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  1. Software of the cashier system is good:
    1, guest Ruyun
    The customer Ruyun cash register software is the most used cash register software used in the catering industry. From the perspective of product function, ordering, cashier, and store membership management Basically meet the needs of the catering industry.
    2, Meituan cash register system
    A Meituan reviews after accumulating a large number of C -terminal merchants, began to work hard to the B -end. The smart catering cash register system commented on Meituan has been in the market for a short time. High -stick merchants in the current platform are promoted.
    3, flash collection
    The main store silver collection, covering supermarkets, stores, chain stores, clothing stores, chain supermarkets and other industries, covering a wide range of industries, but like silver leopard cashier, it is not strong in the chain supermarket industry. The function is a bit cumbersome, and it may be more applicable in the commodity store.
    4, Si Xun cash register software
    Si Xun software is committed to the retail industry, commercial automation and chain supermarket entertainment industry informatization technology research and development and promotion and application; chain supermarket management software, convenience store cash register software, supermarket cash register software , Specialty store cashier software, B/S cash register software, SaaS cash register software, O2O software, etc., and provide 4 hours of coverage of service networks nationwide.
    5, two -dimensional fire collection software
    two -dimensional fire, focusing on the research and development and application of chain supermarket cloud collection systems, and is committed to helping to achieve Internet informatization in industries such as chain supermarkets.
    . For example, mobile phone cash register replace traditional cash register hardware, mobile code scanning meals / payment, mobile management stores, membership marketing interaction, central kitchen, etc., to achieve O2O online and offline integration, save operating costs, and improve service efficiency.
    In open shops to use two -dimensional fire, business must be more popular!

  2. The recommendation is as follows:
    1, customer Ruyun cash register system
    The SaaS overall solution for software and hardware integration for service companies such as catering, retail, and beauty industry, covering dining, fast food, baking, convenience stores, tea drinks , Seafood City, Food City, business district and other formats. Objectively speaking, the system function can be comprehensive, the hardware configuration is high, and it is easier to operate.
    2, collect money
    Caping APP for businesses with different development needs, providing a "safe, reliable, convenient" mobile payment experience and integrated smart business solution. Software merchants can use mobile payment cash registers, while combining electronic accounting, clerk management, preferential marketing and other innovative business tools.
    3, silver leopard mobile cash register system

    silver leopard mobile cashier system, generally known as silver leopard cash register system. You can complete the installation and configuration in one minute. You can complete a single cashier in three seconds. You can easily complete all the work of the cashier with your mobile phone. You can accurately record each sales document. , Clothing stores, convenience stores, maternal and infant shops, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, tea shops, water bars, fruit shops, smoke hotels and other small and medium -sized shops.
    4, the cash collection system
    Whumi cheerle cashier system is mainly for catering stores. The functions are relatively complete. Personally, the best thing is their business background management system. The interface design is additional points. It is relatively simple and clear. What you want to find out, or you want to see the report, etc. It is very convenient to find it. The system functions are relatively complete, the operation is simple and convenient, and the system is mature. Those who want to get started as soon as possible can be selected.
    5, Meituan cash register system
    Meituan front and back end interfaces are very concise, and the operation is also more convenient. Its biggest advantage is that it can be connected to Meituan. The advantage of the divestitution customer acquisition is obvious. In terms of membership marketing, there are also a lot of gameplay. There are coupons, discount activities, and special dishes.

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