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  1. [Legal analysis]
    The current epidemic prevention and control policy of Lancao County is as follows:
    . Actively cooperate, do a good job of reporting during the Spring Festival in advance, insist on the prevention of "unnecessary must not return to orchids" If you need to return to orchid, please do personal protection and abide by the following prevention and control matters. 1. Low -risk areas outside the province, more than 14 days away from the job, and reported to the units, the key industries outside the county have been reported 3 days in advance, and must hold 48 hours of kernel acidic acid test negative when entering (returning). It proves that after arriving at the community (village), he reports the personal itinerary truthfully and performs a nucleic acid test again. As a result, the negative home health monitoring is for 14 days. (Persons in key industries refer to high -risk positions and centralized isolation places in land, aviation, and water transportation ports, items, and environmental isolation places, designated medical institutions, hot rolling clinics, imported cold chain food processing enterprises, transportation tools and other industries) 2. Overseas entry (return) orchids should report to the destination villages (communities) and units 3 days in advance, and actively cooperate with the local epidemic prevention and control agencies to complete the epidemic prevention and control measures such as "point -to -point" transfer, nucleic acid testing, and health screening. After entering the orchid, the "21 days of centralized isolation 7 days of health monitoring 2 times of nucleic acid detection (once 7 days after the end of the health monitoring)" control measures. In the first port city entry and completion of 21 days of centralized isolation personnel, after entering the orchid, the "7 -day health monitoring 2 nucleic acid testing" was implemented. Sky Concentration isolation 7 days of health monitoring 2 nucleic acid detection ". 3.14 days, there is a person in the history of (returning) orchids who live in the history of the provinces and municipalities where domestic and high -risk areas are located in the province and municipalities where the provinces and municipalities are located. Good "centralized isolation isolation 7 days of health monitoring" measures, 7 nucleic acid testing during the period.
    . Actively cooperate to reduce key places such as gathered event mall supermarkets, farmers' markets, hotels, restaurants, catering and other key places in accordance with prevention and control requirements, strictly implement the prevention and control regulations such as "temperature measurement, code testing, wearing masks, and one meter line"; Public venues such as libraries, theater, and cultural and entertainment venues implement the requirements of "limited, appointment, and peaks". In principle, the upper limit of indoor reception personnel shall not exceed 50%of the capacity capacity, and the outdoor shall not exceed 75%of the capacity capacity. Actively cooperate with various prevention and control measures.
    . Do a good job of protecting and developing a good habit of the epidemic. The risk is around. During the festival, please insist on personal protection. When people -intensive places, closed public places, and public transportation, please wear masks scientifically. Persist in good hygiene habits such as diligently washing hands, more ventilation, less gathering, eating cooked food, using public chopsticks, and regular cleaning, and establishing the consciousness of everyone's first responsible person.
    4. According to laws and regulations, if one of the following situations is in place, it will be dealt with seriously in accordance with laws and regulations. 1. Take public transportation, enter and exit public places such as communities, supermarkets, farmers 'markets, hotels and other public places, and refuse to cooperate with managers' persuasion to wear masks; 2. Entering communities, supermarkets, vegetable markets, hotels and other relevant places, refuse to cooperate with health Information verification and refusal to cooperate with the identity registration regulations; 3. Vehicles and personnel who pass the epidemic prevention and control card point, use cards or other methods to refuse to cooperate with the staff to check the card point; 4. , Do not participate in the detection of unified organization of nucleic acid; 5. Residents in the sealing and closed communities refused to cooperate with the control management; ; During the prevention and control of the epidemic, residents who went out to participate in gathers such as playing cards, catering, entertainment and other agglomerations in violation of regulations were invalidated by persuasion; Heating medicines; 9. After the centralized isolation is over, it will not accept health monitoring and management in accordance with regulations, and it will be invalid after persuasion; 10. Conceal the condition, conceal the itinerary information (especially the history of living in key areas), conceal and confirmed cases or suspected cases Those with close contact; 11. During prevention and controlling new coronary virus infection pneumonia, staff who are engaged in the prevention and control of infectious disease prevention and control are seriously irresponsible and caused by the spread or popularity of new coronary virus pneumonia. ; 12. Residents and enterprises do not cooperate with disinfection related to the prevention and control of epidemic conditions, and are invalid after persuasion; 13. Refusing to cooperate with the epidemic survey of epidemic diseases carried out by the disease control and the public security department; Prices and profits; 15. In violation of the provisions of the epidemic prevention and control, throw medical protection supplies such as masks, protective clothing, etc. 16. For patients and suspected patients who refuse or leave the treatment of isolation, do not cooperate with the treatment requirements; 17. During the epidemic, the new crown pneumonia pathogens were deliberately disseminated, which endangered public safety; 18. Persons with symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell of smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, and diarrhea did not follow the epidemic situation according to the epidemic situation The prevention and control requirements, and the general clinic for medical treatment will be invalid after being dissuaded; 19. Infected with the new type of coronary virus to resist epidemic prevention and control measures, the new coronary virus is deliberately disseminating the infection of pneumonia pathogens, which endangers public safety; 20. Production does not meet the protection of human health. National standards, industry standards, medical masks, goggles, protective clothing and other medical equipment; 21. In violation of relevant national regulations, make up for the urgent need for the epidemic to prevent and control the prices of people involved in people's livelihood Or there are other serious circumstances that seriously disrupt the market order; 22. During the prevention and control of the epidemic, the false epidemic information is fabricated, scattered in public places such as the Internet, or knowing that false information also helps spread and spread.
    [Legal basis]
    "The People's Republic of China Infectious Disease Prevention Law"
    The all units and individuals in the field of the People's Republic of China must accept disease prevention and control institutions and medical institutions. Regarding the prevention and control measures such as investigation, inspection, collection of samples, and isolation treatment of infectious diseases, the relevant situation is truthfully provided. Disease prevention and control institutions and medical institutions shall not disclose relevant information and information involving personal privacy.
    The health administrative department and other relevant departments, disease prevention and control institutions and medical institutions for illegal implementation of administrative management or prevention and control measures, infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of the units and individuals, the relevant unit and individual may apply for administrative reconsideration or filed a lawsuit in accordance with the law or filed a lawsuit. Essence
    The state establishment of infectious disease monitoring system.
    The health administrative department of the State Council formulates national infectious disease monitoring planning and plans. The health administrative departments of the people's governments of the provincial, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government formulate infectious disease monitoring plans and work plans in their own administrative areas.
    The disease control institutions at all levels to monitor the occurrence, popularity of infectious diseases, and factors that affect it and influence, and monitor the infectious diseases that have not occurred abroad, or have not yet occurred in the country, or newly developed infectious diseases in China.

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