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  1. Which brand of probiotics is good
    Which brand of probiotics is better? Now we will take stock of the best and most popular probiotic brands.
    1, Denmark Kohansen
    This has a history of more than 130 years of bacteria research, the world's leading self -nutritional health center probiotic supplier, has the world's largest fungus factory, and the probiotic market share is the world. one. Currently providing bacteria for all large dairy companies in China, Coseson.
    2, Newmans
    is derived from the United States. It uses Denmark Chansen Outstanding strains, which is operated by domestic high -end baby food professional marketing agency.
    3, Hanchen's
    Professional is committed to creating composite enterprises for pregnant women and children's health industry brands, the leading brand of pregnant infant and child health products, and Hanchen (Shenyang) Children's Products Co., Ltd.
    4, Mommy Ai
    In 1996, South Korea invested in the first modern pharmaceutical joint venture company in China, Beijing High -tech Enterprise, Probiotics Top Ten Brands, Beijing Hanmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    5, Peibaokang
    The well -known cod liver oil brand, mother and baby health industry influence brand, leading enterprise, Sinopharm Health Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    6, Yu Zhiyuan
    is committed to R

  2. What are the benefits of women's supplement to probiotics?
    1. Prevention of constipation
    The constipation is a more frequent word now, and many people will be plagued by constipation. The main reason for constipation is because the intestinal peristalsis speed becomes slower. At this time, the supplement of probiotics can achieve the balance of the intestinal flora, which can ensure the intestinal hydrostatic. It can prevent stool knots, so it can promote the peristalsis of the intestinal tract and prevent constipation well.
    2. Beauty and beauty
    everyone wants to have smooth skin, but now people are more healthy, so the skin will lose its gloss. By supplement probiotics, the intestinal flora can be adjusted to prevent constipation. After the constipation is eliminated, the toxins in the body are cleared quickly, so the skin will become more shiny and elastic, and it can also avoid the generation of acne and acne.
    3. Protect intestinal tract
    It people will find that when we have severe diarrhea, the doctor go to the hospital will open some probiotics. This is because probiotics can form a protective film on the intestinal mucosa, so that other harmful flora cannot invade the intestine. Therefore, probiotics can prevent diarrhea well, including some common gastrointestinal diseases, which can regulate well.
    4. Prevention of urethritis
    For women, it is more suitable for probiotics. This is because women are prone to vaginitis and urethritis due to the special reasons of reproductive tract. The timely replenishment of probiotics can prevent the risk of urethritis and vaginitis.
    Pei bacteria have been recognized by more and more people in daily life, so for people with weak intestines, proper supplementation of probiotics can play a good regulating role. However, when buying probiotics, you must go to a regular hospital or pharmacy to buy.

  3. There are essential differences between sex probiotics and ordinary probiotic products. It can not only improve some problems of the intestinal system, mainly to prevent the infection of gynecological diseases, but also improve the problem of gynecological inflammation as much as possible. Women lose their health. Lytevita Berry Berry Berrye powder is a very famous product in Hong Kong. At present, the response in Hong Kong is very enthusiastic. Many friends from mainland China will go to Hong Kong to buy. Fortunately, it has entered the mainland market. It is convenient for buying. There are many, many channels are selling.
    The main component of Littvine cranberry probiotic powder is cranberry extract, rose eggplant extract, probiotics, cranberry powder, lemon fruit powder, malt paste, glucose, sucrose, etc. Products can effectively prevent bacterial attachment, and can maintain the health of reproductive organs and urinary systems as much as possible, which can prevent infection and improve inflammation. Among them, the cranberry probiotic powder is made of high -quality cranberry. It has natural antibacterial and anti -inflammatory effects. It has a good prevention effect on women's gynecological problems and urinary system problems. Of course Good improvement effect.
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  4. I think the Yue Shen Yisheng Bacteria is very good. It is an old brand. After half a month after I ate Moon God Probiotics, the leucorrhea improved a lot, and I did not itch. Then I continued to eat according to the cycle of her instructions. Now The inflammation was not repeated, and I felt that my immunity was improved a lot.

  5. In recent years, our diet has become more and more diverse. Although such changes make our lives richer and richer, it also encourages our bad habits, such as greedy, not controlling, etc. These habits will increase our intestinal burden and cause intestinal problems. Especially now that it has entered December, at the end of the year, many people's work has also entered the final stage. Essence For this situation, if you want to improve, you can try probiotics. Before understanding which brand of probiotics is good, let's take a look at the relationship between probiotics and intestines.

    The connection between probiotics and intestinal health
    The intestinal micro ecological system in the human body is a wonderful ecosystem, which is full of vitality and closely connected to human health. Hundreds of millions of microorganisms grow here, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, which can be said to be another "organ" of the human body.
    The balance of bacteria in the intestine is actually the guarantee of stabilizing intestinal health, which involves all aspects of the intestine. Probiotics through metabolism with a large amount of short -chain fatty acids can provide energy for the intestine, but also help the digestion and absorption of food, and it will also help break down some substances that the human body is difficult to digest, such as cellulose, and use them as their own "food". Using also reduces the burden on the intestinal tract. The reason why probiotics can cooperate with the intestine is under the condition of the intestinal micro -ecological balance.
    Is when the intestinal flora is disordered, probiotics cannot work properly, resulting in various intestinal problems in the human body. Constipation, flatulence, lactose are not resistant, etc. It may be caused by disorders of intestinal flora.
    It intestinal flora disorders will not only cause intestinal problems, but also affect the immune system of the human body. About 70 ~ 80%of the body's immune system is distributed around the intestine or the intestine, and the intestinal flora participates in many aspects of intestinal immunity. Therefore, when the intestinal flora is disordered, the human body's immunity will also be affected.
    Pymphony which brand is good
    For those who want to improve intestinal problems, the double strain should be preferred when choosing a probiotic. The results of the study show that even if the same probiotics are different, the effects are different. For example, Bi-07 Bi-07 can alleviate diarrhea and reduce allergic reactions.
    It, you need to look at the amount of bacteria when selecting probiotics.
    Is to think of the role of probiotics must maintain their activity, and they need enough nutritional support to survive in the intestine. After the probiotic enters the human body, the stomach acid in the stomach will be washed them. However, not all beneficial bacteria have good acid resistance. Therefore, the beneficial bacteria with weak acid resistance will be digested as soon as the gastric acid is encountered. At this time Later, live bacteria were really supplemented into the body. But how much is the so -called sufficient amount? According to the "Provisions on Probiotics Health Food Review": The number of live bacteria during the shelf life must not be less than 10^6 CFU/ML (G). Therefore, when selecting products, please pay attention to whether the amount of bacteria marked on the packaging meet the standard.
    Is in mind the above two points, you can know which brand of probiotics is better. Those who meet these two selection standards, the Lifespace Yizhimi adult probiotic powder is very good. In office workers, they can always prepare some in the workshop, take it, and care for the intestines at any time.
    The correct way of eaten probiotics
    ① Consumption time: Many people choose to drink before or after meals when eating probiotic powder. In fact, studies have found that gastric acid and bile in human body can reduce the "attack power" in about half an hour after a meal. At this time, eating probiotics can be consumed as little as possible, so that more live probiotics can reach the intestine.
    ② Edible temperature: Probiotics are not high -temperature substances. When most of the bacteria are lower than 40 ° C, the loss rate will be relatively small. Therefore, when we eat This value.
    ③ Matching: Edible probiotics can also be paired with Solar water. Soda water is generally weak and alkaline, which can play a role in neutralizing gastric acid, so it can better retain the activity of probiotics.

    The years of busy work and more entertainment is inevitable, but the people in the workplace cannot disrupt the normal rhythm of life, causing intestinal health to be damaged. In the end Working status, this not only dragged down the progress of the work, but also pulled down the health. In addition, to avoid these problems, the management of the workplace must adhere to developing good habits. At the same time, you must also eat some adult probiotics to fight with the "bacteria" in the intestine, and at the same time, add points to health! If it is good for probiotics, then the Lifespace benefit of adult probiotics will be your good choice.

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