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  1. 1. Industry

    Mee is also called porcelain mud. It is a high territory after porcelain stone is crushed. It is the main raw material for making porcelain. It is a silicate rock mineral containing long stone and three aluminums containing long stone and tritenuxide.
    2, agriculture

    The mud contains a large amount of microorganisms (including bacteria), so children are not edible; these microorganisms can also provide high scores for crops.
    Pucting information:
    In after installing the sandwashing equipment, the trial operation is to pay attention to several aspects during the debugging process:
    1. Run for 10 minutes in the air load. Pay attention to the trial transportation and rotation Check each component and adjust the tightness of the triangular belt. After determining that the trial movement is normal, you can do sand washing.
    2. During the sand washing process, the water pipe must be washed with water before being washed in the sand. In the process, the height of the water spraying direction and the overflow baffle should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the appropriate water surface and the surface and the surface of the water can be maintained. Rinse the sand effectively.
    3. Ensure the amount of water delivery, ensuring that the sand can be washed and the water is not overflowed along the slot. The addition of the materials should also be uniform. Do not do too much. Too much will cause the sandwashing equipment to be damaged due to overload, and too little will affect the output of sand washing.

  2. Can be used for bricks.
    The industrial sand washing has many types.
    The gold rush was washing sand.
    If with concrete sand, if the mud contains too much, you need to wash the sand, that is, wash the soil in the sand. There are artificial sandwashing and mechanical sand. After the ore crushed, washing the fine sand was also known as washing the sand. There are sand washing machines.
    It can be linked to the Land Organization Center of the Local Land Bureau, and there is a problem of land building in the process of approval of industrial projects that need to be approved for land skin.
    Pucting information:
    The attention should be paid to the following matters during use.
    1. When the sand washing machine is shut down, the sand in the bucket should be less than 1/2, and slowly lift the big arm until the four corners of the underwater are exposed. There is no sand in the bucket, then stop the former diesel engine, and then stop the diesel engine.
    2. In the case of strong winds (above level 5), a downtime should be temporarily stopped to avoid failure. When maintenance or replacement of parts, it should be stopped to avoid personal casualties.
    3. Maintenance and maintenance: During use, screws should be checked frequently during use and lubricating oil and maintenance are often injected, especially the bucket screws and chain sales, the four corners of the water and the 500 reducer, the four corners of the water underwater When the bolts of each ministry must be tight and intact, there should be an injecting butter and lubricating oil in the place where the rotation is rotated. During the flood season or during the stop work, the ship should be tied to a firm place to prevent the ship out of the ship or cause loss of loss.

  3. The main function of the filter is not to suck fish feces. The main function of the filter is to cultivate nitrifying bacteria, so that water flows over the community of nitrifying bacteria, and decompose harmful substances (such as ammonia, nitrogen, etc.) in the water to achieve the effect of biological filtration.
    Fish stools should be removed by hand. When changing the water, the fish manure is sucked out. It is more convenient to buy a sand washing device.
    It is enough to not touch the water entry pipe. Most of the filtering into the water inlet is like this, don't worry.

  4. It can be used to make bricks

    The industrial sand washing.
    The gold rush was washing sand.
    If with concrete sand, if the mud contains too much, you need to wash the sand, that is, wash the soil in the sand. There are artificial sandwashing and mechanical sand.
    The ore is crushed and washed away the fine sand. There are sand washing machines.

    The process of purifying the fluid through special devices, the filtering method is many, and the items used are also wide.
    It filtering is liquid (or gas) in the suspension (or solid particles) under the action of driving force or other external forces. The operation of the substance from the liquid (or gas)

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