3 thoughts on “What can I do for the University of Finance and Economics?”

  1. After graduating from finance and economic universities, there are a lot of jobs, and there are many jobs that can work.

    It those who like good stability can be tested for civil servants, and now they have great demand for financial and economic categories. In addition, they can go to banks to employment, financial institutions, securities institutions, etc. These are all possible.

    The general University of Finance and Economics requires accounting, business management, process management, human resource management, financial securities, financial accounting, marketing, corporate operations, e -commerce. The University of Finance and Economics is studying related majors related to business.

    The major direction after graduating from economics. The first is to study (research aspects) such people will continue to read doctors, do theoretical research or become professors, think tanks, economists, etc. in the future. The second is the direction of work. If it is scattered, you can go to the fund company.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. After graduating from the University of Finance and Economics, you can enter the industry supervision and management department as financial officials; you can enter the four major state -owned commercial banks; you can enter financial companies; you can enter the insurance company; the Social Security Fund Management Center; the Social Security Bureau, etc. Essence Financial majors are relatively wide.n1. In various industries of the national economy, both large state -owned, three -funded enterprises, and small private companies have different quantitative financial and economic graduates, and they are also less affected by the adjustment of industry structure adjustment. With the development of the market economy, the employment pathway of financial majors is getting wider. For example, the continuous emergence of financial newspapers and magazines, and some non -professional comprehensive newspapers need to make articles on financial issues, which require a large number of financial reporters. This provides a lot of jobs for graduates of financial and economic majors. Others like schools and training institutions can also become employment channels for financial majors.n2. With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for social and economic professionals has always been high, and it has continuously ranked among the top three in terms of market demand. According to expert analysis, there are still many popular majors in the financial industry in the future. Therefore, compared with other majors, the employment situation of financial majors is still very optimistic. But we must also realize that it is not absolutely good, and it does not mean that financial graduates can be invincible in the talent market.n1 morenBleak

  3. If people from the University of Finance and Economics can engage in financial work or accounting work, it depends on whether you want to do this work. If you don't want to transfer to business, but if you are reading finance, I feel that these specialty products of these majors should play your level Work ability

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