the gap between them is vacuum and seal the exhaust holes. The gap between the two pieces of glass is 0.1-0.2 MM, the two pieces of vacuum glass generally have at least one piece of low -radiation glass, so that the heat of the vaguation, convection, and radiation method of vacuum glass will be lowered to the minimum, and its working principle is the same as the thermal insulation principle of the glass insulation bottle. Vacuum glass is glass technology and material science, vacuum technology, physical measurement technology, industrial automation, and architectural science. A variety of disciplines, multiple technologies, and multi -process collaboration. rn  隔音窗真空玻璃隔音窗真空隔音:¥170rn rn  玻璃仪器40CM真空干:¥995rn  双层玻璃办公杯,真空办公杯,玻璃:¥108
    Shandong ZJ-10 vacuum glass regulatory: ¥ 130 (price source network, only for reference)

    R n The vacuum glass is fixed by two layers of glass. The gap in the middle of the glass is pumped into a vacuum glass. The reader’s home vacuum glass found water vapor, indicating that its glass is breathable. This situation is mainly caused by the fastener in the middle of the two layers of glass. Because the vacuum glass installation method is simple, this situation is generally related to the quality of the glass from the glass. If it is still during the warranty period, it is recommended that readers contact the manufacturer directly for replacement.
    If you need to repair it yourself, you can tear off the rubber strips in the middle of the two layers of glass, take down the outer glass, and make up the glass glue around it, and reinstall it. Although the glass is not vacuum, in comparison, the sealing performance will be much better.
    A vacuum glass leakage can affect the sealing performance of the glass, which mainly affects the sound insulation effect and has an impact on thermal insulation, but the impact is not great, so you don’t have to worry too much. The windows leakage are divided into several cases, and their respective treatment methods are different.
    If the outer frame and the wall are cracks and the gap is large, you need to fill in the polyurethane foaming glue first, and then use the glass glue; if the gap is small, use the glass glue to seal it directly. Flat window windows and outer pushing windows appear wind leakage, mostly the toughness of the sealing bar is small; if the hair edge sealing bar of the flat -pushing push -pull window appears, if the hair is thin or dropped, there will also be wind leakage. Special sealing bar can be.
    The air -conditioned hole can be blocked with polyurethane foam glue. The sound insulation and thermal insulation performance of this material are very good. Even if the air -conditioned hole is changed in the later period, it is very convenient to stab the foam glue.

    If the advantages of vacuum glass
    1. Low-carbon energy saving, vacuum glass relies on the special structure of the vacuum layer to effectively block indoor and outdoor heat transmission. Below 2k-1 can be as low as 0.3W/(m · k), which is similar to the wall. It can significantly reduce the discharge of air -conditioning power consumption, pollutants and greenhouse gases, and reduce environmental pollution.
    2. The insulation and insulation, choose a vacuum glass with an appropriate shade coefficient. In summer, the sun can effectively control the heat of the sun and keep the room cool. In winter, when the outdoor temperature is -20 ° C, the inner table temperature of the vacuum glass’s inner table temperature is Only 3-5 ° C than the indoor air temperature is 3-5 ° C, which can keep the indoor warmth and comfort.
    3. noise and noise reduction. With the intensive urban population and the increase of transportation tools, noise pollution is becoming increasingly harmful to people. The vacuum layer of the vacuum glass can effectively block the transmission of sound, especially for the middle and low frequencies with strong penetration, and the effect is very significant.

    It, we can see that vacuum glass is still very important in our lives. It is widely used in many industries. The most common of which is the outer wall decoration of the building. However, the characteristics of vacuum glass are also very many, such as insulation insulation, sound insulation, noise -proof, low -carbon energy saving, good environmental performance, etc. The most commonly used vacuum glass include vacuum laminated glass, “vacuum hollow” combination vacuum glass, double -layer vacuum glass. No matter which vacuum glass, its characteristics are very good.

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